What is The Value of Your Self-esteem?

Storycitra.com-As a human, we love to get respect with everyone. Respect is mean a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. So, if people  respect with you, that is mean you are great and valuable in alive. That can be our value in ourselves-esteem. How if people do not respect it! They make your self-esteem down! Is making your self-esteem value less?  

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Today, Citra wants to tell you story what is the value of your self-esteem? I really do not understand either, why I want to make the heavy topic; because I feel something besides my experience. I think I do not have any value of my self-esteem, because many fail in my life, career and love! It makes me not confidence with myself. Then, I am thinking again, again. What is my value Self-esteem? Why I think I am not valuable! What is wrong with me?
A few days ago, I watched video about one dollar. Whether the one dollar, if it is thrown away, torn, stepped on. Does the value change? It’s become 99 cents? No, the value is still same! It still one dollar. Then, why I think, my value get less, when I am not success about my life, career and love! Why I have to get less because I ever get wrong decision about my life! It doesn't matter how much I fail in my life, as long as I think my value hasn't changed due to failure. It makes me more valuable to experience in life, love and career.  

Success is not build from success, but it build from the failure to make it more strong and learn about experience in alive. Don’t ever think your value of Your Self-esteem get less, because of it! I think this quote is great for this topic, “"Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another." -Marquis de Condorcet.

Everyone is not same, and do not ever comparing yourself to the other, but change to be better is great! Let’s me tell you something! When you get inspire from people who are success and make you get motivation to make yourself get better. Then, that is one step to make you get amazing life to make your value more get great mark! How to make you get respect from the people! You should respect them either before you want people to respect yourself.

Make attentions, and take your behavior, attitude as you are the “success” people! It will make people respect to you. You should do as you want to get respect. Because it great to make you feel good. The way you do to the people! As a simple to do to get respect, no gossip! I know everyone loves to gossip; talking behind people, and make something good become wrong. That is not great for you in the future. Why you should waste your time to something worthless.

As a human, we are learning something new! So that is why mistakes are allowed it, because we learn something from it! We learn it and try to make it correct for the great future. That is making our value Self-esteem never bad. That is depend on what we are thinking, even when somebody tires to destroy our self-esteem value. Remember this story, one dollar even get thrown away, torn, even stepped on the value still same, and never change! Do not make it, make your mind get worse, and thinking your self-esteem value is getting less. That is not right.  What is your problem which it makes you think your self-esteem value is getting less? Let’s share on this column to make your feel better. I would love to hear about it. You also can chat on personal with me on http://bit.ly/Storycitra; I’ll love to hear, and help you. I open free chat on my personal whatsapp number 07.00 pm till 08.00 pm Indonesia time. Have great day, and if you think, this article can help your friends, family and someone you love get new spirit, you can share it with them on the bottom line.  

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  1. jadi inget pernah membahasa definisi sukses... nah itungannya kata temen2 gua , belum sukses... waakakakk karena belum nikah, belum punya ini, punya itu...

    tapi menurut gua sukses itu bisa menikmati hidup tanpa beban

  2. Makna sukses emang ga bs dibanding2kan... Kata kita sukses, kata orang masih jauh dr sukses. Bersyukur aja yang pasti. Krn indikator sukses tiap orang beda2 menurutku.

  3. Makasi kak spiritnya.
    Wlo aku kesusahan menterjemahkannya.
    Apa cuma aku y yang nyaman baca tulisan kak cit klo pake bahasa indonesia aja.


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