Amazing Day, You can Create it’t you afraid with future? Everyone is afraid to see the future because no one know about future. Don’t be afraid about something you can not prediction about love, career and anything in the future. You can make your amazing day about this present day. 

Today, Citra wants to tell you something about amazing day. Every one can create amazing day in their life but they are afraid to make it. They won’t to get amazing day by create it by themselves. They just wait for great moment to get amazing day. Honestly, what kind of amazing day do you expected with your life? It’s amazing day while you get great career in the high lever salary, you can handsome man or pretty woman as your lover or many subject to make your life is amazing day.

Honestly, I do not know what is amazing day for myself but I know what is making me feel amazing. I do not put it in high level of life. I put it in small things and feel amazing day, I can create it even in bad day, such an example, I can be happy during eating simple ice cream. That is making my bad day become awesome.

I create it with my mind. I don’t want to put it in high level because when I can not get it. It will make my day is mess. I do it long time ago. I also have many plans about my future but when what I expected it is like nightmare. I get broken heart so deeply. I feel my world already end. I do not have power to see and fight for tomorrow including future.

Then I change my mind and mind set; then what I get! Amazing day every day even the body is so damn tired, no money to get happiness is simple for me. The broken laptop and many people have amazing tools for blogging and video, I just use simple things, I do not mind about it and it still make me feel amazing day. I make amazing things in my mind.

Amazing Day
Every day is not same
Sometimes is good and bad
No worry about day
Even bad, it can be good

Make day is bright
Give good option
Life is not about day
Take it with smile

Amazing day in your mind
Even the sky is grey
Does not matter about it
When You feel happy inside

Happy Story start from You

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