Tati Skincare and Blogger in The Case

Storycitra.com- What do you think when you write something on your blog? I have 6 blogs and all blogs are active, but mostly what I write is about pure article based on my experience using that service and products. How if you should write something which you feel something wrong about the service or products?

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about the case of the owner cosmetics versus blogger based on the opinion. A year ago, Tati Skincare got negative review from one of Beauty Malaysia Blogger about one of the cosmetic. The owner blogger on lekatlekit (dot) com write a negative product Tati Skincare and shared on social media. Based on that article, many people said bad words about this product.

The article on that blog said Tati Skincare products used a weighing product and make story Tati Skincare product story is a toxic product. That is “hoax”, so the owner and management Tati Skincare feel uncomfortable because it will make their brand become insulates in the future, the customer will not trust in using Tati Skincare products. That is mean in the future the business will run down.

Tati Skincare never got confirmation about opinion their products and the blogger was not the clients. It makes them take action to bring this case in the court. Short story, the court won the demands of Tati Skincare.

I think we can learn from this case! We have our own opinion about one brand or products. We write it based on the experience while use the products or services. It can be pure our opinion, but many ways during write negative products.

Fair Comment or Review

We never know about the products or service before using them. When we already used the products or service, then we feel something uncomfortable as a good writer or blogger, make fair comment or review. It’s mean the review or comment should be based on true facts and it should done without malice.  That is mean we can’t write without FACT. Based opinion that is not balance, we have to try made fair comment.

Cool Off First

When I was journalist, I was learning to make news when I feel calm down! Never write when I get mad. So, I should cool off first before writing! The best thing to do is wait a day or two days whiles revisit the decision to write a review. Of course blog and newspaper so different but this trick I can use that is why I need time to write products or service. I make something important on list before writing. That is why if want to write malice, don’t feel angry, if I feel angry, I walk away from keyboard.

All over, when write a review it can be negative, but it should also offer at least a couple of balancing positives. If products or services are absolutely no positives, try to give some constructive suggestions on how something could be improved. That is good writer or blogger. How about the company or owner when find negative review on article, they can ask for confirmation about the review.

Happy Story start from You

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