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StoryCitra-Wow, time is so faster! Now, it’s already March. Welcome March, you come and make me shock because you make my DA is down so faster from 27 become 14. Even like that, I am not so damn so sad. I still welcome you with great recipe. Lately, I love to watch instagram short video about cooking and suddenly, I wanna try it. So, here I am back again in the kitchen after long time never go to the kitchen.


Today, I want to tell you story about my simple recipe I make it by myself because I do not find a lot ingredients at home. I just have 3 things at home while make this recipe but it’s ok! The taste is not so bad either. Do you wonder what I am making only 3 things for the nice breakfast.

Let’s check this article and do not go anywhere because I also have video about it on my youtube channel CitraPandiangan. What do I need such as ingredients to make this food. How to make breakfast for miss lazy in the kitchen.

Ingredients: bread, butter and marshmallow  

How to prepare or cook: some breads then smeared with butter. Then when all breads already get butter every side, put some marshmallow inside the bread. Then give other bread. Then bake it with small fire in the stove.

Put pan on the stove and give little fire, after doing that the pan already hot. Putting the bread inside the pan and bake it around 5 minutes. I do not give pan butter again because I do smeared butter in every side of bread. So, it is simple to bake it.

When you can see the bread already brown, do it in another side. Finally your bread already to serves it. So, it’s simple recipe for miss lazy in the kitchen with the taste of bread sweet because the melt marshmallows make you fall in love with this recipe. No worry, I will back again next time with other nice and simple recipe for us who does not like going to kitchen with long time hahaha.

If you think this recipe is very simple and you do it too. Would you love to share your experience cooking this menu with us? I would love to appreciate and wait your great comment below this article because share is caring. 



Happy Story start from You

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