Fun Time Adventure in Bat Cave and James Bond Island Part 2

StoryCitra-It’s not the way I am to forget my holiday. I still remember how is scary and fun time in the same times when discovery Thailand, especially Bat Cave and Hong Island. That is so fantastic, when the weather is so unfriendly, the sea is like the enemy but using safety jacket will make you feel comfortable.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story fun time adventure Bat Cave and James Bond Island part 2. I know it need time to write again. Finally, I am back with nice memories in my mind! The waves so high and I am waiting the canoe drive to bring me discovery the bat cave. High waves is making me little dizzy. I am also making safety my smartphone with water prove plastic; after doing that, I am eating mint candy to refuse dizzy in my mind. 

The driver canoe is ready and I am ready too. The waves make my pants wet. It’s ok because raining is coming too. It is so fun when the canoe already so close to the caves. I am so glad and excited to get explore inside the caves. The guide is warning me to get down because the stone caves will hurt our head if I am not going down for a while. The darkness cave is not so scary, the little light from the guide explain about the caves. It is so fantastic. 

That is nice to get more deep cave explore before the canoe is going out to the cave. Finally, we see the light and now time to back to the big boat. Some people already wait the big boat while my canoe is arriving the back of boat.

It is not long time to get another point in that journey. After 15 minutes we are in the boat. The boat stop again in other spot and the weather is not so bad. I am so glad to get down again with the canoe drive. He is already waiting us in down. The second explore is more amazing then before. I am so happy to get “lost” in this place. 


This is so awesome when the drive canoe asks me to see the sky and I look the sign heart there. Wow, it is so fantastic to see it! I am so happy to discover this area on my tour. The package tour is offer some package such as explore the Panak island and canoeing bat cave or diamong cave. What can you imagine in the bad weather but you still can get amazing view even the dark sky surrender us. It is not bad experience either.






What do you love to get adventure when the weather is not friendly! Do not making bad about the situation which already bad but get fun even it is not like what do you expected. 


Happy Story start from You

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