Perfect, it is not The Way I am! It is not sound like me, I am not perfect and I won’t be perfect. Being perfect is so tired, because you have to look perfect with dress, make up, and anything. Most people love to look perfect, that is why some people dare themselves to pretend has perfect life and performance. Actually, why they have to be perfect with pretended.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about perfect, it is not the way I am. For me, PERFECT is Pretend Everything Right, Fake Everyone Come Take away! Yes, perfect is not good if in real, it is not good. Why you should pretend your relationship is perfect and o.k, if in real your relationship on problems. Better, try to find a way to fix it. If you just close your eyes and said everything is alright, you will lose everything.

Being perfect is great but the most important how to enjoy life every time is come to us. This day, I am already long time never make poetry, right! SO, this time, I want to share poetry.

I never expected my life is perfect
Even people think I have perfect life
They just look from outside of my life
Inside my life, I am not perfect

Sometimes I feel so tired pretend to be who I am
I am not the perfect person in the world who enjoy it
I am pretended to be perfect because I am afraid
Afraid, when I wake up everything will gone from me

Perfect life is not about wellness but how to be freedom
Freedom with your activities to enjoy the life…
Never forget how to be mess without look pretty
Perfect life is the way to get away from camera

Life is about how to try to enjoy every moment
Never get guarantee about what you to do
Mess is not bad at all when You know how to make it great
No pretended to be cool and awesome if you are like freedom

You should not lie yourself
Do whatever you love to do
Don’t get guarantee to be happy
Actually You will happy as the way you are

I know, my life is never perfect! I never try to be other person in the social media either in real life. I know I love to make my table messy every day. I love to eat chocolate while lay down on bed. Sometimes, I like to read book when I am laying down and listening music. So, what do you like from your life and make you feel freedom and happiness. Let’s comment in this line, so we share together. 

Happy Story start from You

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