Fun Time Adventure in Bat Cave and James Bond Island Part 3-End is coming after finishing canoe for some group in the big boat. The waves still high, but I am still enjoy my time taking photos and look the amazing view of some people canoeing around the caves. Adventure is something everyone need, I know that but I am also knows my limited in bad weather, I can’t dare myself to join the canoe. Even I really want it. The quotes, “Adventure is very nice but you should save your life first; because without soul, you can not do adventure anymore,” – Citra Pandiangan.

 Hey friends, it is so long time never writing about my next adventure. Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Fun Time Adventure in Bat Cave and James Bond Island. Thailand is nice country for some people, including me. This is my first time visit Thailand and I have list many to do even all just on list because time is limit to explore everything I want, when I visit Thailand.

I am still happy to try adventure in Bat Cave and James Bond Island. Most blogger always love to visit in this place. Many ways to get James Bond Island, you can use small boat or big boat; everything on your choice of course different, including the month when you visit Thailand. You should try hard, it is not the rain season because it will make you get on trouble to adventure in small island or small boat.

 After canoeing, the tour management prepare food for the group which using their service. Time for lunch, we are lunch inside the big boat. It is o.k right! Eating in the boat also not bad because the view and the food so cool. Full, the big boat is start to moving to the last spot. It’s call James Bond island. The guide reminds us before moving to small boat to keep our hands far from sea because it has sharks. Alright, we hear their advice and I keep my hand so far from sea haha.



It just short moving, the guide reminds us just around 30 minutes to explore James Bond island, that is not enough time actually. I just realize, that is many tourists visit this island. When arrive in this island, I see some stands for souvenir.  By the way, why this island is famous with the name James bond island, the reason is long time ago around 1974, james bond movie shoot in this island. That’s why the name famous because this is one of location shooting of James Bond Movie. 

The land is not so big in this island. After passing some stands, I look the big pillar of rock and it is look so nice and unique in my eyes. Of course, I take the photos even little difficult because many people want to take photos in this side either. I won’t to get lost my time to explore, so I go to up to see something different view. That is so nice. The view from this island really nice and I really enjoy explore it alone and even sometimes I have bad mind, I am afraid to get lost because I do not remember the group people on the tour hahaha. Trouble memories, as usually to recognize people.



 Let’s throw the bad things and just enjoy the moment because it just short moment to remember. After get the end of the stairs, I turn back and try to go another part. I just realize, time is faster and our group tour and travel already try to waiting small boat to get the big boat. So, I feel little disappointed because still not enough time to explore. I wish one day, I can visit this island again and take many time to explore and taking my selfie photo either hahaha. Honestly, when I visit this place, I can not put my tripod because many people around me.  Do you like to visit james bond island, what is your reason to get lost in this island?

Alright, that is my short adventure when visiting Thailand, especially using tour and travel to visit James Bond Island. By the way my friends, before using service tour and travel, you should survey price first because every stands offer different ways and price. That is you should smart to get nice tour agency to pick you up on hotel and explore the islands.


Happy Story start from You

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