Aloe Vera Keep Away From Dry Skin on Holiday will never lie to myself, my skin is easy to dry during my holiday, because the weather. Honestly, I enjoy my time during shower and bath tub with the warm and hot weather. After walking, I bet so tiring and taking shower will make body fresh again; then ready to discover in the night. Quotes of the day, “Your skin is your health; caring skin that is mean you care your health either. - Citra Pandiangan

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about holiday without scare with dry skin. Honestly, I always get trouble when holiday with my skin. After two days, my skin become so dry and my skin peels off. Moreover, I am rarely in the sun that is making my skin more troublesome with my skin moisture. That is the most reason makes my skin dry, including with bathing in hot water. It more perfect the skin gets so damn dry. I am trying using lotion but it is not faster to recover my dry skin.

 Then, I find something nice to my skin. Its call aloe vera, this aloe vera is great to make my skin is getting away from dry skin, it make my skin get moist and feel so smooth. I am also not afraid to get long hot shower or bath during my holiday. Its perfect me time for myself to spend long shower without family asked me to rush to finish shower because they also want to shower hahaha. That is the reason makes my skin get dry so fast because I can spend more then an hour to take shower or bath. So lovely! That reaction make my skin get dry faster, even I know the result taking hot shower longer but I can’t stop it.

Aloe vera is easy to find it from beauty cosmetic and also original aloe vera. Its simple to use with good benefit with my skin. It is simple to using, I used aloe vera after taking shower or bath. I put that on my skin; sometimes I mix with my lotion and the result, bye bye dry skin and let’s enjoy holiday without wonder about dry skin. I know dry skin and demand skin will make you less confidence for taking photo, because the peel skin is getting look on the photos, after using aloe vera, I love to get selfie without wonder the peel skin appear on the result my photos, because it never been happened. Next time, I will share the secret benefit aloe vera gel.

What do you think about aloe vera? Do you ever using it to make your skin calm down after sun burn? Please share your experience during holiday which make your skin get demand and more dry then usual, because share is caring and help each other more perfect then keep it by yourself. By the way, do not forget to drink water during your holiday, it will make you get away from hydration. So, your holiday is amazing.

Happy Story start from You

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