Am I Stress? I stress? That's questions I ask by myself for myself! I don't know if I am stress because I feel everything is right. I don't think to much, I just be myself and enjoy day by day. The problem is my body, I feel so tired, lazy (even I am lazy but more being lazy), I just wanna sleep without doing nothing. The quotes of this day “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” —Thích Nhất Hạnh

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about am I stress? Everybody has problems. Life is never pass with the problems. It's like never end journey. How if you feel you aren't stress but the sign body show you are stress.

No worry or embarrassed become stress. It's normal for alive to be stress with the problems come to us never end. Even you feel you aren't stress but the sign body show you different. Let's find the sign of body which someone stress. If you feel pains and your neck look so stiff or tiring even you already check to doctor with the result your cholesterol is normal. It's mean you are stress.

Another sign physical which you can notice it, you get diarrhea, dizzy, stomach problems, loss of sex, easy to get flue or colds in every time. That's mean you are stress. That's sign physical you can check on your body. Do you wonder about the behavior, and feeling of stressful? Don't go anywhere because I will be explained to you!

Are you ready? You feel depression and less happiness. Your mood change without you can control or notice. You are easy to be upset and angry. It's sign you are stress. Perhaps, some people like me don't notice it, because it's like normal life. 

Be careful, it's danger, If You keep stress on your life. How I can control it and make them gone. Problems always come with the family, jobs, career, relationship and financial. I won't tell about the case of stress but I will give you suggestion how to control and less stress in your life. Are you okay with that? If you are Ok, let’s continue to read about this tips to make sure you feel better day by day.

Let’s moving and do activities outdoor
Do you know exercise good for health? If you know it, why you do not have time to do exercises! No time, most of us will answer like that; I am so tiring to do exercises after working hard at work. Many excuse to exercises. Honestly, moving such as exercises, walking, jogging, swimming and dance. Its very good to make you feel healthy and less stress. Let’s start to do it little time every day, when the body is moving, and you do it with carefully attention. It’s good for you to get less stress. If you don’t believe me, try it by yourself! Now, I am doing exercises in the evening time. Short time but nice get sweat.   

Get rest it’s better for alive
Most people love to work, work hard is mean get good payment. You get money but you get more stress. So why you still keeps doing it! Let’s get rest, work is good but rest is more good; Then other activities, make good rest to good quality time.

Eat good food not junk food

I like junk food, how about you? Eating junk food every day is not good way to keep you health and it will make you more stress. Can you imagine? Food also can make you get more stress then you imagine! I just know that, so I must be careful to eat the food. Perhaps, I eat junk food once time in a week or month, better eating good food and be healthy. So, I can say bye stress and welcome healthy life style in my life

Do you know pray is good to make stress away. Pray is good because make your life is balance between spiritual and world. So, start pray now and feel better life every day. If you think my article is good to share. Let’s share to your friends with social media. It’s good to help people to know their condition with great article shared.

Stress is not so scary if you know how to heal the stress with good way. Happy life is start with the less stress every day.

Happy Story start from You

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