Fire Yourself to Make Goal, Motivate Come to Your Mind is never easy since you born in this earth. Sometimes, I do not understand why we should survive in this earth with many problems come to our lives. Its like life just to work hard to get better life and I seldom find something easy to get survive. Quotes of the day, “You can blame the world but world never blame you to make the earth worse. Citra Pandiangan

The journey of life is never easy
Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Make goal to get success. It’s no secret anymore how is hard life but that is no secret anymore if the only you who can make yourself better then others people around you. Do you know to make goal? The first you need the plan and the way to be success. The only power you can do it with fire yourself with positive mindset and get set to make the dream become GOAL.

I look my goal which I wrote it down on paper

I know, I am still far away from success but I never give up to make myself success. Honestly, I am still not success such as financial but I never give up to writing down my goal.  Its make me has vision to make it real. I know write and action are different but make it write down on the paper, it make me understand how is difficult to set the goal but it is nothing possible. That is why I write down to make me keep spirit when I feel down to do it.  

Sometimes, I feel down about the plan and action; its far from goal

As a human, sometimes I am trying to give up with many reasons in my mind. Then, I will remember the reasons why I want to reach my goal in this time. It make my mind get the power again, I fire myself with the reason to make me feel better, while I fall down to set the goal in my life. After getting fire and spirit, then my positive mind will make me get new idea about how to create a plan to achieve my goal. I know, that can not be instant but I know the step and use every technique with small step will make me find the way to set the goal on my life. Motivation will come to me every time I get wrong way to find another way to make it goal.

I always read it again when I feel I want give up

The plan is making me keep track with my progress even it so slow but I know the end. It will be set the goal as long as I never give up.  Push myself is good but I also won’t make my life get trouble with trying to set the goal. I also will do nice to myself because only me know how trouble to get goal. Of course, the reward its very important after I set my goal to my life. Hello, it easy to write then do action! Honestly, you are right!

I rest my mind then make it fire again to get goal
 I am writing this because I also want to set my goal. This time my weight around 63 kilo grams. That is trouble for myself get extra weights. So, I push myself on diet and think bad about my body. Do you know what happened with my life? I get mess, stress and sick! Then, this month, I am trying to be positive mind as the way I am, before getting extra weight. I love my life, my body and make something mess in my life but that is not mean I won’t fix it.

I am talking to myself, this is what I want to my life?

So, what should I do? Then, I wrote it on the paper. First at all, I have to a wake early morning and do exercises such as run or walk. Eat healthy breakfast, then sleep before midnight. It’s so damn difficult to do it but I know, I can’t do it instant. First at all, I should make myself usually awake early morning first. 

I look around me, Many people success and why I can't be like them! So fire again
Now, I can awake early morning. The most difficult to sleep faster, I am still trying hard to make it great. Nothing easy but give up sometimes necessary; calm down and remind why I should do this regular activities. It will make me try hard without push my mind get trouble and stress. I hope on this progress, I will tell you the result, it work or not. I know, you will wonder about it too. So, check this blog to find the good news from myself. By the way, what is making you difficult to write down your goal and how is difficult to do action on the paper you wrote it! Let’s share and perhaps you can feel better.

Soon, I can say to myself, see you are in the right track and progress

Happy Story start from You

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