Noodle Lontong is Delicious | Review Products The end of July, and I seldom in the kitchen. As I remember cook is nice but tiring. When eat the healthy food is amazing moment. Quotes of this day Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look good. Beth McColliste

Today, citra wants to tell you story about miss lazy in the kitchen cook noodles. It's already long time ago, since I go to the kitchen. I want to make something nice share this time. Do you like noodles? What do you think if you eat noodles with the lontong flavor? I imagine, it's so like lontong sayur. Oops, do you know what's lontong mean? Food consisting of rice steamed in the banana leaf. 

Let's go to the kitchen, because today I want to cook and share for you the recipe for miss lazy in the kitchen who like to eat lontong with the kind of noodles flavors.

Ingredients: one of package noodles with the lontong flavor. Two tofu, a few fish ball and the lontong. Don't forget egg and lime fresh juice

How to prepare or cook:
First put the water on the fry, then turn on the stove with medium fire. Wait till the water boil. Before opening the noodles pack. Better put the tofu and a few fish ball on the pan. Fry it for a while.

After doing that, open the noodles package and put the noodles on the pan with the season flavors. Then fry it till the noodles cook well. Then, do not forget to put egg on noodles. You just need 3 minutes to wait it cook. Now, the noodles is ready to serve. Are you ready? Take the mug then put the noodles which already cook well, give the lontong in other side, chili sauce, plus the lime fresh juice. Enjoy your lontong noodles.

This lontong noodles made by meme, chef noodles lontong flavor. The taste ia good, i can feel the coconut on the water because the seasoning on this package of noodles has the coconut. So, that's why the water became thick.

Mamee Chef Lontong Flavor (Malaysia)

Chef Lontong Flavor
418 Cal
Dietary Info

It's easy to make right, even for the people who lazy on the kitchen. Do you ever taste this food? The noodle is so soft and tiny then other noodles. Of course, this noodles made by Mamee; that is why most this mamee style like this. Let’s eating food, it is nothing wrong to cook in the kitchen sometimes. Have good day.


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