Why I should Use Blush on? Can I use Cheaper Blush On?

StoryCitra-I want to look pretty even I know I am not model which have perfect shape face. Honestly, I want to look cute when on photo? What should I do to look cute and fresh on photo without using beauty camera? Quotes of the day, “I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful- Unknown”

Today, I want to tell you story about, Why I should use blush on? The answer is because blush on make my face look so fresh. That is why! I need blush on then eyes shadow to apply on my daily makeup every day. Blush on is like magic to make us look fresh and pinky. The powder of blush can make our face look brighten up. If you don’t believe me, look the mirror when you do not apply make up on face. People will think you are sadness, because you don’t look fresh.

Once upon a time, I decided I am not using makeup for one day because I feel lazy to apply it on face. The place is look cute to take photo and I put on my status; do you know some friends think I am on trouble because I do not look fresh. The power of makeup so AMAZING, right! Can you imagine, you are not sadness or on problems but people think you are on problem because you do not use simple makeup to make you look fresh.

Some people will said I do not have a lot of money to apply makeup, especially blush on. Can I use the cheaper one for blush on cosmetic? The answer is YES. You can use the cheaper one. I will tell you on this article. It is O.K using cheaper products as long as it good to your skin.  This product has variant color and every color is outstanding to make face look fresh and cute.

This blush is called Viva Fin Touch, it contains a single blush, there are three color choices and I have all the colors. The colors are beautiful with some color choices, there are 3-Red Pink, 4Red Orange, 5-Red Purple and some other color which I will not tell you detail about this products color haha. If you wonder, you can sent me chat on whatsapp on this link bit.ly/CSViva.
Honestly, some friends think I am using expensive blush on to my chubby cheeks. Actually, I just use this blush on price under 10,000 IDR and I get 2 till 5 hours blush still on in my cheeks. Depend on how you apply your daily makeup every day. I will tell you little bit about this blush on texture is a bit harsh, but when you touch it the color comes out. The result of this one blush product is suitable for Asian skin. Perhaps in yours skin too.

So, would you escape or make excuse to skip using blush to your cheeks? Let’s be pretty and fresh as the way you are because everybody is deserve to look pretty in their daily life without full make up like to go to party. Friends, if you think this article is useful, would you share to your friends who never use makeup? So, they will understand how is important to apply blush on cheeks. Have great day.

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