Improve Focus with Peppermint to get Better Activity a human, I know sometimes it’s hard to focus. Even I do make to do list but it still not working good lately. Why I am not in focus and what’s so difficult to get focus in one thing in short time. Quotes of this day, “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground- Theodore Roosevelt.”

Today, Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about Improve Focus with peppermint to get better activity. First, let’s find the way; why you are so difficult to concentrate? I wish it is not serious sign of sick adult ADHD. I know sometimes I also very difficult to focus one subject, after long time never meditation. I can’t focus even in my PRAY; that is so annoy.

I am thinking what happened and why I can’t focus lately. Then I find the problem about it. I wish this article will help you too which have same case like me. These what I do analysis about my daily life:

Having too much in Technology
I know in this time people have gadget more than ONE! Am I right? You have computer, cell phone, and also tablet. That thing complete for our attention. Do you know, everyone can do multitasking in this time! Can you imagine that talents will make you get trouble in focus? Because, the more multitasking, you try to do; it is mean more hard for you to stay focused on any single task! Next time, I will give you example about this.

Lack of Sleep
Honestly, I know the feeling bad luck sleep. It’s making my brain frozen and feel sleepy, plus weakness. That is mean when in the morning, I can’t manage daily tasks, because I wake up without fresh body and mind, so my mood became bad. Better, find the way to get sleep well in the night, so we can focus and concentrate in real time every day.

Poor job satisfaction
I know everyone has problems in their job. I remember last night I watched video because I can’t sleep. You can’t control the boss but you can manage your stress at work. I know poor job satisfaction will make you and I more get stress.  Too much stress can make us get depression. It’s so scary right.

So, how I can improve my focus? I am trying to make priority list which I want to do. Then, I do silent my phone for a few hours, so I will not get nuisance. After doing that, I am using peppermint essential oil. Why am I choose Ezzenzo because it’s pure essential oil which that is good to my health and improve my focus; if you want to know more, you can contact my whatsapp number on

I wish I can help you to give more information about this product. Before working, I put one or two drops this oil (peppermint oil) then rubs them on my neck and under my nose; because this time I still do not order diffuser water.  I feel fresh with the smell mint surrender me. Finally, I can focus on my work without any trouble. While working, I love to hear music and music never get interference my task work to do list. That is what I am doing before to do activity. It’s making me focus to work. How about you? If you think this article is worth it to share, would you share it. When you have your own way to make you focus, would you share your experience on the below comment. I would love to get more better way to focus on my daily activity. 


Happy Story start from You

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