Life is not Easy but Harder | Motivation compare your life with other people’s life. It will not make your life is better but worse day by day. I understand as a human, we always love to compare our lives with other people. Honestly, what is benefit to do like this in our lives? Quotes of the day, “Nobody can say life is easy to pass day by day, it’s harder than imagination. Even like this, do hard to feel better, -Citra Pandiangan.”

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Life is not easy but harder. No one can guaranty life is simple and easy but harder. What is making life is harder? Don’t you always ask this question every day in your mind? I do sometimes! Life is never been easy when I look the neighbor’s grass. When I am hearing what people said about me behind me. That is making my day mess every second and every day pass.

My mind think why they said like that, what am I doing than they hate me so badly? Should I explain about my life to them, so they will be understood what I feel and do? Of course, I should not do that! What am I doing, I just go away from people who make me think about how bad I am. I just try to find people in the same community like I love to do.

I never compare myself with other people, even the success people in the world. Sometimes, I am thinking about how lucky I am, then it will make me try hard to find my own GOAL. I never stop to believe myself, I will find my way in the right time. I will find people who understand me and support me as the way I always support people with my own ways. 


Nobody perfect and I am not trying to be perfect because I know my life is not easy but harder. I do not have time to explain about this to you and all of you. I just focus on my goal; My passion and my future. Even that is sound like make my life more hard but I love to do it. How about you? Why your life is not easy lately? Tell me on this comment, if you are shy; You can contact me on my whatsapp number on just said I need solution about my life. Then you can tell me your problem. Perhaps, I can help you! If you find this article is useful, would you share it? Thanks for help me to try to give spirit to other people. Have good day. 

Happy Story start from You

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