The Green Mangrove Trees in Pengudang Bintan is the color of nature. Talking about green, my mind is flying in my adventure in Mangrove Tour at Desa (Village) Pengudang, Bintan Island, Indonesia. Quotes of this day, “Don’t hate nature even it make you get sweat and dirty, but the real view nature never get forget in your mind. You will always miss to get lost in nature.” – Citra Pandiangan.

Today, Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about The Green Mangrove Trees at Pengudang Village. The Mangrove Tour at Pengudang Village will take you to beauty nature of mangrove. It’s around 4 kilo meters mangrove ecosystem, so you will see the mangrove forest and if you are lucky. You can see the fauna as bird, fish and monkeys.

I am not lucky because I don’t see fauna in that time! I go there around August. Honestly, I am not disappointed because this place is so awesome. It need time to get to central tour office at Pengudang, Sebong Pereh. From tanjungpinang to that place, need around  1,5 hours but it worth it, really!

 The office of Pengudang Mangrove Tour is design so unique from the sea shells and the building from woods. Even  like that, the place so comfortable; I take some video there. You can see on my youtube channel Citra Pandiangan in English version and Jejak Cantik in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia Language). 



What can I say? I really feel relax and peace, even it’s not like what I expected to see the snake or fauna but it’s o.k. The river is so quiet with many mangrove species such as Rhizophora, Bruguiera, Xylocarpus and many things. I also look some fisherman look the fish, sea shells, crabs and many things under the river and sea. It’s something nice if you grow up in big city to see the traditional life style.

You can learn “indirectly” about life, hearing the nature music. Even the weather is hot but the wind blew the heat away. I get feel so relaxing, it’s like yoga music directly I hear from the nature. Although I hear the sound ship is so load.

Taking many pictures is very nice in that place. I take many photos indeed even I know I would not share all of them on my blog but I feel love to every second I do explore mangrove forest by boat. The guide leader explain everything is carefully and fantastic. So, I am not only get the fresh “green eyes” reflection but also knowledge about mangrove and inhabitants of mangroves, including ocean about sea cow.
our guide Mangroves Tour at Pengudang Bintan Island, Mr Iwan

Can you get the amazing tour like me? Of course you can get it! They offer many package tour but minimal should be two people. You can get mangroves tour, mangrove tour plus beach or snorkeling; many choose with different price but the price is so friendly. I am sorry, I can’t share the price because the price always different; depend on the group people plus the package you choose. I choose mangroves tour and also Batu Junjung beach. I will talk later about Batu Junjung beach and this beach so virgin and fantastic!

Do you know about Bintan island? If You do not know about Bintan Island, I would tell you little bit. Bintan island is one of Riau Archipelago, this island so close from Singapore and in Bintan island also has some ferry harbor. There are so many tourism places that can be visited on Bintan Island. Would you share this article, if you think this worth it to get share to your friends. Perhaps, you want to visit this place with your friend.

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Do you like to get something about religion with the unique architecture? You should visit this place! I like to see the little church at “forest”

You can find Gods and a lot of Dragons in the Bintan island, especially in the temple. That’s something nice to explore as I remember I ever go to many places temples to see the different design and architecture. Find it on here explore Tanjungpinang. Have a good day and God bless you!

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