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StoryCitra- I always hear what people said about me, I never think it was stupid advice. Now, I realize why I always listen to others stupid advice! Don't you ever think like this before? Quotes of this day, “Though no one can go back and a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending,” – Carl Brand.

Today, Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “Why I am not Success.” The reason why I am not success because I always listen the people advice which tell me I am not good on business, I am to young and now I am to old to do new things. Honestly, I feel like I am in a bad place, because I am in the position where I feel stress, and motivation gone before I am starting. The negative’s always around me that make me bad too.

Then, I decide the new thing and start from the beginning. I start to learn everything but everything is mess in my hand. The circle about why I always listen people always make me can’t look the future and always afraid to try new things. Finally, I have to believe myself. I STOP to listen bad advice from the people around me. It’s like I don’t care what people think in front of me even in my back.

The first I do right now, I have to believe myself and have a strong enough belief. Believe in my own dream neither people thinks. So, I decide to make my own little business; it’s like step by step I bought accessories to make home made accessories. Honestly, it’s good business from the zero. Then, I fire myself; I do not do it serious. That reasons make me I am not success. I do ask many times by myself. Why I am not success, honestly, I know the answer about the hole questions in my mind.

 This time, I decided start from zero again and still have bad words with the people around me. Now, I try hard not to listen them! I am trying hard, it is not the only freelance I do. I do it with all my heart in my spare time. I have to persistent! Even if I hit a bump and I have to forward, full spirit and never give up! I know, your question in your mind! That is not easy to do that! Honestly, to fire your spirit is not easy; it is hard to do!

I believe it impossible but I put positive mind in my mind, I can do this, I will try hard to make it goal. So, I start to practice by myself, learn from the beginning and I hope it will be success in the future. The most, important I never forget to be HAPPY.

 I grow up to believing success leads to happiness. I know, everyone’s view about success means to them will be different, but at the end of the day if I am not happy with my achievements, that will be trouble to set the goal.  So, I have to be happy with what I am doing in my life.

This is what you should do to get success in your hands!!
You have to Diligent
This is very important to make you success, if you are lazy; of course you will never be success. Diligent is the key to be rich and successful. 
STOP Ask Why not Me!
Sometimes people love to complain about anything, so STOP wasting your time by asking that question, Why not me! Better, start it now! Do something positive to make your journal and set the goal
Don't spending to much time on social media
Social Media is good platform to be great but sometimes we forget to do something important, because we spend to much time on social media. 
Make start and FINISH it
Every lazy people like to make start but never get finish what they already start. You want to be success start it and make it finish, do not STOP in the middle way. 
Think as a Business
you'll never be successful if you believe that you're not actually a business. You have to think such as a business. Business sometimes is up and down, no worry if you try hard to make it stable on your business; that is good.
I think enough from now, I will be give you any tips to make you keep motivation and inspiration. I hope you can make your mind get full spirit not just start it but till finish and get the set GOAL. Don’t you think this article is useful? If you said YES, why you are not share to your friends on social media. What is making you are not success? Let’s comment below to make us always find the spirit.

Happy Story start from You

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