Can I Holiday with Budget? think bad about something nice; that will make you on trouble in future! Holiday always makes everyone happy in the beginning but trouble in the end, when realize the money gone so faster. Quotes of the day, “A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” – Earl Wilson.


Today, Citra wants to tell you story about “Can I holiday with Budget?” The answer depends on you! Of course, you can holiday with budged as long as you can control your money and your desire during your holiday.  Do you ever hear this statement, “going home on vacation owes money.” That is so annoy, am I right? So, let’s holiday without losing money because it is out of control when on vacation.

The first I always do is making limits spend money every day while during holiday. For example, I have to research first, where is the place I want to visit, then make budget.  It’s simple for everything in a day, I just need spend money around 500,000 IDR for example, it’s including hotel budget, food, and transportation.

Assign Money for each category
I love to make assign money for each category such as hotel per day, how much I have to spend for example in Bandung for 3 days, I have to find budget hotel per day, I can spend around 100,000 IDR so 3 days become 300,000 IDR. Then continue about food, as I know food in Bandung is not so expensive. Can I enjoy and hunting food when in Bandung? Of course, I can. So, I make budget, breakfast is free in hotel, lunch and dinner; I spend money for food per day around 150,000 IDR so for 3 days for estimated food around 450,000 IDR.

After making category for food, continue about transportation and also ticketing to visit some places. It’s making your money under control even when holiday. Why not! I am doing that while traveling, sometimes the budget can more or less then estimated I make it! That’s good to start it on 2020, if you have plan for holiday without losing your money without control.

Spend in Nature
Actually, what are you doing on holiday? The most I love to spend time in the nature. So, don’t rush when you already in the nature. Being slow and enjoy every moment, you are holiday and that is not competition that discovery a lot of places just for make you get spots photo to show off on social media. Take time to enjoy two or three hours on the beautiful place, if you are not use travel agent. You can control your own time! No worry, as long as you understand what is time the public transportation over operation. As I remember, for example in the 2014, public transportation such as angkot (angkutan Kota) in Bandung stops operation around 06.00 pm.

So, I have to back before 04.00 pm then continue discover place around the place I stay. It’s more simple and gets fun too. I also suggestion if you love to join with strangers during holiday, You can share cost to rent a car and enjoy together without on trouble with public transportation. Honestly, this is little difficult long time ago; but in this time, it’s easy to find group strangers to joint holiday together.

Make a shopping List

Shopping is great but don’t shopping a lot, make a shopping list to understand what is important things to buy. So, you will get save money and time while holiday. I know, it’s so difficult to do but that is more fun when you know what you should buy for family and yourself.

That is simple tips from me, Citra Pandiangan when you want to holiday on budget; It’s like weird but actually its work! When holiday is over, I still have money till the next time salary. What do you think? What is your secret while holiday on budged? Let’s share it on below comment I would love to hear and read about your tips.

Happy Story start from You

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