Did your hair fall out? The Secret to Overcoming Hair Loss

Storycitra.com-- Can you imagine and dream about you have long hair, and it make you look pretty? Suddenly, you awake and realize your long hair, its only dream! Because your hair always falls out while you comb it. Quotes of the day, “A woman cut her hair is about to change her life.” –Coco Chanel.

Today, Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “Did your hair fall out? The Secret to Overcoming Hair Loss.” If you said YES. So, you are in the right article this day, because we will discuss about this topic. I can imagine how it grosses when you look your hair in the comb. You want or dream have long hair but while your hair is growing long. You always find the same trouble! Your hair falls out, it makes you more sadness and stress.

Let’s find out the problems about why the hairs are easy to fall out in our head! Actually, many cause loss the hair. I will try to make it simple ways and normal ways, as usually we forget about the simple things and the problems more worse when we find out loss hair.

Make Pretty Hair with Style Hair.

Honestly, every woman love to do the hair stylist to make them look different every day with great hair. Sometimes, we forget the hair stylist one reason to make us get loss hair. Coloring, hair dryer and many things on style, this is the reason the hair became fall out or lost. Actually is ok to make style on hair and use that tool as long as do not do it every day.

Your root is not strong.

Some women have trouble when she gets long hair and easy fall out or loss hair because the root hair isn’t strong enough. If you already know the reason, better cut hair and try do hair treatment before growing hair to be long.

Ouch, too much Vitamin A
That is great taking Vitamin A but the problem is when you too much consumption Vitamin A. This is the other cause your hair loss.

Less Eat Protein

Mostly women love to diet and eat little bit without notice the nutrition. Do you know, while you are eating less protein, it results in hair loss? It’s better for you to consume plenty of protein inside meat or eggs. No worry but you are vegetarian, you still can find protein in an array of other foods, which are meat-free.

The last causes, You are STRESS
I think you are realized physical and emotional stress damage hair fall out suddenly. Actually, do not to stress. Every people has their own problems. Find the way to make you relax, then you will find you do not make the hair breakdown.
After finding the reason causes your hair loss. It’s easy to find solution and make great hair treatment. For example, I always get trouble while my hair long, so I make it short and do simple treatment special to hair. This time, I am trying using olive oil. Why am I using olive oil to my hair?

The reason is olive oil is good way to grow your hair again; because olive oil is a great moisturizer and helps in hair growth. It also improves blood circulation and nourishes. The most magic of olive oil is it has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help soothe an aggravated scalp dealing with issues like itching or dandruff, including clogged follicles. This is also one cause to hair loss (dandruff).

Many ways to use olive oil to your hair but I just do one way this time and I love this result so far. I do not get trouble with the loss hair. It also has the pro and cons. Do you wonder with my way? Actually my way is so damn simple. You will not believe it!

What do I need one of the bottle shampoos anything brand and one spoon olive oil. First I put one spoon olive oil to the bottle that contains shampoo liquid. Shake it until olive oil and shampoo liquid mix. Then, you can use the shampoo as a normal shampoo. Use it normal shampoo, after that you can find the result and you will love it.

The Pro and cons, your hair will look greasy, but easy to comb and soft. It’s simple to do with good benefit to make grow hair without trouble. Do you know, which you should do treatment with your hair? I will give the secret later, but do not forget to share it on twitter and facebook. So you already help your friend who gets trouble with loss hair.

Happy Story start from You

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