I Give Up! Do You Have Solution For Me?

Storycitra.com- I am not strong enough to be brave and look the world with welcome words. Sometimes, I feel weakness and sadness. I feel I want to disappear and never been found. Quotes of the day, “Your mind will bring you on trouble, because your negative became the winner without trying to out from the darkness.” - Citra Pandiangan.


Today, Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “The things you can do, when you feel give up to lift your spirit.”Do you know that is normal when you feel give up about life or activity you do it? I understand the feeling about give up about life. When I get trouble in alive, I think I can handle it to pass the problems. Honestly, I am wrong. Even the harder life came to my life; I still can handle it with the slow motion, no rush.

The first thinks when I have big problem, and I think I can’t handle it. I always do something like this! You can find a simple way to raise your spirit when you feel down and want to give up. I hope this article is useful for you.

Let’s go for a walk
That is better way to get a few sparkling air, at least do this for a half-hour to raise the spirit. Do you know, while we are walking. We can feel relaxed without realizing. Then, when we are feeling tired, we can take a break and seeing nature or human beings watching, can be a wonderful distraction. So you don’t think about your own problems for a while.

Stress, sometimes make us forget the way to breaths and it make the oxygen less to our body. The body will get weakness and more tired. So you can’t clear think. Final, you get wrong decision. Let’s get them back line, walk for a while. After doing that, you can get to relax and think about what you should do.

Spoil Yourself with Your Favorite Food
The best think to cheers up the sadness with the food. The most magic to cheers it when you can eat your favorite food. So, when you feel, give up, no energy to find solution. Let’s go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite meal. It’s good about treating yourself your favorite food. Why that is good? Because treating yourself your favorite meal that is mean gain your body and mind. The happy belly will make your body feel happy, so you can get new spirit again.

Spread positivity
You down and you should spread positivity? That is so silly and crazy! How can you do that? When we try to get our goal and focus with the list. Sometimes, we are forgotten about the meaning of life. We do not realize about amazing things around us. Do you know, when you feel down and to lift your spirit; you should be thinking positive. So, spread positivity. You can start with refresh your mind about what make you feel happy and joy without breaking the line or activity you do it every day. Respect yourself while hearing nice music, relax and don’t try to make it trouble again. When, your spirit is already back. You can handle your life and goal again.

Never give up even you feel give up, but you always know how to lift them back to yourself. I know life is not easy but negative mind will make mood get worse. Better leave the negative with cheers up yourself such as your favorite either meal, or your movie. Keep spirit and if you think this article cheer you up. Would you share it on your twitter, facebook to make your friend became better feeling again?

Happy Story start from You

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