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Storycitra.com-The new year 2020, I hope I will be diligent to go to kitchen to cook something; as usually I am going to kitchen just want to take food that already cook well with my mom. Everyone can with the simple recipe but why I am so lazy do something in the kitchen? Quotes of the day, “Something that's such a joy in my life every day - cooking - is this incredible, horrific danger to women around the world.” -Julia Roberts.

Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you about how to make cendol. This is traditional drink and very nice while drinking this kind of drink in the summer or hot weather. What is cendol mean, let’s me try to find out this drink in English vocabulary. Honestly, I do not know this is correct or not about cendol vocabulary in English, doughy rice-flour droplets used in cold drinks. Whatever about this name, let’s find out how to make this beverage.

What do you need to make beverage such as cendol ice? The first you need to prepare tapioca flour, rice flour, grass jelly nutrijel, coconut milk, palm sugar. Let’s make this drink style of miss lazy in the kitchen.

Ingredients Beverage Cendol Ice:

4 tablespoons tapioca flour
100 grams of rice flour
200 grams of brown sugar or palm sugar
 500 ml of Pandan leaves boiling water
 500 ml of water
 1 pack instant coconut milk pack and 300 ml of water
1 pack grass jelly nutrijel (nutrijel is one of brand for grass jelly but you can choose your favorite brand)

How to cook:

The first like make grass jelly first. Heat the water and then after boiling, add the nutrient powder into it, stir with medium heat. Let’s put them on the box; Pour the grass jelly mixture into a flat container then wait for it to cool, then cut with the boxes style. I love to cut it in small boxes size.

The second, let’s make the important things, that is cendol. Actually this is simple, let’s cook  rice flour, tapioca, and pandan water until cooked and bubbling. Once cooked, then remove from heat and cool. Print cendol with a filter and prepare ice water underneath. Cendol is already but we still need the sweet things to drink right.

Let’s make the brown sugar. Put the brown sugar on the boil water. Let’s them become one but don’t forget to keep stir it, till all gone the brown sugar shape. After that, make coconut milk in the different pan.  Open the coconut milk instant and put them on the pan and give some water. Let’s cook till boil. Let’s making it cold in the normal temperature!

Finally, the cendol is ready to serve. How to make it look nice? The first put the grass jelly inside the glass, then add some of cendol. Give the ice, fill it with the brown sugar then coconut milk. The cendol is ready to serve and drink.  

That is the simple cendol beverage you can try at home, because I do not like difficult recipe. I always prepare to make it simple. I hope so, I can add the video as soon as possible. If you already make the cendol based on this recipe, would you share how is the taste?

Happy Story start from You

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  1. So yummie hand made cendol Sis Citra... Maybe one day I'll try this recipe. Because all of my family is cendol fan. Usually we mix it with ice cube and lemonade. Delicious!

  2. Ternyata mudah juga ya buatnya, jadi ngiler lihat cendol yang sudah jadi, apalagi lihat gulanya yang kental, kebayang manis legitnya.

  3. Saya pernah buat cendol bareng anak untuk bukaan puasa mba citra. Suka banget sama bau pandan yang kita rebus sama kuah gula merahnya.

  4. It is interesting to read about how to make cendol in English. Actually I already know how to make it. But when I read this article it's so impressed me.

  5. Thanks for the recipe
    But I am a lazy person too haha
    I love if people make all the scrumptious dish for me uhuy

  6. Santannya pecah, Mbak. Agak ambyar jadinya. Memasak santan memang gampang-gampang susah. Harus telaten mengaduk dan apinya kecil. Biasanya berpengaruh ke rasa, kalau ambyar gitu.
    Tapi, cendol kudus juga sama ding, santan kentalnya memang dibuat mendidih agak lama.
    Ealah, malah kangen minum cendol kudus.

  7. I'm the one who loves cendol ice. Especially es cendol padang. Thanks for the recipe. Love it.

  8. Cendol emang.minuman seger yg gampang bikinnya asal niat yaaa Mba. Yg susah kadang kan kalo mikirnya mau praktis terus, bayar 5 ribu udah dapat segelas. Kekeke. Makasih tipsnya mba.

  9. Wow mau donk mbak nyicipin cendolnyaaa :D
    Ini minuman selalu bikin aku nostalgia Mbak Citra. Zaman SD dulu kalau abis ujian karate sama pak driver yang anterin saya dan temen2 ujian mesti dimampirin ke penjual cendol, eh tapi gak pakai yang item2 itu hehe, yang ijonya doank. Skrng keknya udah gak jualan lagi bapaknya. Duh jd pengen cendol :D

  10. Ini mah biar pun cuaca lagi dingin juga tetep wae mantep Mbak.

    Saya baru tau klo bikin cendol menggunakan bahan jelly juga.

  11. es cendol, all time favorite drinks especially in hot and sunny day, slurrppss yummyyy

  12. itu cendol pake buble ya kak kok bentuk cendolnya gk panjang bulat2. Kayaknya enak jd pengen


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