Bring 3 Things to Holiday in Rain Season Based on my experience while holiday in rain season. It’s so to annoy because it is not like what I expected to get rain in that time. I feel like it is bad day and I don’t prepare enough to bring something which can handle when rain down to earth. Quotes of the day, “Style isn’t about what you wear, it’s about how you live.” -Lilly Pulitzer.

Today, Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “The things you should bring in the rain season while holiday.” Some women think style is not always about what you wear but more about how do you live and need. Absolutely I am agreed with these women. That point I feel it when get rain my holiday time and I don’t bring anything to get safe on the rain.

So, what should you aware, while holiday in rain season? Don’t make it get bad day in your holiday time. Actually, it can be used in the season rain such as in Asia. Normal fashion you should try to use it in the rain season. Let’s me tell you what you should bring or have it while rain season come.


I know this sound like trouble to bring it in your suitcase while holiday or put it on your bag. Honestly, raincoat these days already had many patterns and designs that fix with you fashion. Raincoat is not only to cover your body while rain but you can buy the stylish and trendy in the shopping online or your favorite fashion shop. Honestly, I like a raincoat with simple design with the zipper and simple color as dark. If you love with variant color, you can find it in store; because many choices for women who love to keep fashion and stylish even in the rain season.


I feel trouble when I get wet shoes in the rain. It feels uncomfortable, and it changes me to be grumpy all day. So, it’s better to find shoes which fix in the rain season. I know it will like unfashionable but the comfortable while walking or discover in rain season that best. Actually, this time also, many design fashionably for rain shoes such as Rain Boots you can wear it, including Jelly flats with many variants design and color.

Long time ago, I also have jelly flats with the simple design but full patterns with many colors in the shoes. I felt good while using it in the rain because the water can’t make my feet wet. It’s so comfortable and nice to use it.


I can’t go without bag! How about you? What’s good bag in the rain season which it will not make a bag broken and also the things inside the bag! Honestly, I feel trouble when rain and I am in the middle of the street. I don’t bring an umbrella and I am wondering about my phone, Ipad inside the bag will broke because the rain. Enough for feeling worry about it! It’s so tiring.

This day already many choice for bag fashion whiles rain. It’s better to bring nylon or plastic tote bag to keep all my things dry then might damage them. Sometimes, I confused which bag should I have to my collection to keep my things good while rain and also look stylist when bring it. Do you prepare to use transparent handbags or something good bag that also waterproof?

Honestly, now I don't wonder anymore while rain season come and also while I am holiday get a trap with rain. The reason I already prepare things to make me get fun even in rain come to me, how about you?

Happy Story start from You

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