Never Forget to Pray and Get Benefits Humans are not as strong as they think. Sometimes they feel weak and helpless. When he feels hopeless, he has no place to complain. Prayer is the key to anxiety and sadness. Quotes of the day, “Never forget to pray even you are happy and sad, because when you just pray when sadness. Then you are in big trouble life.” – Citra Pandiangan.

Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you a story about “Never forget to pray and get benefit while pray.” I know some of us pray while we have problems in our lives. I understand that because I do same like you before. I know the feeling when you are lazy to pray. You won’t pray because many reasons, but when you can’t stand anymore! You do not have friends to share about your life problems. Then, you seat and kneel on legs and pray. How is your feeling after praying?

Honestly, this 2020 I am trying harder to pray at least three until four times a day. I am still not making fix schedule to PRAY. I am praying not only for myself, but also my family as my only one mother, my sister, my brothers, my friends in the church, my readers, my beloved friends and also for the stranger who asks me to pray for them. I know exactly, my faith is not strong. I know it! My faith is also like info graphic that can decrease drastically. I felt it in 2019. When I realize the most, I won’t pray, the most my soul is not peace. It’s not only my soul but also my body and mind. I got bad news over and over. I was also gets trouble with my health.

About the miracle that God gave me. I never denied. I always felt it in my life. Sometimes, in one point my faith became very down. I always denied my mom while she asked me to pray and go to church. (Don’t get me wrong, I am Christian but if you are different faith with me, you can go to your Mosque, Viara, or Temple). So, guys let’s pray whatever your religion and get benefits of praying.

I will tell you what you will get when you are praying. So, never forget to pray. Let’s find this out!

Pray to give a better sense of self
When we pray, we feel closer to ourselves. Prayer makes us become a selfless person and a humble person. That is why we are more care about others then became selfish. I know, sometimes we feel arrogant and always want to be precious and never think about other people. While we close to God and always pray every day then we became to someone who is humble.

It’s like we know about ourselves. We are trying hard to be good without making something bad to the people around us. In your opinion, this is like someone who does not have confidence in themselves and always tries to please other. Actually it’s not like that. However, it feels like that. I feel the same either before I know about my good side. When, you don't understand your good side. That is the problems in your mind but when step by step it change you and you find it. You do not feel it again.

Pray Good for your heart
I realized when I prayed my heartbeat was regular. I can breathe very lightly. In fact, prayer also can help regulate heart rhythm. Prayer can make the heart stronger and reduce stress. I believe it! When I feel sadness and I can’t speak to anyone. I feel my heartbeat beating fast, my breathing feels heavy. Then, I am trying to lock my bed room and praying in silent. In the middle of pray, my heartbeat returned to normal and I felt relaxed. That is good for heart, if you don’t believe me. You can try by yourself and find it.

Pray Improve Attitude
To be honest, I used to be a human who was arrogant and always relied on myself. When, I'm having a big problem. In fact, I was unable to overcome it. I feel down and discouraged. I became stressed and easy to upset. Even for the small things that should not need emotions. Then, I am finding a solution in prayer. I realize the prayer makes me to become a humble person. Through prayer, I realize the world is very big, and my problems are very small. So, I am trying hard to pray and then I upgrade my pray not only for myself but others.

When we pray for others, we become sympathetic to other people's problems and do not make ourselves arrogant and selfish. The most when we are praying for good things. It makes us socially and mentally happy. Now, I make list to pray for some friends who don’t have kids and always dream to have kids. I know I do not have power to make my pray became real but I wish God will help them about their good desire and dream. It makes me feel good inside mind and soul.

Prayers Give Forgiveness and Hope
When I pray, I don't say arrogant words; I am saying words of inferiority and also requests for forgiveness. Because humans are not perfect. Humans often make mistakes, when we realize our mistakes and ask for forgiveness. That makes us feel better. We made ourselves to accept shortcomings and forgive the mistakes we made. We can’t change the pass, but we can ask this present to be good. By praying, we also ask for direction and strength to be able to accept mistakes and forget the mistake we made it. Prayer gives us great hope that we can get through difficult times. Pray to make the burden of life heavy feels light. Release and hope and trust in God will provide the best way for the problems faced.

I know a lot of benefits prayers. You should know it by yourself, because I can’t explain and tell you all my experience about my life. It will be long stories and make you feel bored. I just give us advice never stop to pray. You will thank it for yourself because of your praying. Don’t accept God will give you fast answer but feel the process about your mental and soul.

I hope you want to share this article to your friends by clicking the link share on social media. Perhaps, you help people that try to find solution and peace in their life. Have good day and see you another great article based on my experience, I hope so.

Never Stop to Pray
When you feel sad, you are praying.
How if you are feel happy?
I bet you never pray about happiness.
You just pray when you get trouble.
Never stop to pray every day.
Even you are happy and sad.
It will make your life get balance
You will feel good in mind and soul.

Happy Story start from You

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