Fashion and Skin Care in Covid-19 Some people should be at work every day; most people already get lockdown since two weeks ago and perhaps more than that! However it is we should keep health and pretty. Quotes of the day, “You look so beautiful even in your sleeping dress at home; because your inner beauty is strong then fashion you used it,” – Citra Pandiangan.
Today, Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “Fashion and Skin Care in covid-19.” I know it sound crazy and impolite because some people post their own feed on social media just used sleeping dress. Actually that is nice to do that! It’s great to show you enjoyed stay at home, and feel comfortable used your pajama. Let’s challenge it to yourself, and don’t worry about what people think about it. Do it, and enjoy it as much as you can.

How to Enjoy The Sleepwear?
Nowadays, using the sleepwear should find the good quality. So, you can enjoy while wear the pajama. It’s not only fashion at home or show to the social media, this is more than that! Sleepwear should good quality because it will make you get good time while sleeping. So, you will make up with the fresh feeling. 

The most important to get nice sleeping dress, you should get the good fabric. Yes, focus on the fabric pajama. Can you imagine when you get the feeling of cotton on your body or smooth silk. The reason you should find the cotton pajama because this fabric soft in the skin and also lightweight. Others fabric is the best for sleepwear is silk, because it smooth and the fabric will keep you warm when you are cold.  

The Secret Travel Sleepwear
Do you like travel? What are you wearing while you sleep in hotel? Do you bring some pajamas while travel? Honestly, I never bring special pajamas when travel. I prepare simple outfit while sleep. I bring some loose leggings and cotton t-shirts. These better then fill my suitcase with a lot of clothes.

 Honestly, I miss my travel time and stay at home wear pajama. Its make me feel comfortable to stay longer on bed. Actually, even at home we should have great spirits to do activities as work from home; business from home; fashion at home. So, I get this amazing moment. The problem is my hand and face skin became dry because Indonesia is very hot!

Most the time, I always wash my hands and face. A day it can be 10 times do that! So, can you imagine how’s dry my skin? So, what should I do! It’s simple. I make something nice after doing that “wash hands and face” I put some local products of cosmetic Indonesia. It called Viva Cosmetic, you can buy on

The first I use hand body lotion to my hands after washing hands and also face. Then for the face, I am using aloe vera gel to keep it away from the dry skin and dull. I will give you tips as soon as possible.  

Happy Story start from You

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