Sleeping Beauty for Health and Pretty  Honestly, stress make me can’t sleep well. I am bad luck with sleep. What can I said all about covid-19 or corona. This virus make everything is mess! Stay at home, less economic, how I can sleep well? I am thinking about bill I should paid but the income is not balance with the credits. Quotes of the day, “You never know about the future, but you should not worry about tomorrow. Let’s everything will be fine. First you should do sleep well, then you will find solution.”- Citra Pandiangan.

Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about Sleeping beauty for health and pretty. I know every one want to be pretty and also health. The first to get all of them, you should rest enough; especially in the night. How if you can’t sleep in the night? It will give you bad luck for your health. Than your skin, face and everything become mess. So, don’t make everything mess because of less sleep.

Many people have secret about their health. Most people said sleep in the night is the most the key to get success and happiness. Some people has trouble to get sleep well in the night, so we can compare some people who sleep well in the night and less sleep. Honestly, I can’t compare because I am not scientist, but I know about my body and my life. I can compare it if I less sleep and sleep well in the night.

When I get bad luck sleep well in the night, I am become grumpy and easy to get upset with small things. I got headache all day and it make me so stress because I can’t concentrate and all what I done is nothing. I can’t work and also writing. This is opposite while I get sleep well in the night. I feel happy all day, I have good energy to fill my day. I can concentrate with my job and I enjoy my day without trouble and stress to much.

So, sleep well in the night is very good for everyone, including kids and adult. A good night's sleep is also good for health of skin, because when we are sleeping enough. The body is not making more of stress hormone cortisol. That is why happy people start with a good sleep in the night! You can see your skin, if you can’t sleep well in the night, your skin is not health, am I right? Why it can be like that? 

The reason sleep in the night with the health of skin is one package to get pretty and happy secret in alive. Remember, poor sleep can lead to increased stress hormones in the body that increase the severity of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis. If I explain about the bad things because of less sleep, you will understand why you need to sleep enough every night, at least 6-7 hours every day. It’s good to get immune body and make your body fit, including skin health.

How to Getting a Good Night's Rest
Everyone has the way how to get sleep good in the night, at least rest and wake up in early morning with good spirit. This is my way to get sleep well in the night, I should do like this:

Eat a lot in The Noon time
I am not eating a big meal too late in a day. That is why in the noon time, I am not afraid to eat a lot, as long as time still NOON. When in the evening, I just eat little bit, so if I am eating too  

Drink Water a lot

Can you imagine you are camel? You can drink one time for all day! I am not camel, so I should drink a lot water all day and I can’t drink only one time in a day. So, I am making schedule to drink water every day. Simple way, wake up I will drink two glasses to cover my body while sleep; body still work. That is why I need to recover them with water. I never drink a lot in the night! It so trouble if you should awake to go to toilet. Better drink a lot in morning and afternoon time. Night, you can drink but the quantity of water is not much as noon day.  

No Electric, Light in Bed Room

Should I be vampire to kill the light and rule without electronic in my bed room. Yea, I do it! I am trying not turn on light while sleep. I am also not put television on my bed room. The reason it will make mess my quality time, because I just want to watch the movie till it has happy ending. I am also turn off the smartphone while I want to sleep, at least 30 minutes before sleeping time.

On AC, Sleep under Blanket
You are lucky, if you have AC in your bed room and using it while you are sleeping. Honestly, sleep with AC on and get your body under blanket. It will make you sleep well, because if you feel hot in your bed room because no AC; you will not getting sleep well in the night. The reason you feel stinky and hot. How you can sleep well, if your body need something to cool. So, I told you, you are lucky person when you have on AC and sleep under blanket. You can sleep well without worry; so lucky you are! I used AC but I can’t use it every night hahaha. The bill electronic will kill me, by the way.

Two My Favorite Weapons to get Sleep good in the night
Should I tell you my best secret to get sleep well and pretty in the night without trouble? If you said I should tell you! So, o.k, you are lucky to find this article to make you keep health and pretty. Having good skin is very good, it make you feel younger than your ages. So, this is my secret weapon to make me feel good, before sleeping.

Simple Mask in the Night
Mostly, women used mask before sleeping, at least 2-3 hours before bed time. I am not! I am using mask only 15 minutes before my bed time. So, different right! I choose good quality mask in the night and I do not need spend longer time to care my skin in the night. It also will make me gets less hours to sleep. So, I decide to find nice and the price is very comfortable on my pocket.

It called Viva White Water drop Sleeping Mask. You can buy in here This cosmetic is very good for our skin. It doesn't only offer supple and moist skin. It also has "Water drop" technology that provides drops of nutrients, direct moisture in the epidermis, is lightweight, easily absorbs, and optimally hydrates

Waterdrop Sleeping Mask Viva has contains good for the skin, because this cosmetic has collagen serves to avoid the appearance of fine lines due to premature aging; Aloe Vera Gel is responsible for moisturizing, soothing, giving a soothing sensation; and Licorice Extract which functions as a natural lightener. After wearing it before going to bed and waking up the next morning, you will feel that the Viva White Waterdrop Sleeping Mask works so well. It was proven, your skin feels so soft and moisturizer even it has being exposed to AC all night. The price is so friendly around 25,000 IDR.

The last weapon is sleep mask. This tool is safer than medication. Some people who have trouble sleeping use sleeping pills to get some rest. You do not need them, you can wear sleep mask under your eyes. Sleep masks trick your brain into believing it’s time for sleep, its actually low-risk, non-chemical alternative to more conventional sleep aids. 

The bonus when you wear sleep mask for eyes, you may get help prevent dry eyes. Because our eyes need the protection and lubrication our lids offer, people who can’t close their lids fully can experience extremely dry eyes, and may even suffer permanent damage. Sleep masks can help mitigate this, by creating a closed environment around the eye. So, this is my secret. My brain is good while I cover my eyes with sleep mask; it help me to get sleep faster in the noon and night, if I need rest my body without trouble.

Happy Story start from You

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