How to Be Happy During Pandemic The world is more worse because of covid 19. Don’t you realize that is making you on trouble. It seem make you can’t be freedom, because that virus is more danger, than what we expected! Some people get stress, because of this corona. “Happy make our immune body get strong. Let’s be happy and try to control your mind.” - Citra Pandiangan.

Hello, how are you? Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you story about “how to be happy during pandemic.” I knew lately, some friends get sick and they were positive corona. It was making me stress and afraid. That feeling made me easy get headache, and I was easy to get sick as flue, and headache. So, I was trying to make myself HAPPY. So, that is making my immune body strong, so that is simple to make body health.

how to be happy during pandemic

Do you know, the most important to get health is about to caring our mental health because happiness connected to get healthy body. Lets practice mind. So, pay attention to practice mindful. That is not easy and it need time. That is no problem, because nothing late to get better life. The reason we need practice mindful thinking to help us to get away from negative feeling. I know, its difficult, but nothing possible. You can keep practice.

After taking positive, lets keep active! Can you imagine, if you just being lazy. Your body became more tired, your mind became trouble. That is why being active is very important. The simple thing to staying active, you can short walk around your backyard, cleaning your collection, and home, taking walk around your house, practice new recipe and many things. Even stay at home, we still have daily routine and that will make us keep active and happy.

Being active is good, but we also can make our life have fun, that is mean we can entertained our self as watching comedy movie or serial, listening happy music, try to do yourself as craft. Honesty, being active lately is very difficult for myself. I am become not productive, because my mind is full of negative thinking, body become double tired. Then I decided to change mindset, to keep energy and make something fun to entertain myself, I am making channel on youtube just for fun as share my food recipe.

I am also get away from the update information about covid. That information can be overload in my mind and make me stress. Better, I don’t know about it. I am not trying to get know and update about that information. Focus to make new goal and make it real. So, my life get better and health, although I seldom go to outside. I am making communication with my friends by zoom, google meet on the group, share happiness story. That will make healthy body immunity, so lets be happy. What do you think and do during pandemic to make you keep health?

Happy Story start from You

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