Anger is The Weakness

Anger is The Weakness Are you grumpy? How angry are you that you can't control your emotions? Sometimes, I love to question myself about this sentence! Because anger is the weakness. Quotes of the day, “Don't be like a bomb that can explode at any time, without being controlled and ending with REGRET.” – Citra Pandiangan.

Hello, how are you? Today, I am Citra Pandiangan wants to tell you a story about Anger is The Weakness. Do you agree, if I said anger is a weakness, but people think of it as a strength. Most of people when angry become bomb which they can explore without STOP and in the end, you and them get hurts. So, anger is a weakness, because it does not only hurt you, but hurts others as well.

I know, when you get angry it just happens with something you do not like it! So, is there any way how to manage anger? Anger is in fact, an effect. You know it so well. So, it is not wrong when some people said Anger is Your Creation. I know, you and I never wish to be angry. It just happened. Mmm. Actually, you do not realize when you are creating it outside, and when you come home. You look something wrong, then you become angry. I know, you won’t create the ANGRY but, it's happened because you are ignorant yourself.

Honestly, if you are feeling angry, then you spread anger. It more unpleasantness and come into the situations around you. So, if you know the system, will you create anger? As we know, anger is not only damaging the external situation, but it is also in internal situation. How to handle this?

Tips to manage your anger!

Let’s think before you speak. This is one simple way for us to manage our anger. Think before speak. So, we can control our emotions. Can you imagine, when you anger and talk at the same times; you will regret it easy to say, but it is difficult to forget, what you already said it. That will make you feel guilty.

Calm, express your anger

When you are angry, don’t say words. Think clear then you can express your frustration. It will make something different because it without hurting others or trying to control them.

Do some exercise

Do you know, Physical activity can help reduce the stress that can cause you to become angry. So, when you feel you can’t control your anger. Let’s go exercise as run or walk. So, it will make you enjoy and forget the feeling of anger.

What do you think? I think that 3 tips to healing the anger will work, then just say words then regret later. Better be careful than saying sorry in the end. 

Happy Story start from You

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