Woman Plus Size Body is Pretty Wear Swimsuit From Lyra


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Storycitra.com- Lately, I feel ugly because my body is getting fatty. I feel uncomfortable when I go to the beach and also the pool. The reason is that I feel uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit. I know nobody is perfect but I love to look fashionable and comfortable. "Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." - Diane von Furstenberg

Today, I want to tell you a story about “Woman plus Size Body is Pretty Wear Swim Suit from Lyra.” When you were reading my first sentence. I bet you can imagine some women that having bodies like me (getting extra weight) feel uncomfortable wearing swimsuits. The reason is, they and I still have not found a good swimsuit for a plus-size body.


I was searching for a swimsuit for big size and I found one website that sells swimsuits, LYRA. The owner of LYRA knew some women were struggling to get swimsuits that were comfortable and fashionable, especially women who had extra weight.  That is why LYRA has some swimwear for women that love to use comfortable fabric and modern design. 


Honestly, I loved the LYRA collection when I saw it on the LYRA website; because the swimsuit is my style. I do not like to wear sexy swimwear. In the LYRA collection, most of the swimsuit is closed and does not show the exposed parts of the body. So that the LYRA swimsuit collection can be a part of fashion when swimming. So there is no need to feel, swimsuits are too revealing or sexy.

The style of LYRA collection of swimwear for plus size, they have 4 pieces. It already includes a swim-top, swim leggings, skirt, and swim cap. So, when we buy a collection of LYRA swimwear, we already get everything we need to wear when we go to the beach or pool.


The design fashion of LYRA gets inspired by surf suits. So, you can imagine, most of them are not sexy and all bodies get cover with the swimsuit. No worries, the design of the swimsuit is modern. You can see from the part of the skirt. It added coverage to your part of the body, include the nice fashion indeed. 


LYRA swimwear fabric is very comfortable for you to use when swimming in a pool or beach; because the fabric is quick drying, and also UPF 50+ protection against UV rays. Is it nice to use one of the LYRA collections when you and I go to the beach or pool?

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