The Best Place Visit to Bintan Island I know this time is still pandemic and we still try hard to keep our passion to travel. Everyone can’t wait to explore, including me. Honestly, usually this month I do travel to different islands, being lazy in the beach or hunting culinary to make me happy (of course the belly). Let me tell you about the 10 Best to do in the Bintan Island version of Story Citra, what do you think? Quotes of the day, “Travel always nice, get lost and explore is an amazing moment. You never forget to get fun and memories always fly in mind and make you feel happy.” – Citra Pandiangan.


Today, I want to tell you about the 10 best to do on Bintan island to get explore and fun time. Are you ready? I know a few days I have already told you a story about a waterfall on Bintan island. This time is still about this island, because when the new normal already begin in my mind; I would love to explore someplace here to get a new collection of photos.


Most friends when I am talking about Bintan island, their mind will be thinking about the high five-star resort or hotel. Actually, Bintan island is not all about luxury holiday inexpensive hotels and resorts such as Bintan Lagoon Resort and Hotel, Bayan Tree, Club med, Nirwana Garden, etc. Bintan is also famous for the beauty of the beaches; beach lovers, you will love to hunt beach and get lazy and burn skin on the beach. I bet! Because I am in the same line with you hahaha.


My secret before going to the beach, apply sunblock and bring aloe vera gel to keep my skin from the burning sun naughty light. Do you wonder about the 10 best to do in Bintan island to get a fun time? Let’s check this list

  • Beach
  • Penyengat Island
  • Waterfall Bintan Mountain
  •  Senggarang Chinese Village
  •  Avalokitesvara Graha (Guan Yin) Temple
  • Banyan Tree Temple
  • Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
  • Grotto Santa Maria

Let’s start it with the beach hahaha. Alright, beach lover, you will never be disappointed to get lost in the beach in Bintan island. There are lagoi bay beach, trikora beach, sakera beach, mangrove beach, and many-name beaches that will make you fall in love with the view.


This time we talk about the northeast and eastern coast beach in Trikora location. This beach offers a stretch of white sand where you can unwind and take in the view. The water of this sea is also so damn crystal-clear. This beach is great to do snorkeling and swimming. Trikora Beach has sections to four beaches of Trikora. People mm, local people said Trikora One till four. Do not ask me why people give it the name of the beach like this. I still never find the answer. When I know the history I will tell you in another article.


Penyengat Island

Perhaps, you just heard about Penyengat Island and still wonder, what should you do there and how to get there. Let me explain a little bit about this island. Penyengat is a small island in south Bintan. You just need around 15 minutes to get there used motorboat from Tanjung Pinang.  The local people said the motorboat is pompong. It is a traditional boat, but no worry. It safe!! Penyengat island has a lot of history about Riau-Johor Sultanate. So, when you explore this island, you will find some sultan tombs, and the most interest about this island is the history of Grand Mosque Sultan of Riau. 


Waterfall Bintan Mountain

Honestly, I just one time visit this place, and this waterfall Bintan island is not the biggest waterfall like in Batu or Bali. At least, if you love tracking this location is perfect to do it. When you are already on top of the hill you can see the beautiful view of Bintan island. Then fresh yourself in the waterfall, although the water is not high and a lot but it still makes you fresh after tiring tracking in the tropical forest.


Senggarang Chinese Village

This Chinatown or you can be said village in Tanjung Pinang; the location in Senggarang, so some people said Senggarang. So they will know what exactly your destination is. This place has full of history. The style of homes still used wooden stilt houses built over the water and with private Chinese shrines at its entrances. You can also find the oldest Chinese temple in the Riau Islands here, known as Klenteng Ang Nio which dates back to 1770AD.  

This is the best part to spot photos with the Cina style, and honestly, I love sitting here for a few hours before sunset. At least I feel at peace to dreaming in my favorite spot near the beach hahaha.


Avalokitesvara Graha (Guan Yin) Temple

This is the biggest of Chinese Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. It called Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha houses a magnificent 16.8m tall statue of Chinese goddess Guan Yin. This area is still built and I bet in a few years it will be more fantastic. This place also has a statue plated in 22-karat gold. Inside the temple, you will also find intricate wall motifs and other tall sculptures of Chinese gods and goddesses.

This place area is most my favorite place to meditate every evening time before sunset. This place so quiet and you also can hear the wild sound of birds. That is why I love staying here for 30 minutes after exercise. A peaceful mind will be good for your health. The most I also never bore taking photos in the temple.


Banyan Tree Temple

The only one of highlight in Senggarang of the temple, because this temple is under a massive banyan tree. That is the name of this temple of Bayan Tree Temple. These roots of the tree have grown over, and become with the sacred temple for more than a century.  Most local people this temple to someone get luck when praying in here.


 Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva

This temple is containing 500 bodhisattva statues. This location temple on the hills. This place is interesting with the unique bodhisattva statues because of all statues of different expressions and styles. This temple is not so big, but worth it to exploring and taking some pictures there. My suggestion to visit this place better before 10 a clock or 3 a clock; the reason in this place is so damn hot if the sunny day, but that is the best time to take many pictures.   


Grotto Santa Maria

Based on my experience to get explore this place, don’t forget to bring or use sunscreen, and also mosquito spray so bugs will not bite you. This place is unique, and the cave was built in the 18th century by a Dutch priest. As you know, this is area Catholic, so inside the cave, you will find the cross, tableaus, and a statue of Mary standing on a globe as its main highlights. Most of the statues there, tell stories about Jesus. If you are Christian, I think you should try to visit this place.


I keep the best two spots you should visit this Bintan island, so you should back to find some articles about holiday in Bintan. So far about some spots, I am telling you, which part do you love to visit when holidaying to Bintan island?  


Happy Story start from You

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