How to Love Yourself when You are FAT

How to Love Yourself when You are FAT Honestly, for a few years because of the corona, my weight is getting grow up month by month. It is making me sad, and I do not believe in myself. How I am so faster to get FAT. I feel not confident or comfortable with myself. Quotes of the day, “You are the best in every shape of your body; You just need to accept and enjoy that.” – Citra Pandiangan.


Today, Story Citra wants to tell you how to love yourself when you are FAT. Don’t be upset with your body growing up because of something it happened. You just need to love yourself, don’t hide yourself from the world. Don’t hide your mirror because you won’t see yourself getting fat. Yea, I know what is that feel like. Can you imagine from 50 kilograms, now I almost 70 kilograms? That is making me frustrated and most of my favorite dresses, I can’t wear them anymore because of my weight so damn big!


Don’t worry, You still can be pretty when taking pictures with an angle that is not showing your fattiness. Remember, the size is just size. You are still yourself, active, happy, humble, and fantastic. Why do some people fatty from the kids always HAPPINESS? Because they accept it and when they accept that, they show their inner beauty. If I do not accept my weight, how I do I look happy? I will be grumpy, moody, aggressive, sensitive, and introverted.    


Do you know, some people have a good thing, everyone is not looking the same, so do not focus on the size. Focus on happiness because you are bringing beauty in this world to become yourself.


I know, I won’t keep my weight forever like this, but I am not forcing myself to get slim faster as magic. It needs time and spirit, but before doing a diet, I have to accept myself because I am not the same shape. I should be HAPPY to enjoy life and start to make goals such as diet to be healthy and SLIM as a bonus.


When you realize it, it will be easy to bring a healthy lifestyle into your life. Because happiness should first be coming before getting a diet. What do you think? Do you accept yourself being fat and enjoy it?



Happy Story start from You

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