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Let’s Reading Free E-Magazine Be Traveler

StoryCitra-Fun time is You but it depend on You how to get fun time. Everybody has different style and way to get fun. How about You? I love to learn something new and break the rule of my skill. Actually I am not into design graffic basic but I love to learn about it. So, with little “confidence” I am trying to make something new this year. I wish, You will love what I do it for you.

This an idea already long time I wanna do it but I know my skill still zero and my English still poor. Even like that, I am trying to make it better and short in 15 – 20 pages every month. Having ideas of course so easy to get it but to make it real. That is the REAL Problem begin. I started to do it on October but do You know sometimes busy come to our life, I get a lot interruption so this time I can make it. You will love it, I hope so hahaha. Oops, so rude I am. I forget to say Happy New Year 2018 to You all. I hope this year will come with happiness and keep strong when problems come too.

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Life is never easy! Life is awesome! Life is magic with all complicated with all it come to You and I. Do you have plan for this year to get better life? Of course everybody Madam to get better time by time. The key to make better life is simple way, plan it, work it be real, pray hard for that! So, everything will be o.k (sometimes) because You and I are having many plans in earth but God who decided what will happened in the future. For example, my big sister have plan on April with her husband to build their relationship in high level. I mean to having a baby but God decided different. God was making my brother in law rest for a while till we meet again in heaven. It is so night mare of course for us. I can not imagine, how is perfect plan, perfect life become so messy in one short time! It happen and my sister still so sad about it, including our family. We get lost “again” someone we love it.  

Whatever the problems, life test come to us! Do not make it getting worse even it already worse and mess our life. I do believe strom come will give the rainbow and do not waste your time. Let’s do as the best You can do! Be planner and do it because You will feel better. This is one of my plan in this 2018. Having my own magazine even on Electronic Magazine (E-Magazine). I give it free to everyone who wants to read and download it. I know the first Be Traveler E-Magazine still not perfect yet. I do it with my all zero skill on design and I wish in the future will be better and better. I just know DO IT and TRY IT, keep creative in alive. So You will keep alive with full positive energy. Negative will never stay to long time in your mind and live because You keep busy.

Let’s reading my E-Magazine. I do not know why the name magazine become BE Traveler. Perhaps, I wanna keep traveling in the future. So, the name of My FREE E-Magazine become Be Traveler. The content about the review hostel/hotel/restaurant/cafe (etc); nature, tips (in the future), story, and many thing with short words. Because in this time, I know, exactly, people want to get complated information without read a lot. So here my concept of my E-Magazine simple words and nice photos. Let’s download or read it as well as, your feedback will give my E-Magazine with PDF style will be better time by time in the future.

Thank you for friends, readers who keep reading and support me. I love it and I wish 2018 will better for You and I in the future. The simple key to keep alive, just plan, do it and pray harder because we do not have power but God has it. Asking God to make You and I keep strong in every time live come to us. Do not forget to follow my Instagram @Citrapandiangan and @Citrap81. Be friend with me and You will know me better.  
Happy Story start from You

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Hire Consultant Travel to Discover Tanjung Pinang

Do you want to travel to Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island? Do you really want to discover some parts which You will love it. The problem is You do not know what You want. You want to discovery by yourself or a coupe or your friends but You want to make your own direction. Yes, why not! It would be great because that is what do you want to discover Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, Indonesia.

Let’s me tell You little bit Information about Tanjung Pinang City. Tanjung Pinang is the capital and The a province of Riau Islands (Riau Archipelago), Indonesia. Tanjung Pinang is a strategic location on the south of Bintan Island, guarding the mouth of the Bintan River. Tanjung Pinang has ferry and speedboat connections to Batam, Singapore (40 km away), and including Johor Bahru (4 hours by ferry).

What You can do if You decided to discover Tanjung Pinang City? Actually You can do a lot activities in this city, especially heritage because a lot of spots about heritage which (perhaps) you would love it. Honestly, I dare myself to be a freelance consultant Travel/trip plus open trip (in the future) because some people asked me to help their make itinerary trip. Most some “clients”, friends love what do I make it for them. Don’t worry if you are budget travel because I can make itinerary such as your financial. I do it because I love it and I also love to get little money being a freelance consultant travel / trip. The most because I love do my jobs so it will not make me stressful because I enjoy it to discuss with you on electric mail (E-Mail), chat on skype or whatsapp if You are really want to used my service. I would love to shared my phone number to You.

 The Reason why You need to hire me such as a consultant Travel/ trip

I know what people (especially You) need a lot of information before discovering to the  city!

  • You do not know how much money do you need to explore some places in Tanjung Pinang City.

  • You do not have time to find information hotel such as your budget, that is nice and good reviews about that place. So, that is my job such as a consultant travel/trip. I will find it for You and only You know the result.

  • You want to get nice culinary or food with the friendly price.

  • You want quick, slow or normal traveling. It depend on You. I will settle what do you really want it.

My price for consultant is friendly price because I know some people need more money to spend to food and discovery. 

So, I am perfect to be your consultant travel if You want to discover Tanjung Pinang City and Bintan Island. Because I will give you best service such as I can do. Then, give me an opportunity to make your hope and dream come true when You really want to holiday in Tanjung Pinang City and Bintan Island.

Why You are wonder or confused if You have me such as Your consultant travel in Tanjung Pinang and Bintan island, You do not need wonder about find nice places and food, including hotel such as Your budget because I will HELP YOU with ALL MY HEART. I do it with happiness and bring hope You really enjoy every moment in here (Tanjung Pinang City or Bintan Island)

So, do you want to know more about Tanjung Pinang City and what You can do in this city? Just sent me email  on with the subject Need consultant travel/ Travel Time. I will reply as soon as possible.  I won’t You wait to long! It just for serious clients or traveler because every traveler know how much important time for both of us in this world. So, let’s work with me and hire me such as Your Travel Consultant.

Do you need an information about backpacker with public transportation in Java? So, I have special e-book for you and it still on progress. You just contact me to get it and it is not free either expensive. You will not sorry to get it! Because some important information about route and anything already in that book. The book on pdf style and it is not sell on amazon because lately so difficult to join in Amazon and including Google Books application. I do it by myself, I did travel it for few weeks discovery Java start from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Probolinggo (Bromo Mt), Malang, and Batu. So, what are you waiting for!! You just need sent me E-mail to get what information You need it!

Be traveler such as be Your self because that is the most important in our journey in life, including traveling around the world, especially Indonesia! More specific Tanjung Pinang, Bintan Island, Batam and some cities I did discovery by myself. I would love to discuss with You. Helping You, it’s like help me in the future. Because traveling is never end when we still breath in this world.

Happy Story start from You

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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Nothing different with this month but mostly when I go to some parts. All decoration become so lights and red. Yes, this is December! That is mean the end of this 2017 years and also X-mas will get celebrate with full color and red plus white. I don’t understand why two colors become dominan on this month but that is perfect to look so bright and happy life.

Today, Citra wants tell You story about Xmas and New Year. Once upon a time, a baby was born in snow season. The baby is getting cold because nobody care about him. Suddenly the old woman who see the little baby in the cold season and snow fall down. She take a baby and bring a baby at home. She is poor woman but she has rich heart. She is making a baby comfortable with the last milk, she has it.

Snow stroms come and make old woman is getting cold because she does not having fire. Suddenly she see something in the sky. The star is shining to bright and she can feel the warm of the star and make her body is not feeling so cold anymore. She see the light become street and she brings the baby and walk in the light star. She arrive in beautiful place which all cover with snow but the snow is not so cold. She lives there forever and the baby called santa which the santa always give gift for the people who has rich heart even they are poor. As long as You have good heart, the Santa will give you something nice.

Don’t you having a good heart so Santa will give you something special on this X-mas. Because I have good heart but I am not Santa, I just wanna say Happy Marry X-mas and Happy New Year 2018.

That story I just made this time to make you feel cold #eh feel no fairy tale in this real life but that is nothing wrong to play with imagination. Because life is awesome to keep happiness in our life even that is never easy to do day by day. So, what is making you happy the celebrate new year? Don’t you feel so fantastic on 2017? What’s making you keep spirit to see the new world in new year eve?

All that questions I do have the answer. Life is never nice to me but I am so nice to be stressful or moody person. I am so happy whatever 2017 come to me and that’s making me strong day by day. So that, I am not afraid to see the new year eve on 2018. Because I know the new year will give me best part of new experience in alive. Life is open book which I can read and write it anytime I decided to keep foward to see the world in my own life which it mean I allow full colors to make my days so awesome to keep it and learn it.

Happy Story start from You

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Madam of Malay | Dabo Singkep Nature When You are traveling time is not your best friend ever because time so fast. It happened. I just feel sleep less an hour when I wake up and I just realize it is already 5.30 am. I rush to go to bath room and taking a time to take shower. Suddenly, ouch gross, I feel so cool!  Oops the hot water is not working perfectly so I should be showering under cold water. I go faster in lobby because only lobby has wifi connection. When in Lingga, I can not making communication because network is not good. Perhaps I do not notice what is the best provider in that place. So, bye... bye.... exist in Instagram in that time during my discovery places in Dabo Singkep, Lingga Island, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about the nice places in Dabo Singkep and You should get lost in  that natures. If you do not believe me, then why You still read my blog because I know do you want to know about it, am I right? Let’s check this article till finish and I bet You will back pack your bag and run away to get crazy adventure in Dabo Singkep, Lingga Island, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia.

Meriam Tegak

Meriam is mean Cannon. This is one of cultural heritage with unique history. This cannon has a history and stands upright with dashing on the beach. The location of Meriam Tegak is located in Batu Berdaun Village, Singkep Sub-district, Lingga, Riau Islands, Indonesia. This form of cannon half of it body stuck to the ground with the position of the front straight upright facing the sky. This become one part to visit during holiday in Lingga Island, especially Dabo Singkep.

Batu Berdaun

Batu Berdaun beach is the best place to find the meaning of relax. The beach is sloping and white sand makes this beach into one of the favorite to visit. Uniquely again, the name of Beach Leaf is because this beach has something unique that the rock is overgrown with a tree. This is fantastic place with the nice view to get relaxing. You will not be sorry to visit this place.

Batu Ampar Waterfall

This waterfall call Batu Ampar, the located still in Dabo Singkep. This waterfall is not so high like in Daik but this place still worth it to visit it during Your discovery in Lingga Island, Dabo Singkep. This area is one of local people favorite to get relaxing and short gate away because this waterfall under Muncung Dabo Singkep mountain and also has wonderful panorama which make you love to stay here for a while. You will love to stay here with some reason so nature and the best part to visit this place early morning because no many people come to get holiday here. Mostly this part open every 03.00 pm. So, when You come early, You can not use public toilet because it lock.

There are still many places to visit it but I think for this day. Its enough to give you 3 best places to visit in Lingga Island, especially Dabo Singkep. I know this is to short but I also want to make you bored to read long articles. Honestly, I still keep the best part to make you more jealous and You will make plan to visit this island. Don’t you believe me? Because I do go there and I wanna back there again one day.


Happy Story start from You

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Safari Lagoi and Beautiful Eco Farm Part 2 in the nature in Bintan Island, Indonesia is something so nice, actually. I do it a few times and never feel bored. If you want to know the new place which it is good for kids and family. I will tell you to choose Safari Lagoi. The reason is simple because this nice place with a lot of animal and very educative.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Safari Lagoi and Beautiful Eco Farm in Bintan Island, Indonesia. Do you like to see animal? If the answer is YES. Then keep stay tune in this storycitra because You will not sorry to read this article till finish. Bintan Island, the exactly Lagoi area is the famous part in Bintan Regency.

Fun and Education Time

Having kid is not easy to care and make them get fun and education in the same time. In the Safari Lagoi, all of that can get easy in there because kids can be playing with rabbit and learn about how to make fertilizer to make plants grow nice and health. Beside that You can catch the rabbit and play with them or just catch them to get selfie. I love this moment and mostly the rabbit won’t get touch it. So get run and catch them are something awesome to get little fun.

Birds until Monkeys

No body said I hate birds if You can see a lot of kind birds in Safari Lagoi and the design of bird cage so big and beautiful design. Birds can fly with freedom and it so fantastic to see it. The small birds until the big birds are so awesome even we just can see them from outside of bird cages but it so fantastic to look around and see it.

Beside the birds, there is also same kind of monkey which they are so active in the cages. They can play and shaking tree by tree and make me little scare when they are jump in the gate. No worry, all good in the security. Even a lot of active monkey, there is also cute monkey even this monkey get lost one his feet because of the hunter. I don’t like hunter, how about you? This monkey so cute and friendly, he is trying to catch louse in Mr Candra hair hihihi.. Sometimes this monkey clean the dirty hands of Candra. So cute, right. I wish this monkey will keep happy there.

Orang Utan until Elephant

Orang Utan is one of the famous in Indonesia. The kind of Orang Utan only exist in Sumatera and Kalimantan even they different kind but all so nice to see. They are living with happy in the big “forest” with the river front of they cages. You can see them play with each others and no worry the orang utan can not swimming so the river make them keep in their line.

Elephant is big animal but Elephant also has bad habit which we should not be like that. That is revenge! Elephant has good memory to remember people or something which hurt them. So we should different character of elephant. Even like that it is nice to see elephants life and sometimes the employee allow passengers to help them take bath of elephants. So sweet to get adventure in Safari Lagoi and learn anything new to make kids get new knowledge and adventures.

Crocodile Lonely and Fishes

In the big pool, there is living of crocodile. Even the pool so big but the crocodile look so lonely because Crocodile live alone there. I wish soon crocodile will get new friends to make their life more colorful hihihi. See the big crocodile will make the new sensation for kids. Seek and Hide hihi sometimes the crocodile is hiding so we can not see it with careful. It’s so nice to see it alive in the pool

Fishes are swimming with happy hours in the pool. Let’s look  them with happy face then You can see the fishes are swimming and learn how many fishes in the pool. Let’s count it with careful hihihi. Learning in important and most important if it can be fun for kids. Even holiday let’s keep learning with fun time. Besides fishes, there also has a lot of turtles.

What else I find in the Safari Lagoi? Do you want to know? Then keep stay tune! I will tell you some nice parts when I visit The Safari Lagoi in Bintan Island, Indonesia. Have a nice day and thanks for visit my blog and leave the comment.

Happy Story start from You

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