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5 Things to do in Gili Trawangan to get Lazy Holiday

StoryCitra -Life is hardness but do not make it make your life getting lost in the depression. If you feel broken heart, do nothing, no...

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Your Happiness in Your Hands

StoryCitra-Never put your happiness in people or stuff. It will make you feel depression and stressful when it never work well as what you expected. Life is colorful with many color around your life and day. Even it’s look so fantastic but rainbow never appear every day. Sometimes strom and dark sky around you to make your happiness gone!

Hi, how are you my friends? Long time Citra never write about quotes on this blog right! I bet, all of you miss positive words to make your life more beautiful when you feel so lonely or sadness. Let’s Citra shared what I am thinking about happiness in simple way as I am the simple woman here.

Sometimes people put their happiness when they get perfect match in their life, beautiful bags or jewelry. But when they gone, it will so stressful and sadness. It’s like the world is not fair with your life and days. They suddenly make the darkness in your beautiful life. Then you blame the world and all around you! Actually, you should never ever put your happiness in your couple or lover, your career or anything stuff for your collection. Because happiness in your hands!

The day never been same
People always come and gone
But it never make you bad
Because happiness in your day

You see the tears in their eyes
You feel sorry to lose them
You get the sadness into your life
Then you realise it just temporary
Because you know you can build happiness

Happiness is easy to get when you know
How to make your happiness as your life
You do not need people to make you happy
But you need them to fill your perfect day

Only you who can control your feeling
When you get sad, you will cry for moment
Then you stop it by your ice cream in hands
You won’t make mess day to be sadness people

That is just simple words I can created today to cheers up your days. Every body deserve to be happy. Happiness is in your hands. Because your life is awesome to get mess without any permission from you. That is why you need to control your smile even around you are getting storm to make your life messy. But you know what you should do to protect your happiness world in your mind, soul and body. Have a good time and be happy as the way you are. See you on next month!

Note: Sometimes my happiness come when I am getting adventure in Yogyakarta.

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Happy Story start from You

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Beautiful Sunset in La Joya Biu Biu

StoryCitra-This is beautiful moment when I get lost during my holiday in Bali, Indonesia. I never know this place before. I get information during my research about nice place to get massage and Spa. Then, I get this information. Located so far from the central city in Bali but worth it to get know and lost in this place.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about beautiful sunset in La Joya Biu Biu in Bali. Are you ready? When I go to Bali, mostly I go to some places which already famous about destination and also attraction of tourism. I do a few time holiday in Bali, since my first step around 2013 years ago. In my forth times visit Bali, I want to try the new things. It’s like getting lost in some new place I never know.

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During my research about massage, yoga and also Spa in Bali. As I know so well Bali is famous with many places to get enjoy and relaxing such as luxury holiday. Then, I find some beautiful place to enjoy that moment. Then, my holiday in Bali around 8 days, I spend two times to discovery new places to get into spa which compare with beautiful place. I go to two different places, but this time I just tell you about La Joya Biu Biu II in Bali.

I stay in Kuta area and to get this place need around 30 minutes by blue bird taxi. The reason I used the blue bird because they used argo and mostly the driver so nice and friendly plus most important never try to “stolen” money with play with argometer (fare-meter). I spend more then 100.000 IDR for one trip. The reason, I do not know this place so far away from city. Little wonder about the “argo” because I do not know it will spend a lot of money but when I come to the inside La Joya Biu Biu II. I feel so fantastic. It’s look like the travel magazine about the luxury hotel and holiday. I am never lie about my first time impression when I see this place.

The place from the park area look so untidy place, small and so quiet. Then, I step my feet, I get wrong door because that door is not lobby area but the bungalow areas in La Joya Biu Biu with the design so unique such as bungalow with the straw roof but lovely. Sorry, I can not tell you more then this. Because I never see the inside of bungalows.  Then, our steps stop around the pool, lounge and restaurant. That is around 4.30 pm I step my feet there. Around the pool is not many people or guests. So, I am looking information about massage and spa. Poor me, because I should back to the receptionist to get book the massage and spa. I am to lazy to get back to the lobby. They can not call the receptionist to book our massage. Because they said the rule, guest should come to the lobby to get book for massage.

So, I decided to look around this area and take some pictures for the selfie, of course and also some views. I fall in love with the nature this place offer to relaxing. So fantastic! I do really wanna stay one day in this place when I visit back Bali. If I won lottery hihihi. Because this place so quiet. The reason why I am coming to this place because they offer nice massage view. During the massage we can see the ocean which they offer beautiful beach. The beach called Balangan beach. I never hear this before! Such as I know only lovina beach, kuta beach, jimbaran beach, seminyak beach and actually right now, Bali has a lot of new destination to discovery new places. Like I do!

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Honestly, I can stop to take some pictures on this places. I spend around 45 minutes to enjoy the moment in this place, catch the sunset and also relaxing during enjoy the juice which the price still reasonable. Every time I discovery this place, I never stop to take pictures from many angles. Because I feel this is like “paradise” so awesome. Mostly my favorite is the cute totem pole. It’s look fantastic with the high totem, so when take pictures it’s like surounder beach and pools. So awesome!

 Then the pool! During your swimming time, You can see the sea and that is so nice. The ocean look so fantastic with the big stone around them and the blue water of the sea. Its so beautiful. I do not have good words to explain how much I love to see this view. Only my eyes and my smartphone camera never stop to take some pictures. Because the pool is looking so refreshing in the sorting heat, and there are also has a cabana to relax in. I also find some small staircase even the staircase look so old and I should beware to step my feet. That is nice spot to take picture hihihi. Lovely!

 O.K I will stop teasing you with some words about this beautiful place, you must keep on your list to stay one day or more in this place. Because, this is so lovely paradise in earth with the combain of modern and unique design of bungalows. Located La Joya Biu Biu at Jalan Pantai Balangan, Biu-Biu, Jimbaran 80364, Indonesia.

Let’s get best experience in La Joya Biu Biu during your holiday in Bali. Let’s book your hotel right now! Then, tell me what do you feel when you enjoy your time in this place. It’s more better words then I explain? Booked here with friendly price on

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During my Holiday in Bali

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11 Things to Do in Gili Trawangan

StoryCitra-After reading about 5 things holiday in Gili Trawangan island without do nothing. I guess some people who active holiday feel you won’t to step your feet on that island. Come on! Every body has different ways to enjoy holiday. If you are active people who love an adventure during holiday. So, I am part of you too guys.

Today, Citra wants to shared information which I do I see and I do it while holiday in Gili Trawangan, Lombok island, Indonesia. 11 things to do in Gili Trawangan. Remember! Only in Gili Trawangan! Because it has some islands near Gili Trawangan hihi... You also can get there but today I just wanna tell you story about some activities I do in Gili Trawangan and I will do it when I have opportunity to visit it again

11. Swimming
I love to get wet even I can’t swimming. Enjoy swimming in the beach in Gili Trawangan while seeing the beautiful of panorama mountain. It’s so awesome right. Blue sky and blue sea are perfect to playing in ocean in this one paradise islands in Lombok, Indonesia.

Pro and corn: First find the nice spot to get swimming because mostly this area around hotels in Gili Trawangan has a lot of ships and ferry. Better find in the beach area such as Malibu and Pandawa beach. Using sunblock if you won’t get burn skin. Because sometimes if sunny the sun is very naughty. FREE ACTIVITY.
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10. Glass bottom kayak gili trawangan
During little execises and see the beatiful under sea in Gili Trawangan by glass bottom kayak. You can choose this activity. This is nice really! This is one alternative for you and I who want to get explore underwater world without getting wet. This way can be your best activity.

9. Surf
Sometimes beach in Gili Trawangan has big waves. So if you are the one who love to surfing in the beatiful sea. This is the best part to do that activity. Enjoy the waves and make fun your holiday because you do your passion and hobby.

Pro and corn: You can bring your own or you can rent it. You should know when the best month to do this activity. FREE Activity if you bring your own surf.

8. Beach
It’s lovely holiday for myself. Enjoying moment in the beach in early morning and catch sunset in Gili Trawangan. You and I can see the beautiful beach while during laying in the sands or in the beach seat. Beautiful view of beach, sunny day or sunset momen is fantastic to make holiday more perfect day by day.

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7. Swings or Hammock

Sunny day is the best to play swings or hammock in the beach. Let’s swings while eyes look the beautiful sea. You can put your own hammock in near beach between trees. So you can get relax without queue to wait you enjoy swings or hammock in the beach. Gili Trawangan has a lot of trees near beach side. That is no worry to bring your own hammock to get fun and relax in the beach. I love it and I bet you too. Mostly swings and sea hammock on the western part of Gili Trawangan

Pro and Corn:Find best spot to put your own hammock to get relax and fun near beach side. This is more nice then queue of general swings and hammock to get relaxing near beach on Gili Trawangan. Activity is FREE.

6. Bike and go around in Gili Trawangan

Do you like bicycle? Let’s get a rent bike in near your hotel. In Gili Trawangan has a lot of rent bike. You can rent as the way you need, an hour or a day. The price is different for a day You just need spend money around 50,000 IDR or an hour 15,000 IDR. So, let’s cycle in this road of Gili Trawangan.  This island just has one main road and you just need go around in this island.

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5. Cidomo

One of traditional transportation in Gili Trawangan. You can try to get experience using cidemo to discovery this island. Of course its pay activity but it deserve to try.

4. Discovery Island by Walk
Let’s discovery island by walk and enjoy every moment your holiday in Gili Trawangan. Mostly people take walk in along the Main or Western Side. Because that is best part to discovery this Gili Trawangan island.

Pro and corn: This is free activity but you just need use comfortable shoes or sandal. So you will enjoy your walk during discovery this island.
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3. Night Party
Do you like party? No worry! Even this is small island but Gili Trawangan offer what you need during your holiday. Let’s get shake your body in this paradise islands of Indonesia. As I know and collect information with one of friends who love stay in Gili Trawangan. This island has partyi on Mondays (Blue Marlin), Wednesdays in Tir Na Nog or simply known as the Irish Pub and Fridays at Rudy’s are always having the big parties.  

2. Traditional Massage

Lovely  message. If you like to try little different traditional message in Gili Trawangan near beach. Some part as I know and see by myself. They offer massage under trees in western side of Gili Trawangan. As information the price around 100,000 IDR per hour. Want to try? If you like private! Many hotels also offer massage with variants prices. DO you want to get more cheaper price to get traditional massage. Get discovery home stay in Gili Trawangan, mostly in Gili Trawangan pier location, get straight and get into small road and there has some traditional message with private room and friendly price.

Pro and corn: If you get nice hands for massage. You would love to get massage and relaxing your body. This activity is not Price, the price start 100,000 IDR.

1. Riding Horse in The Sea

I saw some group do this activity and it’s look fantastic in my second day. Because its already sunset. I just enjoy the moment. But I wish one day I will try this activity, riding horse in the sea during sunset. It’s awesome! Sound such as classic activity right! It’s o.k! Because You deserve to get best moment during holiday and lost in paradise in earth.

 So, what do you think? I really enjoy my holiday in this Gili Trawangan. How about you? What’s the best activity do you like during your holiday? Let’s shared on comment and I would love to know and get some experiences too. Do you want to get change like me to enjoy some activities in gili trawangan, Lombok island, Indonesia. Let's book your hotel right now here (book website)!

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7 Hotel Dengan Konsep Paling Unik Di Dunia salah satu keinginan anda adalah untuk berwisata keliling dunia, tentunya Anda sudah membayangkan tempat-tempat mana saja yang akan Anda kunjungi. Selain tempat wisata, pernahkah anda terbesit keinginan untuk menginap di berbagai hotel-hotel unik yang ada di dunia? Lantas, se-unik dan seperti apa wujud dari hotel-hotel tersebut? Berikut ulasan mengenai 7 hotel-hotel yang memiliki konsep unik dan tidak biasa di berbagai negara.

Spitbank Sea Fort, Inggris
Pernahkah anda membayangkan menginap di sebuah benteng ditengah laut? Jika sulit membayangkannya, bagaimana jika anda coba untuk datang dan menginap di Spitbank Sea Fort,  letaknya hanya dua jam dari kota London, Inggris. Awalnya Spitbank Sea Fort dibangun untuk melindungi kota Portsmouth dari serangan Napoleon III. Sekarang, benteng ini sudah diubah menjadi tempat penginapan mewah dengan sembilan kamar tidur, layanan spa dan sauna, serta sudah dilengkapi pula dengan perapian. Untuk menuju penginapan ini, anda harus menggunakan perahu karena tempatnya yang berada ditengah laut lepas.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapura

Resort berkonsep bintang 5 di Singapura ini merupakan sebuah proyek terbaru dari developer hotel mewah dan kasino, Las Vegas Sands. Dirancang oleh Moshe Safdie Architect pada tahun 2010 lalu, Marina Bay Sands dilengkapi dengan kasino yang memiliki luas lima belas ribu meter persegi, sebuah ice skating rink, dan 44 buah restaurant. Dan di lantai ke-57, terdapat sebuah kolam renang dengan pemandangan indah langit Singapura.

The Madonna Inn, California, Amerika Serikat
Sebagian dari anda, mungkin pernah menonton film yang menggambarkan kemeriahan sebuah pesta dengan tema yang aneh. Kombinasikan hal tersebut dengan Barbie's Dreams House yang memiliki tema serba pink. Hal unik dan sangat tidak biasa seperti itulah yang dapat Anda temui di dalam the Madonna Inn's. Hotel unik dan terkesan flamboyant ini, berada di dekat San Luis Obispo, yang merupakan tempat wisata terkenal di Amerika Serikat. Saat pertama kali dibuka pada tahun 1958, hotel ini tergolong hotel yang relatif biasa saja, namun setelah peristiwa kebakaran yang menimpa hotel ini di tahun 1966, dilakukan pembangunan dan renovasi besar-besaran. Konsep dan citra dari hotel ini secara total diubah menjadi tempat yang sangat ikonik, lengkap dengan glitter wallpaper, air terjun, juga berbagai macam fasilitas ikonik yang tidak akan Anda temui di hotel-hotel lainnya. Disini terdapat pula kamar bergaya zaman batu seperti rumah Flintstone.

Hilton Bora-Bora Nui Resort & Spa, Bora-bora, French Polynesia

Anda mendambakan sebuah liburan pantai layaknya surga tersembunyi? Tempat ini pastinya sangat cocok untuk anda. Dengan air yang berwarna biru kristal dan pasir putih, Hilton Bora Bora Nui ini merupakan vila diatas air yang memiliki pelabuhan pribadi. Disini anda bisa berenang di Samudera Pasifik, yang berada tepat di depan pintu kamar! Setiap Villa juga sudah dilengkapi dengan lantai kaca, sehingga para tamu yang menginap dapat menikmati pemandangan dari kehidupan hewan laut.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya
Pernahkah anda membayangkan menikmati sajian makanan bersama seekor jerapah? Jika belum dan ingin merasakan sensasinya, anda bisa mengunjungi Giraffe Manor yang berada di Nairobi, Kenya. Hotel ini berdekatan dengan pusat perlindungan jerapah, yang didukung oleh African Fund untuk melindungi satwa liar yang mulai terancam punah. The Giraffe Manor hanya memiliiki 10 kamar, dan jika menginap disini, para tamu hotel akan diajarkan cara berinteraksi langsung dengan hewan berleher panjang ini. Total terdapat delapan ekor jerapah yang hidup di sekitar wilayah hotel Manor. Dan pada saat sarapan pagi dan sore hari, jangan kaget jika secara tiba-tiba, muncul kepala seekor jerapah ke dalam jendela hotel, yang menginginkan makanannya.

Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

Memiliki “markas” berupa rumah pohon untuk sebagian orang mungkin hanya menjadi impian masa kecil saja. Tidak usah kecewa jika anda belum pernah tidur dirumah pohon, hotel Free Spirit Spheres yang terletak di Kanada, bisa menjadi pilihan terbaik untuk anda coba. Penginapan yang menggantung di pohon setinggi hampir tiga meter ini, memiliki bentuk unik seperti bola. Di dalamnya juga sudah terdapat berbagai fasilitas komplit, mulai dari tempat tidur, sofa, dapur, juga terdapat kaca transparan yang memungkinkan Anda untuk melihat pemandangan alam yang luar biasa indah.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Lapland, Finlandia
Jika anda menginginkan sensasi tidur dibawah taburan bintang-bintang, resort yang berada di bagian utara Finlandia ini sangat cocok untuk Anda. Hotel ini menyediakan berbagai macam igloo pribadi, yang sangat tepat untuk menikmati warna-warna menakjubkan dari cahaya diatas langit bagian utara. Untuk lebih menikmati keindahan fenomena alam ini, anda bisa datang pada akhir bulan Agustus hingga akhir bulan April. Fasilitas di setiap igloo juga sudah dilengkapi dengan kamar mandi pribadi. Siang harinya, anda bisa menikmati Ice-swimming, berkeringat di dalam sauna tradisional, atau bertemu dengan Santa Claus!

Sangat unik dan menarik bukan? Berkeliling dunia mengunjungi berbagai tempat-tempat menarik diseluruh dunia, kini menjadi hal yang mudah untuk dilakukan, terlebih saat ini berbagai info harga tiket pesawat yang banyak tersedia dan bisa diakses secara online. Jika anda ingin mencoba untuk mengunjungi hotel di berbagai negara-negara diatas, anda bisa pesan tiketpesawat Garuda Indonesia yang melayani rute penerbangan langsung menujunegara-negara kawasan Asia hingga Eropa. Pesan tiketnya melalui situs pemesanantiket online terpecaya Selamat berkeliling dunia!

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Holiday in Bintan Find The Sensation of Seafood

The beauty of nature in one of the locations in Lagoon, Bintan, Model: Ms. Ica in love in the land and enjoy all the beauty and nature that exist in Indonesia. Because Indonesia is rich not only in natural resources. But also the cultural and culinary course. Because many differences to create a special attraction for tourists. Every region in Indonesia has many potential become tourist attraction, but not all areas tourist has the opportunity to  known on  public.

It is our job,  especially for those who love traveling in Indonesia. I can introduce Indonesia's wealth in the wider community. It's easy to write travel stories. No need to be a professional such as a journalist or blogger expert to be able to write on the blog. Although you are not a blogger, We can write on the blog instead? Tell the experience while enjoying the beauty, uniqueness, the areas we visited. There is one area, the island is not as popular as Bali or Bandung in the tourist island of Bintan. Whereas in this island there are hotels in which the four-star Bintan, Bintan Lagoon Resort, located in North Lagoi Bintan, Riau Islands, close to China Beach.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about holiday in Bintan island to get sensation of seafood here. Can you imagine stay at the resort with many amenities. Moreover, the distance is very close beaches. The scenery is very beautiful beaches and do not need to be in doubt. In fact, the beach in Bintan not lose its beauty to the beaches of Bali. You could say the sand is cleaner, quieter atmosphere. So you can sunbathe while enjoying the panoramic and aerial beach.

Not complete vacation without tasters, tasters. Yups, traveling is not complete without the typical enjoy culinary  when we are  visited some areas. Curious whether with culinary what can be found in Bintan Island? Is this cuisine so unique and rarely found in other areas? Of course, the culinary diversity of each region into  appeal. Approximately, do you wonder what kind of culinary trademark  in this island?  Let's check this out, when you began to travel to find culinary in Bintan. Do not forget, set up a camera and document, right to memories wonderful moment ....

=> Lakse

Typical Lakse Bintan, one of the culinary shall try, 

Are you wondering, the name of this cuisine can also be found on the island of Java, precisely in the city of Bogor.   Lakse Bintan almost the same as the Laksa Bogor! Only Lakse here given a savory shredded sea fish really. So there are differences in flavors, similar but not identical. Do not believe? Try just compare the difference Laksa Bogor and Lakse Bintan.

Want to know where to hunt this tasty lakse? The location is famous for enjoy this  Lakse Bintan is located on Jalan Basuki Rahmat. Here Lakse already famous among tourists. Let's see other culinary,  do not be surprised if all the culinary Bintan average have distinctive flavors of the seafood. Therefore, Bintan is famous for its fisheries. So do not be surprised if a lot of seafood processed. Bintan thus becoming a culinary paradise for fans of seafood. Not only local tourists who hunt culinary in Bintan, but neighboring Singapore also.

=> Nasi Dagang

Do you wondered why this name weird! Nasi Dagang? Although the name is unique but do any of you know, this cuisine is also on the list of travelers that are sought. Curious, want to try? Let’s immediately come to Bintan and taste of rice this trade. Let me not make you wonder, this typical nasi dagang (rice) bintan semilar with Nasi uduk. But, the difference, this  rice smothered in curry sauce swordfish, so it was still there the typical seafood. The location is the most delicious to taste Nasi Dagang is located in Jalan Basuki Rahmat.

=> Asam Pedas Malay
Not complete it, if  visit to the Riau Islands without trying the culinary Asam Pedas Malay. Because this is a culinary  heritage of typical Malay. Already confirmed its main ingredient processed fish like goulash. The fish used for this one no other menu catfish or swordfish. It feels alloy savory, sour and spicy which seeped through the flesh of the fish. Emm very delicious eaten with warm rice. Suitable for lunch by the beach.

=> The Otak-Otak Bones

bintan culinary brains are worth a try, you know,

 Something like what you imagination when hearing the name of culinary otak-otak bone? You  curious want to know?  If otak-otak  we eat usually  the basic ingredients of fish. Because fish can be found anywhere, but if bones, you just can get it on Bintan. This  distinctive taste really good. Therefore, the secret is Bintan otak-otak bones treated with a mixture of fish bones. How does it feel? It can be ascertained so savory, really flavors the fish. To try these otak-otak bones  immediately to the  Sei enam Region because this location is a great place to hunt otak-otak Bones most delicious in Bintan.

=> Gonggong

Howl, do not tell already to bintan before tasting this one,

Really unique, Gonggong. It turns out this unique culinary kind of sea snail. If you look at his form you surely must have thought with ornaments made of the cochlea. Local people on this Kepri call Gonggong. A matter of taste? He said so delicious rating shall try. While the matter of efficacy? Ehmmm,  this cuisine so special. Because the high zinc content in Gonggong add vitality to men.

=> Coffee Hawaii

Hawaii specialty coffee Bintan, jet black sweet taste, 

Already satisfied yet, try a variety of unique culinary Bintan. But, less than perfect if not hunting his drink. If you coffe lovers, must try Hawaiian coffees in Bintan. This  black coffee has a distinctive flavor image that is hard to describe, except  you try directly. Many officials there who are connoisseurs of the legendary Hawaiian coffees. To go to Café Hawaii could slide into Jalan Pasar Bedikari. Enjoy a cup of coffee is Hawaii. You also can enjoy at Semut Item warkop.

Well, are you satisfied hunting typical culinary Bintan? If not satisfied, You can hunt more. Discover Roti Jala famous of Arab, turned out to Bintan has a famous Roti Jala delicious. There is another Lendot or Sempolet,  Tarempa Noodles, Cooking Cuttlefish Black.  

Happy Story start from You

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