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Sensation in Pulau Ketam Malaysia

Storycitra- Who can reject to get an adventure in another island which I never step my feet there. Honestly, I am so lucky I get wonderful experience while get my first step in Pulau Ketam, Klang, Malaysia. The name this island so unique actually while the first time I heard about this island, Ketam? Ketam is mean crab. So, can you imagine what will you see in the Ketam Island (Crab island) in Klang, Malaysia? Do you wonder about my experience there? What you should do while holiday there and how to go there?

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about the Crab Island. Pulau Ketam is an island located off the coast of Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. To get there island, I and You should use boat with all journey on boat you can see many mangroves. 

The view of journey to Pulau Ketam

When I am on the way to the Pulau Ketam, the boat has passed two jetty. First in Sungai Lima (Fifth River) and the second is Pulau Ketam near Hotel Sea Lion. I will not talking about Sungai Lima, but mostly about Pulau Ketam, because I just passed this part. Oops I mean, I just holiday there!


From South Port Klang, remember guys, south port Klang, o.k, because Klang has some ports and you should not get wrong port to go to Pulau Ketam. In there port has 3 services of boats, one the biggest called Alibaba boat the ticket for one way only 9 RM and return 18 and small boat around 8 RM one way. How long to reach Pulau Ketam from South Port Klang? It is no need long time, only 20 minutes. You can enjoy your time on the boat while see the view of journey with a lot of islands which contain with mangroves. So lovely if you are lucky get wonderful weather. So, blue sky and cloud will be best part of your friends during your journey.

The biggest boat to bring us to Pulau Ketam, only RM 9 one way

Best suggestion if you are first time visit Pulau Ketam, choose the biggest boat Alibaba because this boat so big with two floor. One floor with full AC in room and the second floor you can see amazing view without window will make your picture is not good because of glasses of window. No worry, if you love to get nature wind to make your hair messy and smell the fresh oxygen, the second floors is the best part to enjoy your journey to get you in Pulau Ketam. Mostly, local people said the big boat part is outdoor and indoor. So outdoor, you should in up and indoor you should in down with full AC. So whatever it called. That is not change the function of the big boat to get reach Pulau Ketam.

the view of jetty Pulau Ketam, you can see a lot of bicycles

When the boat stop and the first time I see in the Pulau Ketam port is bicycles. I think it just for tourist who want to rent during holiday in Pulau Ketam. In fact, the local people of Pulau Ketam used that bicycles as transportation on this island other than walking. So, you will never see car in that island, mostly you can see small boats. No worry, if you also want to use bicycle then walk during spend time in this island. You can rent bicycle with cheaper price to explore the village. No worry, you will never lost! Because this island not so big and all the people so friendly. I am so unlucky can not explore this island with bicycle because ssstsss this is secret, O.K! Do not tell anybody if I am afraid ride bicycle in this island because the road so small. It seem like Penyengat island, Tanjungpinang, If I compared it! But, the different is local people!

I bet you will surprise while I said this island (Pulau Ketam) mostly the local people are Chinese. Sstsss, honestly, I am so surprise either while see mostly the people in Pulau Ketam are Chinese. I think the local Malay which still traditional habit. But, all my opinion absolutely wrong! The Chinese people in this island from two clans of Teochew and Hokkien. O.K, I will not talking about this history, I just wanna make you jealous about why you should to visit this island one day when you have time to holiday.

one of the best fresh seafood in Pulau Ketam, so yummy :) emm

The sensation in Pulau Ketam of course the food, all the culinary in this island fresh. If you are fan with seafood, then this place the best to enjoy the fresh seafood menu from crab, fish, prawn, and many things you can order with friendly price. Eating fresh culinary and you also want to brings some food from this island, you can find dry fishes and many thing seafood on dry. Because same part of this island has place to make this dry. Actually, I am already sleepy and this story also to long to read. Do not wonder, I will tell you more about this island and more sensational and make you think two times you should step your feet either in this islands.

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Kakap Kelelawar Waterfall in Lamandau Kalimantan

find the meaning of life around yourself. Coz only you know it well

StoryCitra- Honestly, I never heard about this waterfall. The name so unique, Kakap Kelelawar. Do you ever hear about this waterfall, friends? I bet you are lucky then me, if you ever visit this waterfall. I just wonder why in a few months I love talk about waterfall. Maybe, I miss being trouble in nature. Getting lost and find something amazing to see and write in mind, book and also blog post, I guess hihihi.

Kelelawar is mean bat. But in this time is mean the name of place in one of Lamandau regency in Center Borneo (Kalimantan Tengah), Indonesia.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story,  Indonesia has many islands. So, this time let me introduce you new destination and it also on my list in the future to visit this place. The located in Borneo. East Borneo was my home town, especially in Balikpapan City. But this time, I won’t talk about my home town but the neighbor my home town. That was ..... Center Borneo, especially on Lamandau Regency. Honestly, even I was grow up in Borneo, but I never ever visit this place. Now, I was wonder how this Lamandau regency look like. Because, when I met Mr Frans, Head of the tourism office Lamandau Regency in Batam. He was nice person and while he introduced the tourist attraction. It was making me interest to visit that place one day.

So, lets talking about Kakap Kelelawar waterfall. Before finding Kakap Kelelawar waterfall, we should get lost on Kakap Pompinggis waterfall. Because the location passed the Kakap Pompinggis waterfall first. No worry, this waterfall also nature and nice view. The unique this located near of Kundangan residents. We should ask their permission first. Due to reach the waterfall we have to pass their house. No worry, they are nice people and mostly their jobs farmer.

one of waterfall in Lamadau you can see when you get lost here, source

We need one kilometer to see the Kakap Pompinggis Waterfall but the road so worth it to pass. Because it has a lot of rubber trees and the fresh oxygen and so peace in earth. Suddenly, we will arive on the waterfall. After having fun Kakap Pompinggis waterfall, we should continue to see the Kakap Kelelawar waterfall. Its only 25 meters. The Kakap Kelelawar waterfall the high around 6 meters. The name of waterfall Kakap Kekelawar because this position of waterfall near a big hole under big rock which this place has bat resident.

I can not tell you a lot about this information because still less information about this place. But, honestly, nature is like magic and every destination has different story and shape. It make us as traveler would love to get trap on the nature which still virgin and awesome to visit. How about you? Would you joint with me to get lost in best place on Lamandau Regency one day?


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Instagram Selfie Picture
Instagram Picture I taken by smartphone

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Trouble with Network!

problems never stop coming into our life, just be strong to keep wise and alive

Hello! How are you my friends? Hopefully, every thing is fine. Lately I seldom writing blog post here. Because the network on trouble. In this time, I live in small island and sometimes network is not work well. Trouble network make me can not work as well. It need long time to process anything. Its making me thinking about alive. Sometimes we also get trouble doing process grow up.

Did you remember your childhood? What has been you done while you were kids including teen. I bet in progress to be grew up. You did many times mistake. Its alive. You should make mistaken to learn something wrong and right. But, when its get so such trouble into live. Its making you should find way to get in the right way.

every problems always has solution. it depend on us how to act while trouble come

Life should on progress to be wise and adult. Because, you never be wise if you never learn something from experience about live you into it. Maybe, most of you love to read many books and also its good to learn something about it. Mostly people who get real experiences while best expert to find other solutions. While get trouble in the same way. The most important, they already learn and getting wise while take best decision. Another wise, the words will more confidence while talking about the reason why should like that.

one of biggest problems for me while I should talk in front of people long time ago but now, I love do this!

Trouble with network on provider really make me can not do anything. My jobs and my blogs should get away from me for a while. Because, I can not do job which I need provider to make my jobs success. In real life, It also happened for us, if trouble come into our life. We can not do anything well. Because we feel so blue, worry, angry, and many things bad around us.  It make us so difficult to get concentrate to work or do many things activities which it should be done.

So, what best step you should take when trouble come into alive? Simple way, calm down for a while, relax with the feeling because when we are not emotional, anger, we will get best solution to pass the trouble. Its different if you take decision when you are anger, bad mood, the words come out from your mouth will make them more worse. So, the most important make yourself calm down before doing decision.

calm down when problems and trouble come before taking decision about the right way

Life is hard but more hard the way we take our life to be better and wise. Because being wise is not simple like to say, HELLO everybody I am WISE. But wise is processing you learn about trouble, solution, feeling, character and also how to appreciate people around you. So, lets making trouble network become best network for the future life.

 Trouble Life
I am born in this earth
I grow up with long process
It never easy to be who I am
 Trouble always come to me

I can not run away from trouble
Never success hiding on trouble
Because trouble is easy come to me
I am expert to be runner from alive

But it never make me learn something
Because I am always hiding from problem
Then I decided to make decision fight on trouble
Suddenly here I am! I am being best to find way

No more run away and hiding from problems
Trouble never get stuck so long in my life
Because I am brave to fight with my own
Then I am success as the way I am into my life

Bintan Island, May 11 2017

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Hunting FireFly at Mangrove Bintan

Speechless While See Fireflies Bring You to Passed
find fireflies in mangrove forest at Bintan Island source pic

StoryCitra- Never say Never to holiday even just short holiday. I have been run away to Medan for a few days. I did visit some awesome places. That was so amazing to tell you. But, this time I won’t tell about my short adventure in Medan. Because, RIGHT NOW I wanna tell you another island. This island has a lot of destinations for tourism. Mostly, Indonesian people seldom know about this place. This place so awesome if you love to adventure in nature. No worry, this destination still in Indonesia. Because, I am still fall in love to shared about Wonderful Indonesia, especially destination tourism in Riau Archipelago Province.

Do You know Bintan Island? I bet most of you just know about Bali then this island. Bintan island has a lot of destination tourism if You love to adventure and explore the nature. This island is perfect to get fun here. Today, I wanna tell you story about mangrove destination tourism in special area Lagoon in Bintan Island. Because, today I just visit that place and it so awesome to share it.

Mangrove forest in Bintan Island to make you get different sensation of Pesona Indonesia, source pic

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Mangrove Night tour to “catch” firefly located at Sebong River which this tour will make you speechless while see many fireflies in mangrove trees as long as on the river. Honestly, this is my best fantastic adventure for this day. Why I said like that, as I do remember in hole my life. The last time I saw firefly when I was ten years old. That was mean its already long time ago. That is why I am speechless while see it still exist and fly free under mangrove trees. A thousand of fireflies fly away and they bring you to the pass moment.

Honestly, its (The Mangrove Discovery Night Tour) is like magical. You only can see the perfect fireflies only in the night. Its look like you discovery the jungle in the night, little scary while first time the boat take us to the jungle. But while see the little light under trees (mangrove trees) its like something awesome and magical. Perfect when you see the dark of sky with a lot of starts when you take little bit your head and moon is smiling with you. Its so damn romantic.

waiting boat to take to mangrove night tour in Bintan island

The sky so grey with little line white mix with black and a hundred starts from  up while you seat on the boat and sound boat and water of Sebong river make it froth. Its like the nature said welcome to jungle and enjoy your time to explore us. Why fireflies  night tour start around 06.30 PM? Because in that time, You can see firefly with the little light under the darkness mangrove tree.

The shape of rivers with a lot of mangrove even it in night also look amazing. With the style of river Mangrove, the captain of boat should smart and be careful while bring us to the jungle. Of course, I never lie night is making the cool night air and the silent of mangrove forests will make your imagine so damn fantastic and also horror. Because, there is also has wild animal like snakes. I will tell you about this another article one day.

enjoying night adventure mangrove to find fireflies under darkness, taken picture ruziana

But, you, yes you are! Dare yourself to visit Bintan Island, Indonesia and take this Bintan Mangrove Night Tour package while you holiday in Indonesia, especially Riau Archipelago. I bet you never say sorry and disappointed while trying to this an adventure. Its like you meet fairy.

While the boat stop near Mangrove trees, our guide in boat splash the river water to the mangrove trees and make fireflies fly away and the tiny light similar with Christmas tree with a lot of lamps light and make blinking. Because the dark sky and dark jungle make the light so bright. Mmmm, I can not prove it because my smartphone can not take the picture while an hour tour in forest. But my eyes catch everything with the world say “Awesome, cool. Its so fantastic.”

Because the twinkling lights on fireflies so fantastic. On the boat journey when we almost finish and the boat should bring back us to the jetty (pier), you can back your body and see the darkness of mangrove and compare it when you look in the sky and also front of you. If you are lucky to count  starts in the sky (hihihi) so awesome night adventure.  The best moment either when our boat went to jungle and we also see another boat which it was a local fishermen fishing or trying to catching crabs and shrimps.

I won’t to tell you the detail of Mangrove Night tour to catch the fireflies because You should try it one time! Making you get to different time in an hour, its so worth it spend money to get unique and bring you to something You never imagine it before. This time, I just tell about night an adventure. Next time I will tell you what will you get while you wanna get mangrove adventure in Bintan Island in the morning time.

Is expensive to get the sensation of mangrove night tour in Bintan Island, Indonesia? I will answer it is not so expensive. You just need spend money start around 350.000 IDR for foreign tourist and local tourists just need 250.000 IDR per person to enjoy this an adventure. So, why you are still thinking hard about this decision. Just, take a chance to explore and meet fireflies in Mangrove. Its so rare and its so awesome. Do I ever lie to you about amazing place to visit? So, enjoy your time and let’s meet the thousand of fireflies in the mangrove night at Bintan island. I bet you will love it, like I do love it so awesome and still make me remember about that moment. 

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Simple Words to Tell Your Feeling

 StoryCitra- Hello! Already a few days passed so fast. How are you? I wish you are best of luck this day. For you who always visit I hope you get best of luck into the day. I know life is never easy, even you are single, on relationship including husband-wife. Mostly, we always keep our feeling. We just say good things even we do not like what a joke of food they offer to us.

Today, I really want to shared some quotes. I guess it perhaps already publish in some of my pictures for contai of my blog on,, but no worry. It still fun to read and hoply it will make you get brave to tell the truth about your feeling.  Please, sometimes visit my babies. That blog I called my baby, because I always care of them like I do care “babies.”

Quotes The Day I give (read: made) it for You.

Why you are difficult to appear
I do try as the best I can to tell you
But I am still afraid to tell you
What I feel about US!
Its make my day blue
While I’m telling my feeling
I feel better . . . .

Note: Mostly people are hiding their feeling. Because real feeling always difficult to appear. While we are hiding the real feeling. It will make us on trouble day by day. Its making we get hurt inside and outside. Better tell the truth whatever the result come. At least it will make our blue day GONE forever.

Blue Inside
Getting sad is Bad
It make heart get BLUE inside
Make it get FUN again
During come out blue feeling inside
Its better then keep it inside

Note: Every body knows when we are getting sad that it will make our day worse. Because our feeling will make everything mess with the darkness could inside heart and mind. But when we are dare to tell the truth. It will make our day become FUN. Because hard feeling GONE forever...

Strong Feeling
What should I say
I have strong feeling about You
Should I say my feeling with you?
Because I fall in love with You!
I do keep it for long time
Now I dare myself to said it

O.K I guess only a few quotes with simple words to company your day today. Remember everything with simple way can description with simple words to explain your day. So, what is the best words to say this is your special day! 

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Smiling on Life

Hello, this is my second poem or poetry after long days I never write on here.  So here I am trying to make simple poem to write again. It is about SMILING. Maybe you think Smile is difficult to do when you are feeling broken hurt! But smiling on life will make us get new spirit to survive.

Its o.k if you think it difficult to do! Making smile while you have a lot of problems and make your heart broken become pieces. Even its so hard to do while you do it, you will get warm inside your heart. So, here the simple poem for you who try to make honest and pure smile to yourself and friends around you.


The best action to get blessing day
Show with Smile during your bad day
It show anything in this world
You are happy without a word

Even in real You have a lot of problems
During making smile you think it FAKE
You always try as the best You can do
Then it appear as a beautiful smile

Because even you get hard life
Smile always make you feel good
It make you get positive energy
During your smile on life as sign

You are not afraid anything
Life teach you difficult lesson
Making you strong enough to stand
Smiling as the show you are O.K

April, 15th 2017

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