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India Menu in Bali The Queen's Restaurant just know masala tea as India culinary. I also know about this kind of tea while I was holiday in Malaysia. The taste of this tea so unique and different if I compare with other style of tea. Talking about India culinary, I am still remember as well, when I am eating in one of old restaurant in Bali which this restaurant serve for India food.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about eating India culinary in Queens Restaurant in Bali. I bet you will love to try this restaurant which located in Kuta area. Because the food is fresh. Its mean cook by order and all the texture is delicios with nice style design of restaurant in Bali. Little bit information about The Queen’s Bali restaurant story began at the end of 2004 when the first branch opened in Bali, but the story actually goes back a lot further than that to Jakarta in 1986 when Mr Ramesh and Mrs Sarita created Queen’s of India, Jakarta. Mr Ramesh had come to Jakarta from the Province of Sindh in the late 1940s during the partition of India.

So this restaurant so exist since long time ago with the menu always up to date with good herb from India. So that the taste of this food really delicious and healthy to try. The first time when I am trying to eat this restaurant around 08.00 pm Bali times. This restaurant is full and I should wait around two hours to get in this restaurant. I guess its so long time to wait the table available. So I said to my friends to try this restaurant for the next time. Now, here I am. I wanna try some food on this restaurant.

Before getting the table available, I should wait for a while on the bar. Until one of customer finish to enjoy the meal. So, I am waiting it with patient. Its around 15 minutes to wait before the waiters call us to moving on available table. I am opening the book menu and see some of tempating menu to try.

We order some menu such as

Chicken Tandoori

When I look the chicken on the table after waiter put on table, the smell is making my belly so hungry. I looked it with the temptation to eat them all. The shape is looking so shine event get some black because this chicken in grilled. This chicken actually marinated over night in yogurt and some spices before grilled. This chicken cooked with grilled and they give name on the menu of Chicken Tandoori because this steeped in a marindade of aromatic spices, grilled on glowing embers imparting smoky flavor. Even this chicken in grilled but the texture was soft and good in mouth. This menu  (chicken tandoori) serves with vegetables include fresh lemon. So, do you want to try too this food. Absolutely you will not feel disappointed because the cooking spices chicken is good in the meat of chicken. Perfecto friends.

Garlic/Butter Tandoori Bread
As a name, I bet you already know this is such as bread. That is true. Because Tandoori bread has many variants in this restaurant (Queen’s in Kuta Bali) so I am trying the butter and garlic. Honestly, this simply like prata but the different is this bread made by grilled in tandoor style. The unique the shape is not around or circle in the Queen's restaurant but triangle or pizza slide and contain around 3 slides. How about texture of this bread? The texture soft and a little oil because we order tandoori  with butter and garlic. So mostly butter make the tandoori bread look like oil. Even look shine but the texture and taste when you eat in your mouth will find the yummy without to much oil inside mouth. 


Another bread India again. This call Bhatura. The bread shape is around with the style of fried. Even in fried with oil but this Bhatura bread is not to much oil in bread. When I touch it, my hand is not to much oil. So, I like it. I have bad experience with fried food which to much oil. I can not eat fried food if to much oil inside food. So, this bhatura I can say almost perfect the shape, taste and love it so much.

 Chane Bread

Normally, you already know chane bread. Its not only in India but also many asia country has chane bread including Indonesia, specially Malay and Aceh. Chane bread in India style serve wirh curry.  Talking about curry in Queen’s Restaurant Kuta Bali so the texture of this curry so delicious. I guess this curry is chicken curry with cooking spices (flavor) so perfect and it is not to thick to India curry. So, what can I say I love it and I eat all them in my belly. Wow, really I am getting fatty during my holiday.

Matka Biryani

Biryani rice! Most people from Arab, India, and some country would love biryani rice. So, here I am trying biryani rice in Queen’s Restaurant Kuta Bali. What do you think when I am trying this biryani rice which cooked as the stye of Matka Biryani? I can say that is so yummy and unique cooking spice including some vegetables and make this biryani rice perfect to eat with chicken tandoori. So, let’s order this to get full belly guys.

Gulab Jamun
This is dessert and the taste is sweet but its not to sweeter like other menu in different restaurant. I like it with the good syrup while Gulab Jamun serves. As I know, India country always love to eat sweet food as sweetness food. So, I can say this dessert should be try and find sensation sweet in mouth without feel so sweet like India dessert menu.

That is much food to try in Queen’s restaurant right! But in this Queen’s Restaurant Kuta Bali still has a lot of food menu you can try to eat. Its just based on my experience while eating in Queen’s Restaurant when I am holiday in Bali. What do you think? Of course I would love to visit this restaurant again while I am back to Bali  one day. Because delicious food always stay in my memory because my belly love it. This Queen's Restaurant located in Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban Kuta-Bali, Indonesia.

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Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt Drink Delicious

StoryCitra-I can not forget the perfect chocolate drink in my mouth. Because I am lover of chocolate. Anything chocolate I can not rejected even my body is getting a little extra weight then before. Chocolate is something magic which I can not rejected. The first time I am trying to drink coco milk from Malaysia. I fall in love. Even this milk actually for kids. But, how I can rejected the chocolate hot milk aroma which its like call me to drinking.

Citra wants to tell you story about  how I feel the taste of chocolate milk. I can not like this is chocolate milk of Ah Huat Coco is almost perfect in my mouth. The smell hot  chocolate is so tempating to get drink faster. The powder chocolate for one sachet 31 gram so perfect for one hot chocolate drink.

The most I love it this chocolate drink because one of sachet Ah Huat coco including prebiotic, DhA and calcium. Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt is fortified with Prebiotic,which helps in having a healthy gut for effective food digestion and efficient nutrients absorption. So, this is no secret anymore prebiotic acts as food for good bacteria and encourages the probiotic in the gut to grow and thrive. The contains od DHA and Calcium that enhances kids intellectual development while promoting stronger bones. The combination of these three elements will enhance kids everyday learning and growth in the long run. Most important the taste is so good.

Sugar, non-dairycreamer (glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sodium caseinate (milk protein), stabilizer, emulsifier, anticaking agent, cocoa, malt extract (contain barley), skimmed milk powder, calcium, DHA, EPA and anticaking agent.

How to Prepare or cook
First put water inside of  water heater such as 200 ml. After boiling water. Then put a sachet ah huang choco inside of a cup of glass. After that, put the hot water around 150 ml in the glass and serve it.

Simply right and kids will love it. So, Its simple way to give kids milk which they can not rejected to drink. Even chocolate milk but it contain what kids need into body to grow up. So, what do you think guys? Do you ever try to drink this chocolate milk? I do and I want it more and more. Because who can rejected the taste of hot chocolate.

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Bioderma Protect My Skin from Sun Light light is sun shine very important to earth. But it also danger for skin if to long under sun shine without protect skin. Many products sunblock offer with good promise to protect skin from burn. Most sunblock products do not work optimally if I used in the beach. My skin still get burn and very dark then usually.

My friend introduce me the Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 100. So I am trying to use this when two weeks holiday in Bali and Lombok. Do you want to know how its sunblock protect my skin from sun light and my skin is not so dark after walking in the beach or sun bath in the beach for long time. This product actually work for my brown skin. I can say I love this product as the way this lotion protect my skin from sun shine.

Citra wants to tell you story about bioderma which can protect your skin from sun burn. If you love to do out door activity.

Product Description:
Bioderma sunblock 100 SPF is maximum sun protection for the face. Which it can use by senstive skin or intolerant of any kind of sun exposure. So this product can use while you are during to go to mountain, beach, tropics to protect skin from sun light.

Aqua/water/eau, dicaprylyl carbonate, methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethylbutylphenol, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, ethylhexyl triazone, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor, c20-22 alkyl phosphate, cyclopentasiloxane, ptfe, c20-22 alcohols, tocopheryl acetate, ectoin, mannitol, xylitol, rhamnose, fructooligosaccharides, laminaria ochroleuca extract, decyl glucoside, cyclohexasiloxane, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, propylene glycol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, disodium edta, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin. [bi 487]

Biological mode of action
In addition to its surface UVA/UVB protective activity (filtering systems), Photoderm MAX offers real internal biological protection: Cellular Bioprotection™.  This exclusive patent preserves and stimulates the skin's defences (immunity) during sun exposure.

Instructions for use
Several times a day - When exposed to the sun. Apply evenly and liberally before exposure (a smaller amount of product reduces the level of photoprotection). Re-apply frequently, before and after swimming, rubbing and playing sports.

Tube 40 ml.
Price: -

Product Benefit
Guarantees optimum UVA/UVB protection against the harmful effects of the sun (sunburn, sun intolerance, etc). Activates the skin's natural defences, protects from risks of cellular damage and combats premature cutaneous ageing:  Cellular Bioprotection™ biological patent. Smooth fluid texture, colourless upon application, no greasy effect, no white traces. Excellent tolerance
Product + : 99.8 %* DNA protection thanks to the Cellular Bioprotection™ patent

Note: Study of the protective effect of Cellular Bioprotection™ combined with filters on DNA after UVA irradiation (LBME / De Méo) - 2004.

SO what can I say this product so absolutely fantastic to used. I love it and I wish this product exist in my country because this is high SPF and safety in used and bring in bag to reapply anytime it need it to re-apply to protect skin from sun light.

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Fun and Relax Time in Sudamala

StoryCitra-Being holiday is something amazing and wonderful. If you know how to spend a lot of time to get lost in paradise in earth. Sometimes, I do not understand about the meaning of holiday. I think holiday it something I should go to some beautiful places in a day and it make me lost the meaning of fun and relax. Because go to some places to get awesome pictures is so tired.

Today, Citra wants to tell you a story about holiday as luxury holiday. It happened to me when I take opportunity to get lost in paradise and being “princess” I just do relax and fun with the best quality places. I stay in Sudamala Villa and Resort in Senggigi area, Lombok, Indonesia. This place I can tell you almost perfect with all facility, workers and also the location.

I do not need rush or go to somewhere to get beautiful sunset. I can seat in the beach of hotel and then the sunset light will appear and make my day so perfect while enjoying my meal or drink in this bar. That is lovely day I ever get it. I am not feel so tired to go to some places and mostly long time in the road and only spend a little time to enjoy the view. In Sudamala, I can get anything I want. Wonderful beach view, sunset, perfect food in the morning time (breakfast) and also nice design swimming pool. The clean towel cart which already guess can use it anytime want to enjoy pool or lay down in seat beach to hear sound of waves and sea or enjoy the people surfing around on the beach.

The price rooms in Sudama Suites and Villas Senggigi Lombok, Indonesia around USD 311 nett depend on rooms you choose. The price based on the sudama website. This Sudama Suites and Villas has 4 design rooms you can choose.

That is Lingsar Garden View Suite
Located by the resort’s lush gardens.  I like the view of garden, when I passed the garden in this hotel. Simple and nice with a lot of green. So absolutely feel nature.  They offer two style of this room is   lower level suites or a balcony on each of the upper level suites and filled with a range of luxury comforts. Price 311 USD per night.  

Narmada Ocean View Suite
On the website said about this room is unwind and enjoy the breathtaking view of Lombok Strait from our Narmada Suites. Inspired by the great summer palace of the ruling Balinese kings of Karangasem built in 1727, expect luxury fit for a king or queen and revel in spacious touches like a private patio or balcony overlooking the ocean. Custom hand-made furniture and curated artworks grace Suites that glow with quality and attention to detail, while the upper level Suites and filled with a range of luxury comforts and amenities.

This also has different between upstairs and down level. When I stay in this hotel, I got in the upstairs with nice balcony which the view of ocean. I love to seat in the balcony in morning time and see the sea from it while working hihihi. But sometimes in the night a little scary, because the wind will make you awake and get sensation imagination to make mystery story for kids lol. Come on, this is lovely room to stay and relax. I love it so much. The price per night around USD 332 nett

Narmada Sunset View Suite

I also stay in here. This is the best of choice I do for stay in this room. Do you want to know the reason why I love this room. Because this room really I can see the ocean from my room without open the door. Sometimes sun can be really annoying if you do not like hot weather. So, stay in room with good air condition and you still can see the ocean from room and hear the waves. It is like dream house hahaha. Each Sunset View Narmada Suite has a private patio or balcony overlooking the ocean, not to mention an exclusive and private sunken bath and outdoor shower. Each of these stunning Suites exemplifies the exquisite level of attention to detail and tropical modern luxury suffused with the handiwork of the very best local artisans and craftspeople that has become the hallmark of Sudamala Resorts. The price around USD 360 nett.

Suranadi Private Pool Villa
The Sanskrit word ‘Suranadi’ literally translates as ‘river of the Gods’. These exquisite villas have their own private swimming pool, an expansive courtyard and traditional open-air pavilion, or berugak. The poolside courtyards feature whimsical touches like carved stone breezeways and fretworks inspired by local fauna, exquisite finishing and the highest quality materials at every turn, and spaces that represent the pinnacle of tropical modern indoor-outdoor living. The most spacious and luxurious of all the Suranadi villas is the Anjani Villa, an ideal setting for newlyweds or those looking for a something a little extra special. The price around USD 450 nett.

Besides nice choice room, this Sudamala Suit and Villas in Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia also has nice facility as swimming pool, restaurants, beach seats, and the most is friendly workers who already help you anytime. The service in this hotel I can say 98 percent perfects. I also make review on tripadvisor.  I also love the breakfast menu and this hotel is so different then other hotels because breakfast in not buffet but we should order menu in the breakfast menu. But what can I say, that is so unique and fantastic. I can say I love it so much. Do you want to get nice price to holiday in Lombok, especially this hotel. Find it on here

Hi . . . . I am Citra and I offer review products  for example food, hotel, and beauty products. You can contact me on my email here with the subject SC for (Story Citra). Feel free to contact or just asking nor discuss. It will be great to cooperate with you. I also sell postcard, quotes, poetry/poem, and short story if you want to order for gift to give to special people in your life. Donate also accepted to build story citra dream.

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Wisata Edukasi Desa Budaya di Samarinda

Storycitra-Samarinda merupakan Ibu Kota dari Provinsi Kalimantan Timur, yang sekaligus juga merupakan kota terpadat di Pulau Kalimantan. Jika dibandingkan dengan kota-kota lain di Indonesia, aset pariwisata di Samarinda memang tidak banyak dikenal. Namun, kota ini sebenarnya juga memiliki segudang tempat wisata yang menarik untuk dijelajahi. Terkenal dengan Suku Dayaknya, Samarinda punya satu tempat yang wajib kamu kunjungi jika ingin menikmati wisata edukasi dan budaya di kota ini. Tempat itu adalah Desa Budaya Pampang.

Aset Unggulan Wisata Samarinda
Tidak salah memang jika Desa Budaya Pampang dinobatkan sebagai salah satu aset pariwisata unggulan Kota Samarinda. Pasalnya, keberadaan desa ini tebukti berhasil menyedot para wisatawan lokal serta mancanegara, terlebih bagi mereka yang menyukai wisata budaya dan ingin mengenal lebih jauh mengenai kebudayaan Suku Dayak.

(sumber :

Lokasi Desa Budaya Pampang sendiri berada di Desa Pampang, Kecamatan Samarinda Utara, Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur. Untuk mencapainya, Anda harus menempuh perjalanan darat sejauh 23 kilometer dari pusat Kota Samarinda melalui jalan poros Samarinda – Bontang. Letak Desa Pampang berada di sebelah kiri jalan poros sebelum Bandara Sungai Baru. Dari pintu masuk menuju kawasan wisata Desa Pampang, Anda masih harus menempuh jarak sekitar 1 kilometer untuk menuju lokasi.

Tarian Adat Suku Dayak dan Rumah Tradisional Lamin Adat Pamung Tawai.
Setiap pekan, masyarakat lokal yang tinggal di Desa Pampang ini secara rutin selalu menggelar pertunjukan tarian adat Suku Dayak. Jika Anda terarik untuk menyaksikannya, Anda bisa datang di hari Minggu atau satu hari sebelumnya, karena pertunjukan tari akan digelar pada hari Minggu mulai dari pukul 14.00 sampai 15.00 WITA.

Pertunjukan tari tersebut digelar di dalam rumah adat Suku Dayak yang disebut Rumah Lamin Adat Pamung Tawai. Rumah tersebut terbuat dari kayu ulin dan dihiasi dengan ukiran Dayak yang berwarna hitam, putih, atau kuning di hampir semua bagian dinding hingga tiang penyangganya. Bahkan di bagian atapnya yang terbuat dari kayu Sirap, Anda juga akan menemukan ukiran kokoh di tengah atap serta sudut-sudutnya.

Keragaman Tarian Suku Dayak di Desa Budaya Pampang
Budaya Suku Dayang di Desa Pampang ini memang didominasi oleh tari-tarian adat. Tercatat, ada beberapa tarian yang selalu ditampilkan untuk para wisatawan di desa ini setiap minggunya. Mulai dari Tari Bangen Tawai, Kanjet Ayam Tali, Hudoq, Ajay Pilling, Kancet Lasan, Kancet Punan Lettu, Nyamala Sakai, dan masih banyak lagi lainnya. Uniknya, sebelum salah satu tarian tersebut dimulai, pembawa acara akan menjelaskan terlebih dahulu makna dari tarian yang akan ditampilkan. Contohnya Tari Kanjet Ayam Tali. Tari ini menggambarkan perbedaan suku, budaya, bahasa, serta bangsa, namun semuanya tetap satu.

Untuk menyaksikan pertunjukan tarian tersebut, Anda akan dikenakan biaya Rp15.000,00 per orang. Setelah menikmati pertunjukan tari, Anda juga bisa berfoto dengan penduduk setempat menggunakan baju adat Suku Dayak. Bagaimana? Menarik, bukan? Jika Anda tertarik untuk berkunjung ke Desa Budaya Pampang, Anda juga tidak perlu khawatir soal penginapan, karena Ada banyak hotel murah di Samarinda yangbisa dengan mudah Anda temukan, termasuk di antaranya hotel-hotel yang tergabung dalam jaringan Airy Rooms.

Airy Rooms merupakan jaringan hotel terbesar di Indonesia dengan jumlah properti terbanyak. Meski tarif yang ditawarkan terjangkau, fasilitas yang disediakan hotel Airy ini bisa dibilang cukup lengkap. Di setiap kamar hotelnya, Anda akan mendapatkan fasilitas tempat tidur yang bersih, TV layar datar, AC, pancuran air hangat lengkap dengan peralatan mandinya, air minum, serta akses Wi-Fi gratis.

Selain itu, pemesanan kamar hotelnya pun praktis dan mudah. Anda hanya perlu melakukan pemesanan secara online malalui website atau aplikasi Airy Rooms yang ada di Android atau IOS. Setelah pemesanan berhasil, Anda bisa membayarnya melalui kartu kredit atau transfer.

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Friendships Never End

StoryCitra-When You fall in love, You forget about your friend. Your world evolves around You and your lover. Someone who fills your world with love, than turns around and breaks your heart, filling your world with grey skies and sadness. You do not know what to do when your heart is broken.  You seem alone and hate yourself because your lover decieved you.

Its normal when you fall in love. You think your lover will fill your life full of love. Maybe its true for short time life but when you are not into relationship between your lover. But, You should remember friendship is very important too. Because when your world turns upside down. You still have friends who support you and make you better for who you are. Before today, I've never written poetry, but today, I've created a poem to describe the importance of friendship.

Friendship Never Ends
You think you have no one in life
Forgetting friends that wait for you
not realizing your friends still care
 in the darkness they'll lead you through

True friends always understand you
Because friends are like family around you
They get mad when you don't care
They know how important it is to share

Sometimes ignoring your friendships
Your eyes only turn to one
You forget  them because one is enough
Focusing on your love, to get through the rough

When you think its perfect
reality check, it becomes so real
In your heart this empty hole
Feeling the pain, inside your soul

Life so hopeless without your friends
Afraid to contact them, before amends
They were there to support you in your time of need
It's friendship that grows since you first plant the seed
Your love, you thought, forever would last
But realize now that is past
The friends you've had all this time
Return to you now, on a chime

Note: Your friends may be upset with you for a period of time, short or long, but will never want to leave you. Even though, decisions around the love of your life,  cause you to make mistakes in your friendships.  Tell them in honesty about your mistakes and ask for forgiveness.  Being blinded by your focus on the one you love, forgetting all others.  After all is said and done, it's your family and friends who are number one.

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Fresh Food in Style Turkey at Alturkia

StoryCitra-Life is beautiful with all of different variant including food. The best time when You are going holiday besides enjoy your adventure and see beautiful views. The food is including part of an adventure while holiday. When I am going holiday in Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia. I decided to try food with Turkey style.

Today, Citra wants to tell You story about the best place to enjoy Turkey food in Mataram, Lombok island, Indonesia. The name place is Alturkia. Located in Jalan Airlangga No 25D Mataram. I know this place because when I am in taxi (blue bird taxi) the driver recommend this place for culinary in style Turkey. So here I am. I go to that place to try some food there. This is my experience when eating in Altrukia.

The restaurant of Alturkia is not big. They offer VIP room and normally place to eat in this restaurant. VIP Room in the second floors if You are prepare to VIP room, they will charge you 10 percent of the room and service of course. So, I prepare in normally place to eat. So that is in down stair. The welcome worker in the door of restaurant are nice. She give us the menu to look what they have in this restaurant (Alturkia).

Khubuz / Khubz
Khubz is mean bread. Arabian bread. This bread, khubz is traditionally baked in a tannuur, and it has six recipes for khubz made in this way  different country. In Arab countries, also in Turkey and Lebanon, khubz is produced as a round flatbread, some 25 cm (10 inch) in diameter. It is slightly leavened. Since it does not contain any added fat, it dries rapidly and is best eaten while still warm from the oven. It has a somewhat tough chewy texture.

So, simply this bread only make with wheat flour or all purpose flour and khubz is usually baked in hot oven or a flat non-stick pan. So this restaurant know how to make Khubz. I like the texture and also the taste so thin. I eat this bread with soup. But, when you are order its only for two khubz in plate. How much the price? Its around 17.000 IDR or 1.20 USD per plate with contain 2 bread of hot Khubz.


Salata is mean fresh foods and this already healthy lifestyle for the people who know the important healthy food to eat. So, I bet You are wonder what kind of Salata stye in Alturkia Restaurant. I will tell you this salata serving fresh vegetables served with lemon juice and olives. The contain of vegetables here only slices tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce with the lemon juice and little olive oil. So, when I eat this salata I can not taste the lemon juice so I decided to ask more olive oil. So the taste of salata will get yummy. So far so good because all fresh vegetables with good slices and comfortable to eat that.

Original Canai

This is not my favorite order in the Alturkia restaurant, so far the texture is good but to much oil while cooking the canai. This menu of Canai serve with soup. But the soup to much oil and without taste with the color of yellow. So it is not my favorite at all. I hope the chef will make this original canai menu become awesome. One day if I come to this restaurant again. Because of the texture of canai I do like it. Maybe, some readers here do not know what is mean of Canai. Canai bread is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread found in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore.  Price 21.000 IDR or 1.90 USD

Shish Thoua Kebuli

This menu is completed with rice, chicken, chili and also pickles Arabian style. Let’s talking about this menu of typical Arab rice special with the original spices Alturkia style. This rice of Shish Thouq Kebuli served with chicken fillet special. It also pickles Arabic style of Alturkia, chili Alturkia style and raisin sprinkles. The taste of this rice so yummy. I like the combination of cooking spices or flavors. The color of rice so tempting to eat. The chicken fillet also fresh from good chest. The chicken texture so soft not so hard. The color is not to brown. I love it so much. Its perfect eat with pickles arabic which fresh and nice. The price is around 64.000 IDR or 4.70 USD.

Dejaj Meswie

Honestly, I like this Dejaj Meswie in Alturkia Restaurant. This menu is contain of roasted chicken fillet with special Arabic spice herbs and a hummus spread with carrot stir, onion, beans and corn. Served with potato wedges, turkey and khubuz. The chicken texture so awesome soft but lovely to eat. The vegetables also fresh. This meal awesome to choose for dinner.

Avocado Juice
The juice is from the fresh fruit and I ask for less sugar. So far so good.

No worry, that is just some experience while eating in Alturkia Restaurant. This restaurant offer many menus You can choose as your lunch and dinner. So, lets making your adventure more perfect while You make culinary as your list in your style of adventure.

Hi . . . . I am Citra and I offer review products as for example food, hotel, and beauty products. You can contact me on my email here with the subject SC for (Story Citra). Feel free to contact or just asking nor discuss. It will be great to cooperate with you. I also sell postcard, quotes, poetry/poem, and short story if you want to order for gift to give to special people in your life. Donate also accepted to build story citra dream.

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