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StoryCitra-Sometimes I miss the moment become journalist but I can not lie being a Blogger also so blessing. Its like something half my soul still exist in my mind and body. I was feeling so happy when I get invation to attend in event BLR (Bintan Lagoon Resort) Iftar for movers and snakers of Bintan.

Its almost open fasting while I arrived there (Bintan Lagoon Resort) in Bintan island, Indonesia. Nearly 100 guests graced to the Iftar or breaking of fast. This event held during the Ramadan month in Bintan Lagoon Resort. The moslem music is playing while I came insidise. Some bloggers from Singapore already seat and hearing the music while talking. The  religious music performed by Grup Marawis Modern Pasir Putih and a prayer by Ustadz Nurfadli.

Hosted by Vice President Director, Mr Moe Ibrahim, the Iftar event drew island government leaders, divisional heads and leaders of the business community. This event held at Resort’s breezy beach side restaurant Nelayan, the evening showcased a lavish spread of mouthwatering specialities from various Indonesian provinces, Malaysia and India under the culinary supervision of Executive Chef Suhairi.

Moe Ibrahim said thanked guests for their support and added “ The potential of Bintan is enormous. One day the world will wake up and realize there is a paradise right next door to Singapore. 

“I am impatient and I want this day to come NOW! I’m excited because all of the people who can make this happen are here tonight. We have a lot of work to do, and I look forward to doing my part and working closely with you all this year. I hope you share my BIG DREAM with me. God bless you all and Happy Ramadan!” Moe Ibrahim talked in speech.

After speeching, we heard a little sermon from Ustadz Nurfadli. Mostly, they open with little snack before going to mosque to pray. The bus is already waiting in front of Nelayan restaurant to bring them to mosque. Its not to long, after praying, they back to restaurant to enjoy the meals which already serves in some of spots food.

Wonder about what food already serves, I do go around and see and mostly so yummy. Because, it still concept food as a various Indonesian provinces, Malaysia and India. Mostly all so yummy and temptation to eat all of them if you can eat all meals, desert which so delicious.

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Note: some picture without watermark collection of BLR

Enjoy Time in Hidden Paradise Bintan Lagoon Resort

StoryCitra-Get lost in paradise in earth? Who can rejected! Even the sky still dark when I should wait friends to go together in Bintan Lagoon Resort, one of the Luxury Resorts in Bintan Island, Indonesia. I am waiting them while seeing the sky step by step the darkness get disappear by wind. Suddenly, a car stop in front of me. I open the door and see my friends, Ruziana and Soleh. The journey need around one hour from Tanjungpinang to Lagoi.



The road is not so bad because its new road. Long time ago we need more than one half hours to get rise Lagoi but now everything is so easy, including the road to Lagoi. Lagoi is special places, many luxury hotels and resorts there. So, when I get invitation to attend there, I can not rejected. Even, I just back from Malaysia. We arrive in Bintan Lagoon Resort around  05.30 pm. One of staff Bintan Lagoon Resort is already waiting us on lobby. After meet him, Mr Ikhwan. He brings us to Nelayan Restaurant. We come and meet some people who work in Bintan Lagoon Resort, they are friendly people. Ah, in that time either, we meet Singapore Bloggers.

 Time so fast, it almost open fasting for muslim religion people. Before it, The President Director, Bintan Lagoon Resort, Moe Ibrahim said some words about appreciate open fasting in Nelayan Resort and about the resort paradise in next Singapore. Yups, I am agree with his speech about this is paradise.

When I am looking around because waiting some friends finish praying in mosque. Before enjoying dinner in Nelayan Resort. Nelayan Resort so close to the beach with the wonderful view of course. Its look so romantic to dinner here in the night. Its perfect when Looking the orange light of sun in the beach.

Time is really fast when you enjoy time in the beach. The sky is getting dark and then time to explore the foods in Nelayan Resort. I love the desert of course. But, I also love the live cooking food for BBQ and also martabak in the out door restaurant. Its so nice and look so awesome for me. What should I say about the food? 

All is so delicious. I love it, the chicken BBQ, Satay with the bean sauce so yummy including food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf or coconut leaf. Indonesia said lontong or ketupat. Its match couple to eat all of them inside your yummy.

I also love this martabak which Mr Sheikh Ghulam Muhammad, Chef de Cuisine present how to cook martabak. I did make the video, I will post it as soon as possible because it need little editing. Dinner in Nelayan Restaurant at Bintan Lagoon Resort is fantastic with all of the menu and also design interior which so match in the night.  I am eating a lot in that time because everything so nice to try.

After eating what is the most fantastic activity? Sleeping? That is true to fill the energy before explore this place in the morning time. Our room, because I shared with a friend, in the 5th floors with the twin standard room. Its so nice place to sleep. I will show you later about the room I sleep tonight.  

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Let’s Cooking Simple Noodles

Long time ago, I still remember the worse experience when I was teen. I was so damn hungry and my lunch box get “stolen” with my friend (boy always so annoying since they were teen). I went to canteen in my school but none of food sell. All finished already. I was so starving. I felt something unfriendly inside my belly. I felt so damn weakness, suddenly one of my teacher (still relative with papa) looked at me with the face wonder what happened with me. I told her I was so damn hungry and I was a little lie I forgot bring my lunch box. Then, she asked me to make something to eat in her kitchen at home. Her house so close in my school. Because I was so damn hungry and no way to eat, I said Yes, that was sound good an idea.

When I was in her kitchen, I looked some of noodles pieces in table. I guess  eat fried noodles was good but the noodles did not package for fried noodles. All about boil noodles.... Then, I was trying to cook it with the direction ways noodles boil but decided to make it fried noodles with a lot of soy sauce and chilly. Then, when the time to fried the noodles. I made something wrong! I used a lot of oil and can you imagine how the taste of noodles? True! That was so weird. My starving belly suddenly feel so damn full. In the silent I throw away the weird noodles and back to class. After this accident, I could not eat fried noodles if the noodles when it inside my mouth I get feel an oil. I could not eat them all till right now. That was horrible experience when teen.

How about this time? I am still same! I am not expert in kitchen but I am not so innocent either while in kitchen. So here I am, when I am in Malaysia, I find something yummy noodles with the duck flavor. My mommy said that's noodles is not nice but I find the different think. While i am trying to eat that, I feel.... I love it and I want to shared my experience when I am eating eh cooking this noodles and it all them in my tiny belly hehehe...

The noodle ingredients are wheat flour, tapioca flour, vegetable oil (palm ail contain permitted antloxidant E321), salt, contains stabillsers as permitted food conditioner. Soup base: salt, sugar, spices, contains monosodium Glutamate, disidum 5' guantlate, and discodium 5' inosinate as permitted flavour, enhancers, contains permitted flavouring substances (etc) you can find in the back package (warp).

How I make this yummy noodles. Do you wonder my friends? Let’s begun to see how I make this noodle with simple as the way I am. I am a lazy woman who do not like get trouble in the kitchen. The first for simple way, buy the noodles, find something fresh and nice inside refridgerator (icebox). I find sausage and  eggs. O.K. I will cook them between the noodle.

 Ingredients: one warp of noodles especially Mamee Perisa Itik (Duck Flavour), water, an egg, 4 sausages, fried onions (it already cooked just need to put it up noodles), and chili sauce, a little soy sauce if you love it.

How to Prepare or cook

First put water inside of pan. Boil the water. When already boil, put an egg and lets it cook for an minute. After an egg almost cook put sausages, let it boil around an minute. After it place the Mamee instant noodles in  boiling water, cook for 2 minutes or more. If you think it already, you can add encloses soup base and stir slightly.

 The most part I love, put it in bowl, then give it fried onions which already cooked, chili sauce and little bit soya sauce. Then the noodles already and let’s eat them all!

Note: I love this noodles the shape is not so big and soft. How much this noodles? Its only around RM4 and you get 5 packages noodles. Cheaper and yummy right. I wish you love my first time post about food. Because I am not food blogger but I love to eat either even I am not good in the kitchen. Enjoy your food.

Hi. . . . I offer review product as for example food, You can contact me on my email here with the subject SC for (Story Citra) because I have some of blogs as, and Mostly in my mother language but in this blog specially in English. Because some of friends always complain they do not understand my other blog which I make in Indonesia language. Feel free to contact or just asking nor discus. I will let you know if I love to offer your cooperation.


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Quotes of June 2017

 Nothing can stop TIME. Time always works and never stop even just a second. So never to think to stop time! Talking about how to stop time, I ever watched movies about it and the result always same “You can not back the pass and You can not control the time.” So just lets time work as the way a clock always circle to change hour to hour. So what should we do? We just enjoy every time comes to us. We still lucky can see and look what is time right now.

No wonder about pass or future if you do what ever you love to do in alive. Alive as normally do work, fun, work and fun, career, family and holiday. That is circle of our life. But, if your life is not balance then you hope your time can get to the pass and wonder about how is look your future. Because you never know and always wonder and then time goes so fast then you realize.

So here I am and try to remind every time pass gone and leave me best and bad memories to remind it. Its alive, sometimes we should take it without guaranteed it will be good or bad in the future. At least we keep do the best and never stop to make life balance. So our life will be best ever in our opinion nor in your neighbor. Talking about life, I am trying to make my own quotes this day. I wish this will make me keep spirit to waiting July. That month so damn make me scare as well as I am born in the first date on July hahaha.... That is mean I am really afraid getting OLD. Because, I wanna young forever, I wish, I could. But I know it just dream and I am dreamer still dreaming it every years.

Never Give Up
You can see the world with beautiful view
But you just see something already pretty one
You never see the progress how it become wonderful
Its all need process to make it pretty with work hard
Never give up always the key to be success in alive
Let’s making life success step by step without word
I am give up to be someone I figure it out!

Success in Our Hands
Everybody wants to be success in alive
Many ways to be success as you do
Some people choose to be short way to success
But that is never immortal with the short cut success
If you do your progress being success step by step

Then the result will be long time you can enjoy it
Because every choice will be in our hands
Want to fast  success with many ways to make it easy
Then you got it but its not for long time to enjoy it
Everything will give feed back to us and remember that!

Best of Luck
Someone has wish to be lucky in alive
But it just words to make it luck
Never do to get luck with his own hands
Then it just dream in afternoon dreaming

I wish you enjoy my simple quotes this month and I know that so long words to make quotes. I also do not know, how come it become so longer then usually. Maybe I am in good mood to write something awesome! Hahaha. Happy day my friends. All the best for us in this month. Remember, everything we do it will give feed back to us fast or least in the end. 

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Hi the end of May! How are you my friends. It feel so long time I never write a poem again. So, here I am with the missing words. Words can make best sentences become wonderful poem.  Sometimes, when I am making poem, its really difficult to me. Depend on my feeling because i am not part of art. I am just a human with the typo and I am not perfect person to make amazing words to all of you.

Honestly, this month I  am disappear with my feeling. That's why the end of May the poem little bit weird hihihi..... because all depend on what I feel right now. Actually on diary-citra, my second blog I always make poems without mix with what I feel but lately, I seldom make poem, because I am into “trouble” schedule and all need fast to finish it.



I feel I want to disappear
But I do not know where I should go
A lot of blue feeling come into my life
I hate become sadness person in day life

I really wanna disappear to make me strong
Actually disappear never give me the power of strong
That’s making me more weakness about wonder life
A wonder feeling about You still think about me?

Why you should come into my life and make my days blue
You always has a hundred reasons to excuse your attitude
But you never think about my life and my days  . . . .
I really want to disappear because you mess my days

Honestly, when I disappear I do not feel happy!
Where ever I am hiding, I never find peace
Inside my heart still like bomb and never stop
Finally I decided l will never disappear again

I will fight about bad days in my life including you
Try to find pieces of my behave before knowing you
Do as the best about my life even heart so damn sick
But I never disappear anymore because its not good way

Trying to find my day and my life again would be fun
Never think about disappear and bad life come to me
Its not easy to do but easy to say actually every body know it
But life must go on and disappear is not away to pass bad day

Its o.k if you wanna make your day bright! But disappear is not the answer about life! Disappear only for people who have not brave to see the world in other side. Because life is not always about YOU! Life is more biggest then you! If you open your eyes and mind! Life so wonderful with all mess come to us. Its like puzzle and we need times to finish piece of messy puzzle become perfect picture on the future.

Happy weekend friends. See the world with other window, not only your angel window.


Happy Story start from You

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Sensation in Pulau Ketam Malaysia

Storycitra- Who can reject to get an adventure in another island which I never step my feet there. Honestly, I am so lucky I get wonderful experience while get my first step in Pulau Ketam, Klang, Malaysia. The name this island so unique actually while the first time I heard about this island, Ketam? Ketam is mean crab. So, can you imagine what will you see in the Ketam Island (Crab island) in Klang, Malaysia? Do you wonder about my experience there? What you should do while holiday there and how to go there?

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about the Crab Island. Pulau Ketam is an island located off the coast of Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. To get there island, I and You should use boat with all journey on boat you can see many mangroves. 

The view of journey to Pulau Ketam

When I am on the way to the Pulau Ketam, the boat has passed two jetty. First in Sungai Lima (Fifth River) and the second is Pulau Ketam near Hotel Sea Lion. I will not talking about Sungai Lima, but mostly about Pulau Ketam, because I just passed this part. Oops I mean, I just holiday there!


From South Port Klang, remember guys, south port Klang, o.k, because Klang has some ports and you should not get wrong port to go to Pulau Ketam. In there port has 3 services of boats, one the biggest called Alibaba boat the ticket for one way only 9 RM and return 18 and small boat around 8 RM one way. How long to reach Pulau Ketam from South Port Klang? It is no need long time, only 20 minutes. You can enjoy your time on the boat while see the view of journey with a lot of islands which contain with mangroves. So lovely if you are lucky get wonderful weather. So, blue sky and cloud will be best part of your friends during your journey.

The biggest boat to bring us to Pulau Ketam, only RM 9 one way

Best suggestion if you are first time visit Pulau Ketam, choose the biggest boat Alibaba because this boat so big with two floor. One floor with full AC in room and the second floor you can see amazing view without window will make your picture is not good because of glasses of window. No worry, if you love to get nature wind to make your hair messy and smell the fresh oxygen, the second floors is the best part to enjoy your journey to get you in Pulau Ketam. Mostly, local people said the big boat part is outdoor and indoor. So outdoor, you should in up and indoor you should in down with full AC. So whatever it called. That is not change the function of the big boat to get reach Pulau Ketam.

the view of jetty Pulau Ketam, you can see a lot of bicycles

When the boat stop and the first time I see in the Pulau Ketam port is bicycles. I think it just for tourist who want to rent during holiday in Pulau Ketam. In fact, the local people of Pulau Ketam used that bicycles as transportation on this island other than walking. So, you will never see car in that island, mostly you can see small boats. No worry, if you also want to use bicycle then walk during spend time in this island. You can rent bicycle with cheaper price to explore the village. No worry, you will never lost! Because this island not so big and all the people so friendly. I am so unlucky can not explore this island with bicycle because ssstsss this is secret, O.K! Do not tell anybody if I am afraid ride bicycle in this island because the road so small. It seem like Penyengat island, Tanjungpinang, If I compared it! But, the different is local people!

I bet you will surprise while I said this island (Pulau Ketam) mostly the local people are Chinese. Sstsss, honestly, I am so surprise either while see mostly the people in Pulau Ketam are Chinese. I think the local Malay which still traditional habit. But, all my opinion absolutely wrong! The Chinese people in this island from two clans of Teochew and Hokkien. O.K, I will not talking about this history, I just wanna make you jealous about why you should to visit this island one day when you have time to holiday.

one of the best fresh seafood in Pulau Ketam, so yummy :) emm

The sensation in Pulau Ketam of course the food, all the culinary in this island fresh. If you are fan with seafood, then this place the best to enjoy the fresh seafood menu from crab, fish, prawn, and many things you can order with friendly price. Eating fresh culinary and you also want to brings some food from this island, you can find dry fishes and many thing seafood on dry. Because same part of this island has place to make this dry. Actually, I am already sleepy and this story also to long to read. Do not wonder, I will tell you more about this island and more sensational and make you think two times you should step your feet either in this islands.

Happy Story start from You

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