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Storycitra- Hi.. This is my new blog for personal blog and all in English version. Do you know every body has story and this blog will my personal story. I am not trying to be famous but I am trying to make me keep alive. Sometimes, Life so hard to get amazing journey. That is why I am making this blog. I just wanna shared what I pass day by day with my own way.

Do not think every body has same life like us. No.... No... It would never been same. Sometimes we think why my life so damn poor. Why I can not be like them! The simple reason is you are not THEM. So, You should not compare your life with their success. Every body has their own journal.

 So, let’s making wonderful journal with me on my personal blog. I know, I have a lot of blogs and I wish it will be success either. Even, every blog I made different style and it will make me busy to think negative around me which make me sad. So, negative energy will make me SICK and Depression. This is the reason why I do make my own journal on story Citra. Keep stay tune on my new blog and I bet you will love it too.

Introducing my other blog if you wanna know it
This is blog I made with two language (Indonesia to English and English to Indonesia) the topic about travel, food and beauty and health. This domain I buy because I get lost my precious domain. So, visit my blog on  and stay tune plus follow so you will never get late to read my article on, fill your day with LOVE.
All about Indonesia language, as the title kitabahagia (we are happy) on this blog content about how to make us happy even in small things. So, this article including beauty, health, holiday, inspiration and motivation. Why? Because I wanna be happy and they are also. That is why the reason I make this blog for the first time. I wish, it will keep update as usually schedule every Monday and Thursday. Where is every Monday will has beautiful topic #HappyMonday Tips and Tick ala Kiba. But, if you are not Indonesian so you can not read on this blog because we are happy people and bittersweet life to keep us strong and alive.
Actually when I made this blog as motto ngerumpi yuk... (let’s making gossip) I make this concept every day update but actually It will make only Monday to Saturday only, Sunday will stop update lol. Why, Because Sunday I will be busy with my relax time and also for writing blog to make all concept beautiful as the way they are. This blog also in Indonesia language but the different all quotes about English version. So you also can read either on the picture on this blog

This is about my journal travel in Indonesia language. So please visit here to find nice story about travel in Indonesia and other parts I visit it.


The last blog story Citra I make on English version so here is the new blog to company yours. Where is this blog for nice quotes, story and journal of life, including poem. Because, sometimes I miss to make poem to read.

Happy Story start from You

Citra Pandiangan

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