Bawah Island The New Destination

Bawah island the new destination for private island -source picture

StoryCitra- I bet many of you still do not know about Kepulauan Riau (Riau Island), Indonesia. Mostly some of you just know Bali as paradise in Indonesia. Actually, Indonesia has many islands and every islands has different style and hiding paradise. I love to say still virgin, because this island is not many people know about this.

Today, Citra wants to tell you a story about Pulau Bawah (Bawah island). This is special destination and still new. Because, this island is opening this year with the concept the private island. So amazing right! So, you, yes you are who looking for a very private island with the best part as such as romantic. You can go to Anambas archipelago, Riau Island Province. Because the Bawah Island is located in there.

As you know, perhaps, this island (Bawah island) is  located around two hours from Singapore. So, this is simple getaway to go there. Because you can go this island via a ferry to Batam from Singapore. Then, to get in private island, you should continue via private seaplane. What do you imagine? I am thinking that so damn awesome.

Private island with wonderful under sea view. That is so romantic and fun to do holiday with special way. I think this island (Bawah island) update concept from Maldives island but the concept for this island is PRIVATE. Only some people who already booked can enjoy holiday there.

Can you imagine any seaplane like this in Riau island to get gate bawah island, picture taken my sister

Why it called private island because this resort stand in over 300 hectares and only around 70 guesses (people) who allowed on this island at any one time. What you can do in this private island? Of course snorkeling, diving and see a beautiful coral reefs and many things. The most the sea still virgin with the clear blue ocean.

citra quotes about holiday in private island is such as heaven in earth

 Mostly the concept so damn Eco-friendly because the villas was design with the materials as bamboo and recyled teak. What you should waiting for. Come to holiday in private island with the less guess who stay there. That is like paradise in your hands. Why  I said like that! Can you imagine with the playground over 300 hectares only 70 people who can stay there. Mostly there’s also has three crystal blue lagoons, white beaches, lush jungle canopy for trekking and many more you can do there, except fishing.

best quotes story citra choose travel quotes

Let’s go to paradise in Bawah island, what are you waiting for. This island is waiting you to explore the island! There is waiting you as a special guess to enjoy paradise island in Riau Province, especially Anambas archipelago.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. wow, bahasa inggris, kereeeeen

  2. Duh semoga suat hari nanti bisa menikmati pulau bawah ini secara langsung

  3. wooohh klo tinggal di situ, bisa awet muda kali yaaa :) udaranya bersih


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