How to Start a Conversation Are you happy with the new place at your office? Sometimes, you do not know how to speak with new people. Making conversation for you is hard to do because you do not know how to start the conversation. Quotes of the day, “Talking is easy, you just need to speak with confidence.” – Citra Pandiangan.


Today, I want to tell you the story about “How to start the conversation.Honestly, a long time ago, I felt not comfortable speaking with strangers or people in a new place. The reason is simple, I am afraid to start a conversation and do not know what to say something in the first time, while I meet them.


Actually, I realize starting a conversation is not so damn difficult. First, you can introduce yourself. Although not appropriate for all situations, introducing yourself is an easy way to show your interest in meeting someone. If you've just started a new job and haven't met someone in another department, you can approach them and introduce yourself. It’s simple, you can say this. "Hi, my name is ….. I'm new to the group and want to introduce myself.


When some people answer or are interested in you. You can ask follow-up questions about their position or how long they have been with the company. It is simple, but you need the confidence to start this. No worries, mostly it works for the first time to meet you, people.


Another way to start a conversation asked for help. Because asking for help is another effective conversation. It works because it makes the other person feel important, especially if it's something they can give easily. If someone does you a favor, they are more likely to think positively of you and trust you. Asking for help can help start a friendly conversation, but make sure your request works for the other person.


Start to make conversation you can ask something like this, "Can you tell me where the pantry room is?" or "Can I borrow a pen?"


Take and give, it's a simple way. You also can give a helping hand. This is when you find yourself in a position to help someone you want to talk to, take the time to help them. Helping can make you likable and gain the other person's trust, especially when you show genuine concern.  These words can start to make a conversation, for example, "Can I help you organize some of these casts?" or "Do you want a seat?"


So, making start conversation at a new place is not so damn scary right. The point is brave, and make yourself confident to make new friends at the office or everywhere.



Happy Story start from You

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