Coban Rando Waterfall Batu Malang

coban rando waterfall at Central Java, Batu, Malang

StoryCitra- What is amazing time for all people? Escape from routine and get trap in beautiful nature. A lot of people complain about bored life but they forget if they can make amazing life with different think. Mostly, they just think holiday is expensive. A lot of money to spend during holiday time. This is my experience while get lost in the beautiful waterfall without spend a lot of money. Stay in cheaper home stay but comfort place (I will make this an other article) and it make me  should do exercises. Because this place (home stay) in UP hill. Its worth it to make me get little extra work while go home (home stay to rest) after seeing amazing place.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about Coban Rondo Waterfall. This located in Batu, Malang, Java, Indonesia. Coban Rando is a beautiful waterfall of Panderman Mountain. When I visited this place, I still remembered it was on December 2014, exactly on Tuesday, so it was not on weekend time. So, I just could visit the waterfall only. But this place also has place to camp and many interest outbound activities. You can enjoy it with your family during visit this area if you visit here on WEEKEND or Public Holiday.

sitting near waterfall to get imagination and relax time in hard life

Actually, Coban Rando is located at Pandansari village Kecamatan Pujon, in the region of KPH Perum Perhutani Malang. Water debits when rainy season is 150 liters per second and at dry seasons is 90 liters per second. So, when I came there the debit water is not many but I still keep enjoy moment there.

The fresh and cold air make me enjoy this place. Even I was going there alone and little difficult in the first  time I visited it. Because the public bus “cheat” the price and make me paid a lot of money while visit there. Actually, I can used angkot (angkotan kota, red public transportation) with the right and cheaper price. But no problem it was passed. But, when I will visit this place for the second time, I do know it very well.  

The reason I visited this place because I heard many people recommendation this place during you holiday in Malang, Batu to escape to this place. I know my choice was never wrong. Even I should hire ojek (motor bike taxi) to drop me in this place and pick me again when I finish to enjoy this place. When I came there, it was not many people around me and just a couple who kissing behind the rock while I step my first feet there. That couple was being shy and pretended they were not see me. I just did what should I do. Enjoy my time there. I could feel the water and wind make my skin get little wet. While the water jump to my skin because the wind was so naughty.

I was sitting there long time and make little note to get my new spirit come out to my body and get beautiful story about this. The legend of Coban Rando so unhappy ending but I wish my story will be happy ending. Do you wonder what legend of this Coban Rando? O.K I will try to make it simple to all of you.

playing with water jump and wind even get messy, it still fun

Once upon a time there was a couple who just got married, Prince Raden Baron Kusuma and Princess Dewi Anjarwati. On their way to visit the prince’s parents, a man named Joko Lelono held them up. This man fell in love with the princess and wanted to take her. The fight couldn’t be avoided so the prince commanded his guards to take the princess to a place where the waterfall was. The princess waited for the prince at the waterfall but her husband never come. Because both men died during the fight.

Then the princess became a widow. Window in  Javanese language called rondo and waterfall is coban. It was then that waterfall was named Coban Rondo. It was said that one of the big rocks there was the princess’ sitting place. You can sit on it and imagine how the princess felt during the long wait for her beloved husband to come.

So unhappy story right. But Story Citra just wanna tell you happiness story. So here I was when sitting near the waterfall. I was thinking someone suddenly come and make big surprise while I was sitting near waterfall. The wind came so soft and his voice so soft while whisper sentence, “Would you marry me” so that is awesome. Then the couple story become happy ending story.

Do you wanna go there and wonder how much expand to enjoy the moment during visit this place in Batu? You should keep stay tune on this blog. Because as soon as possible I will sell my E-book about the journal and all expand plus the way to go there. Just be patient and it will soft book and also e-book with the cheaper price of course.

Happy Story start from You

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