I would like to say Thank You for visiting my profile here on my blog I am so happy to introducing myself to you (all my new friends here). Let’s me to tell You who I am. Actually, it is not my way but I would try to do it. I am Citra Pandiangan but You can call me Citra. I am an ordinary woman but I have biggest dreams then all of you | If you are more dreamer then ME. Let's be friends ^_^ 

Some friends do not agree if I said "I am simple woman", they are said "I am more than a simple, I am good person with good personality and smart." That are some friends told me like that. I do not know either if that is true or just the words to make me HAPPY and FEEL special in their eyes.

What should I tell you about me? I just love to shared happiness and also some opinions about life. Because I know so well life is never easy to pass day by day. But I believe every rain drop sometimes will appear rainbow. Even that is not all rain we will get rainbow. It just can be appear when STORM come into (my) life. So, I always said to myself, NEVER EVER GIVE UP! Because life so miracle if you give up so fast. Let's cheers up with me if You feel no body care about You. I would love to be Your friends.

I have a few blogs but mostly in my mother language, Indonesia. But you can peek it if you wanna know more about me! Because I am only woman who love to spend time to enjoy life and trying to find the meaning of life. I feel special because I just want to think POSITIVE about ME. So, let's feel proud to ourselves to make life bright in our mind and days.

Being sad is not nice in our lives just be happy

Be Traveler

I make this blog because I would love to discover around the world. I know that is impossible if Your bank account it same like $10. Oops I just used this word because I read it on group woman travel. Every body loves to travel but some people have wonderful opportunity and being so lucky to make it real. This blog with the url I made it as journal online about my experience when I have time, enough money to discover Indonesia, Asia and the future Europe. Never stop to believing every one, including YOU! Every people deserve to travel with many style travel such as low budget travel, backpacker, luxury holiday, light packer holiday or whatever people said about the style travel but I am sure the goal is same. Every one would love to discover in the nature, stay in nice hotel, taste culinary in the street food, cafe or restaurant as long as You can be happy and feel God created beautiful places around the WORLD.  Find the nice article on be traveler here

Jejak Cantik

Le's making footprints in the sea, sands and beautiful place when You have time to do it. Jejak Cantik I made this blog with the url but I used my mother language (INDONESIA) but You can used google translate to know about the articles. This blog about how lucky I am. I can travel in the beautiful places and I never stop to travel as long as I have money to do it hahaha.. I can be low budget travel, middle travel and luxury holiday as long as I still can enjoy my holiday to discover beautiful places around the "WORLD". So just check this out jejakcantik here

My other blogs with my mother tongue are
  • this blog about happiness life or try to find happiness in our life with nice story and tips. find it on here kitabahagia link
  • this blog about how to keep survive in alive because life is not easy. This blog also include about life style and social life. Find petunjukhidup to make your life good here
  • this blog talk about chit chat with nice style about blog, daily life, property, finance and many thing which the topic is nice to chit chat with friends. what do you think? Let's check it chitchat on here such as motto ngerumpi yuk

Work with Me

I would love You to work with me such as businesses and brands to help You write about review products, and services on my blogs or on your!  Story Citra is blog about life style, travel, motivation and simple recipe for lazy woman including man in the kitchen. This blog is new and created on March 2017 by Citra Pandiangan.

I always work from my bottom of my heart. Do it with love

It has since grown into a trusted resource some people who love to find some niche on this blog, especially beauty products, simple recipes, travel, hotel, culinary and many things to make holiday so completed and perfect adventure. Because mostly this articles I written by myself with my pure and my unique experiences.

How can we work together? I would love to answer this question with honest and from the bottom of my heart. Story Citra (dot) com would love to work with nice brands of products (such as beauty products, travel gear, foodie and many things which same niche on this blog); tourism boards, hotel, holiday operator such as travel agent, airlines and some companies which need my hands to be social media freelance to their own social media content, content writer and many things which I can help and do with my hard work and responsibility.

Do You still confused? Let's me make it simple, You can hire or invite me to increase your brand such as:

  • Press Trips
  • Sponsored post
  • Accommodation or attraction reviews
  • Product or service reviews
  •  Freelance writing
  • Social Media Buzzer
  • Anything You want me to do with You

The only things You can do! You just ask me to collaboration to my email on with the subject (SC) because I have some blogs to make me easy which one do You love to collaboration with me on my blogs. I never feel satisfied that is why I never stop learning anything to improve my skills and also my travel gear which simple tools to make me more professional on my work I do it with work hard and responsibility. Our future in our hands, Let's be nice with me to make my goal be come true, travel around the world and be story teller for poor kids whatever I go travel. Be fun and social must be part of my plan.

Happy Story start from You

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  1. hi Ms Zira from Malaysia....i hope u can undestand what am writing....coz am not really good in English...I love to see your profile its really nice....can we be a friend if u dont mind....


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