Smiling on Life

Hello, this is my second poem or poetry after long days I never write on here.  So here I am trying to make simple poem to write again. It is about SMILING. Maybe you think Smile is difficult to do when you are feeling broken hurt! But smiling on life will make us get new spirit to survive.

Its o.k if you think it difficult to do! Making smile while you have a lot of problems and make your heart broken become pieces. Even its so hard to do while you do it, you will get warm inside your heart. So, here the simple poem for you who try to make honest and pure smile to yourself and friends around you.


The best action to get blessing day
Show with Smile during your bad day
It show anything in this world
You are happy without a word

Even in real You have a lot of problems
During making smile you think it FAKE
You always try as the best You can do
Then it appear as a beautiful smile

Because even you get hard life
Smile always make you feel good
It make you get positive energy
During your smile on life as sign

You are not afraid anything
Life teach you difficult lesson
Making you strong enough to stand
Smiling as the show you are O.K

April, 15th 2017

Happy Story start from You

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  1. Keep smiling, keep living your life happily :D Smile will heals everything like time does :D


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