Hi the end of May! How are you my friends. It feel so long time I never write a poem again. So, here I am with the missing words. Words can make best sentences become wonderful poem.  Sometimes, when I am making poem, its really difficult to me. Depend on my feeling because i am not part of art. I am just a human with the typo and I am not perfect person to make amazing words to all of you.

Honestly, this month I  am disappear with my feeling. That's why the end of May the poem little bit weird hihihi..... because all depend on what I feel right now. Actually on diary-citra, my second blog I always make poems without mix with what I feel but lately, I seldom make poem, because I am into “trouble” schedule and all need fast to finish it.



I feel I want to disappear
But I do not know where I should go
A lot of blue feeling come into my life
I hate become sadness person in day life

I really wanna disappear to make me strong
Actually disappear never give me the power of strong
That’s making me more weakness about wonder life
A wonder feeling about You still think about me?

Why you should come into my life and make my days blue
You always has a hundred reasons to excuse your attitude
But you never think about my life and my days  . . . .
I really want to disappear because you mess my days

Honestly, when I disappear I do not feel happy!
Where ever I am hiding, I never find peace
Inside my heart still like bomb and never stop
Finally I decided l will never disappear again

I will fight about bad days in my life including you
Try to find pieces of my behave before knowing you
Do as the best about my life even heart so damn sick
But I never disappear anymore because its not good way

Trying to find my day and my life again would be fun
Never think about disappear and bad life come to me
Its not easy to do but easy to say actually every body know it
But life must go on and disappear is not away to pass bad day

Its o.k if you wanna make your day bright! But disappear is not the answer about life! Disappear only for people who have not brave to see the world in other side. Because life is not always about YOU! Life is more biggest then you! If you open your eyes and mind! Life so wonderful with all mess come to us. Its like puzzle and we need times to finish piece of messy puzzle become perfect picture on the future.

Happy weekend friends. See the world with other window, not only your angel window.


Happy Story start from You

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