Kakap Kelelawar Waterfall in Lamandau Kalimantan

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StoryCitra- Honestly, I never heard about this waterfall. The name so unique, Kakap Kelelawar. Do you ever hear about this waterfall, friends? I bet you are lucky then me, if you ever visit this waterfall. I just wonder why in a few months I love talk about waterfall. Maybe, I miss being trouble in nature. Getting lost and find something amazing to see and write in mind, book and also blog post, I guess hihihi.

Kelelawar is mean bat. But in this time is mean the name of place in one of Lamandau regency in Center Borneo (Kalimantan Tengah), Indonesia.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story,  Indonesia has many islands. So, this time let me introduce you new destination and it also on my list in the future to visit this place. The located in Borneo. East Borneo was my home town, especially in Balikpapan City. But this time, I won’t talk about my home town but the neighbor my home town. That was ..... Center Borneo, especially on Lamandau Regency. Honestly, even I was grow up in Borneo, but I never ever visit this place. Now, I was wonder how this Lamandau regency look like. Because, when I met Mr Frans, Head of the tourism office Lamandau Regency in Batam. He was nice person and while he introduced the tourist attraction. It was making me interest to visit that place one day.

So, lets talking about Kakap Kelelawar waterfall. Before finding Kakap Kelelawar waterfall, we should get lost on Kakap Pompinggis waterfall. Because the location passed the Kakap Pompinggis waterfall first. No worry, this waterfall also nature and nice view. The unique this located near of Kundangan residents. We should ask their permission first. Due to reach the waterfall we have to pass their house. No worry, they are nice people and mostly their jobs farmer.

one of waterfall in Lamadau you can see when you get lost here, source

We need one kilometer to see the Kakap Pompinggis Waterfall but the road so worth it to pass. Because it has a lot of rubber trees and the fresh oxygen and so peace in earth. Suddenly, we will arive on the waterfall. After having fun Kakap Pompinggis waterfall, we should continue to see the Kakap Kelelawar waterfall. Its only 25 meters. The Kakap Kelelawar waterfall the high around 6 meters. The name of waterfall Kakap Kekelawar because this position of waterfall near a big hole under big rock which this place has bat resident.

I can not tell you a lot about this information because still less information about this place. But, honestly, nature is like magic and every destination has different story and shape. It make us as traveler would love to get trap on the nature which still virgin and awesome to visit. How about you? Would you joint with me to get lost in best place on Lamandau Regency one day?


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