Age is Only Number

StoryCitra-Honestly, I am almost afraid when June will be over and July will be start it. Because July is my birthday month. That is mean I will be old and who want to celebrate the date you will be getting old! Should I say age is only number! Its like I am lie to myself then to people.
Birthday is something nice when we are still kids and teen. But, when we are growing an adult. Birthday is something so scary. I never lie to myself about this ONE! Because I always feel so scare when the date will come soon. The day I am born and that is mean I should think about how old I am. But, some friends said birthday is something blessing. We already pass one year with successful (still alive) that is mean. Because age is not only number but also the process become an adult and grow is never easy.

Sometimes we should become dumb, stupid, silly to be wise in one day! That is true. I am learning time by time how dull I am become more dull. Ooopsss..... That is alive, who said you will be more smart then yesterday if you never make mistake in alive and your life so same everyday. Its so damn bored and no memory to remind how dull you are about the experiences in alive.

What can I said 2015 was worse birthday in myself because papa passed away and 2016 was trouble year in my life but now? How is now? I do not know! All my plan this year get mess because someone make it MESS. Should I mad? Who is stupid? So, here I am still learning how become smart. Because being silly always fantastic to do right!

 I won’t be grow up but I do not have power to make me keep young. But I know I can be young forever in my mind. So that is why its O.k do something dull to keep learn and have spirit as the younger people. Because being old is something in mindset but when we are thinking we are young and get spirit to do something wonderful. So we are forever young. How’s younger you are? Proof it with your attitude and spirit. Young is doing something dull but smart. Its mean, the smart-dull people know the consequence what they do. But the pure dull people never think about consequence. So which one you are?

Its something scary but nice
Age is getting older can not stop it
But process being old always fantastic
If you have quality life to enjoy the process

Do not say happy birthday
Just say something sweet on it
Keep young and smart!
Because everybody love it!

Spirit of Life
Never say bad words
It will kill spirit in alive
Because spirit of life should build
Life so awesome to be sadness

Forever Young
I do not need magic spell
To make me forever young
I just need amazing words
To make me think I am young
That's more then magic spell
Forever young its depend on MIND

Happy Birthday to myself and said to myself do not ever on July. Because July is my magic month to make me keep young. Age is only number! The most is body and mind will keep young. What do you think friends?

Happy Story start from You

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  1. Happy birthday kak Citra.
    Samaan nih bula kelahiran kita, Juli!

    1. terima kasih kakak, wah kakak tanggal berapa?


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