Believe in Yourself

 StoryCitra-The success and fail its depend on yourself! But mostly people who fail always blame other people about the failure. When they are success they almost think its because themselves. Which one your opinion on this two sides in real life?
Hello my friends, its almost half years on 2017. What do you do already in this year? Do you feel success or fail? Mostly you think “I am not doing good and never has courage in your life. Because you are to afraid to decided which the good one on your life! Talking about courage or spirit to rise success is not simple like you said. “O.K. This year I will be business woman and get a lot of $$$$ benefit.” That is not the way to be success if you only said it without do action.

Do action sometimes make us doubt about self-efficacy! The key success is believe in yourself. Even people said its impossible to do! Why you always hear people around you and never hear what inside your mind! Long time ago,  I decided this year I will attend SPA Class in Bali. The price to attend this class so damn expensive. Its around 2.500 USD for 3 months with the international certificate. My sister wants to help me to lend money to get this class. Suddenly I am thinking, can I do this course? Because SPA is not my passion! Even the salary in the best resort in Maldives, America, and Europe so wonderful income or salary. But, inside my heart I know I can not do this even the temptation to get me travel around the world because this skill so awesome. But, I am thinking it more and more. Suddenly I said to myself. I can not do this! I should has short nails and I also should using makeup everyday and its not my style. Full make up and get pretty everyday when working in SPA.

I decided and thinking I wanna freedom with my own time and also get money! How? Being a blogger is not such a permanent job. Its a hobby with good potential to get extra money but its can not be survive. My goal I wanna travel around the world next year. So, I still has 6 months to collect a lot of money. Can I do that? How I can get money to go travel, backpacker around the world, at least Asia and a few of Europe. So, what is my an idea to get money?

First I should believe myself even this is so difficult. But, I know I have biggest power to be success. PRAY, DO ACTION, NEVER GIVE UP! Try to sell MYSELF. What? Am I selling myself, yes, I sell my skills! Mostly, I am thinking what is my skills? Being writer I do it in a year and it also good income but the most for survive not to save money. So here I am! Trying to sell my photos as postcard with a cute, romantic words including videos of poetry to your beloved wife/husband, girl/boy friends, friends, parents or anything. I decided to sell my words to you the price so cheaper then the other website.

You can order what kind of style do you want, if I can make it good for video. I do try my best. Ask about this order you can sent me email on with the subject order poetry or photos. Depend on you which one do you want. Come on! Do not doubt and wonder, just contact me on skype purple29111 to get more information about this. I am available to discuss anything about what you want me to do.

This is what I believe I can make it and it will success. But, all depend on you do you interest to help me rise my dream with order poetry, quotes, or photos with me. Come on! Lets make my dream come true and your dream also will come true too if you want to make it real. Its not only on your diary list.

Quotes: Try to make your life better with all of skill do you have. If one fail, you still have a lot of skills to make it success. Because dream will be real if you do action about it! -Citrapandiangan

Happy Story start from You

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