Drinking Hazelnut Coffee

StoryCitra-I remembered the first time when I was drinking a cup of hazelnut coffee. In that time, I decided to travel alone from Jakarta to Bandung via train. I never used train before. So, its make me wonder and afraid in the same times. So, I decided to go early from my house to Gambir train station. I came so early with two reasons. I used bus as public transportation which this direction bus always full of passengers. The second reason  Jakarta is bad of traffic so I wont get mess my ticket. Its better choice to go early then late.

I was feeling so sleepy when I arrange in Gambir train station. I looked my watch still need two hours to get train. So, I decided drink a cup of coffee to make me awake. So, here I was in open market which I should make my own coffee in the machine. I decided try the hazelnut coffee. Its feel so yummy and make my eyes open.

Last month, I went holiday in Malaysia and I found something simple to make a hazelnut coffee. Its not secret anymore I was a lazy woman in kitchen and I love everything in practical season. When I saw the pack of hazelnut coffee tree in one. I decided to buy it. Then here, I was try to make a hazelnut coffee.

What did I need to make delicious hazelnut coffee? Do you think I can not make it? Emm, do you wonder my friends I can make delicious of a cup coffee. So let’s check this out!

Ingredients: one Sachet of Hazelnut coffee from Super Coffee brand and 150 ml hot water. If you like cold then a few of box ices.

How to Prepare or cook
First put water inside of  water heater such as 200 ml. After boiling water. Then put a sachet hazelnut coffee inside of a cup of glass. After that, put the hot water around 150 ml in the glass and serve it.

Yea..... Finally my hazelnut hot coffee already and time for drinking it. The taste so good and I love the hazelnut coffee fill in my mouth in morning time after breakfast. Its so delicious and make my eyes wake and I can work or doing adventure day.

Ooppss, I almost forget to tell you about the ingredients of hazelnut coffee from Super Coffee brand. One  sachet of Hazelnut Super coffee is Creamer [Glucose Syrup, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Sodium Caseinate (Milk Protein), Stabilizers (E340II, E451I), Emulsifiers (E471, E472E), Silicon Dioxide (E551), Beta-Carotene], Sugar, Instant Coffee, Milk Solids and Permitted Flavourings.

Nutritional Data behind the sachet of super coffee hazelnut:
Per Serving (20g)
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Dietary Fibre
Super Coffee Palettes 3in1 Hazelnut 30S X 20G
Price: RM 6

Pro and cont about this product: That is why I love this coffee because this product of hazelnut coffee is not to sweet of sugar because mostly the creaminess is good enough to get this coffee so sweet. The coffee taste also strength and best to taste it as a coffee!  Aroma this coffee so good. I love it but this coffee is to small size to get full of big glass. So its just fix to small a cup of glass. So, what is your favorite coffee?

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