Let’s Cooking Simple Noodles

Long time ago, I still remember the worse experience when I was teen. I was so damn hungry and my lunch box get “stolen” with my friend (boy always so annoying since they were teen). I went to canteen in my school but none of food sell. All finished already. I was so starving. I felt something unfriendly inside my belly. I felt so damn weakness, suddenly one of my teacher (still relative with papa) looked at me with the face wonder what happened with me. I told her I was so damn hungry and I was a little lie I forgot bring my lunch box. Then, she asked me to make something to eat in her kitchen at home. Her house so close in my school. Because I was so damn hungry and no way to eat, I said Yes, that was sound good an idea.

When I was in her kitchen, I looked some of noodles pieces in table. I guess  eat fried noodles was good but the noodles did not package for fried noodles. All about boil noodles.... Then, I was trying to cook it with the direction ways noodles boil but decided to make it fried noodles with a lot of soy sauce and chilly. Then, when the time to fried the noodles. I made something wrong! I used a lot of oil and can you imagine how the taste of noodles? True! That was so weird. My starving belly suddenly feel so damn full. In the silent I throw away the weird noodles and back to class. After this accident, I could not eat fried noodles if the noodles when it inside my mouth I get feel an oil. I could not eat them all till right now. That was horrible experience when teen.

How about this time? I am still same! I am not expert in kitchen but I am not so innocent either while in kitchen. So here I am, when I am in Malaysia, I find something yummy noodles with the duck flavor. My mommy said that's noodles is not nice but I find the different think. While i am trying to eat that, I feel.... I love it and I want to shared my experience when I am eating eh cooking this noodles and it all them in my tiny belly hehehe...

The noodle ingredients are wheat flour, tapioca flour, vegetable oil (palm ail contain permitted antloxidant E321), salt, contains stabillsers as permitted food conditioner. Soup base: salt, sugar, spices, contains monosodium Glutamate, disidum 5' guantlate, and discodium 5' inosinate as permitted flavour, enhancers, contains permitted flavouring substances (etc) you can find in the back package (warp).

How I make this yummy noodles. Do you wonder my friends? Let’s begun to see how I make this noodle with simple as the way I am. I am a lazy woman who do not like get trouble in the kitchen. The first for simple way, buy the noodles, find something fresh and nice inside refridgerator (icebox). I find sausage and  eggs. O.K. I will cook them between the noodle.

 Ingredients: one warp of noodles especially Mamee Perisa Itik (Duck Flavour), water, an egg, 4 sausages, fried onions (it already cooked just need to put it up noodles), and chili sauce, a little soy sauce if you love it.

How to Prepare or cook

First put water inside of pan. Boil the water. When already boil, put an egg and lets it cook for an minute. After an egg almost cook put sausages, let it boil around an minute. After it place the Mamee instant noodles in  boiling water, cook for 2 minutes or more. If you think it already, you can add encloses soup base and stir slightly.

 The most part I love, put it in bowl, then give it fried onions which already cooked, chili sauce and little bit soya sauce. Then the noodles already and let’s eat them all!

Note: I love this noodles the shape is not so big and soft. How much this noodles? Its only around RM4 and you get 5 packages noodles. Cheaper and yummy right. I wish you love my first time post about food. Because I am not food blogger but I love to eat either even I am not good in the kitchen. Enjoy your food.

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