Rise Dream

StoryCitra-Life is never easy and every body know it! If you are the people who love to survive and make dream. Rise dream is never easy if you are building dream from zero. But, never give up is spell words magic to make your spirit ON. Sometimes, the words also can kill you!

Hi friends, I just make donate paypal to make my story will keep strong and strong on this blog and also my other blogs either. I also make a goal to 2018 to make another Story Citra to be strong and nice about travel and donate plus support will make it come true. For the first donate without order poetry, quotes, story including postcard. I want to say THANKS for your kindness to donate your money. That is very important to me.

So here I am making a thanks card to you Mr Axxxx who donate money in my account paypal. Its so awesome when I open my email and get the notice from it. I can not give you something as reward for your kindness. So, I give you simple quotes for you. I wish you like it.

Special for Mr Axxxx this quote made by Citrapandiangan. Thanks for donating your money..... Picture taken by smartphone and located in Pulau Ketam, Malaysia

Friends, you also can be kindness like him with donate your money to keep StoryCitra alive if you like it. I am also on progress make e-book for sale it. I wish that will be nice project to do because I should busy in kitchen and You know I do not like in the kitchen hihihi. I also open order for you who need nice poetry, quotes, postcard and story for family. Story can be make as order for example kids story, romance with short story. The price is cheaper with good quality on it. So do not hesitate to contact on me via email and skype. Email me on 2travellife@gmail.com with subject SC and what you want to order. For an example, SC order poetry or SC want to ask. On skype Purple29111 so do not hesitate to chat on me. I am available in the night for chat, Indonesia time 05.00 till 08.00 pm. Thanks for your attention. You also can do like me to rise dream as long as you never give up to make it be true. Build dream is never easy then you make it dream.

Happy Story start from You

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