2 Weeks Get Lost in Paradise

Storycitra.com-Do you believe it any paradise in earth? If you said you believe it! Then I am so agree with you. Because, I spend two weeks in get lost in paradise. Even, I am not go anywhere, only stay in luxury hotel and resort. It is really paradise for me with the awesome views, facility and including the services. Mostly, I get all of them in Lombok, especially in Sudamala Villas and Resort in Senggigi.

Today, Citra wants to shared about what you should do when holiday in get lost in paradise. Mostly, people think holiday to get lost in wonderful places to take pictures only. Actually, sometimes holiday is needed without do anything which make body more tiring. Because, long time ago, I think holiday should go to some places because its the good ways to enjoy holiday.

That is making me so damn tired when back home and should do usually activities. Holiday is something awesome and perfect if we know how to used our times without to many activities without doing relaxing.

So, I will tell you my an adventure during two weeks without do a lot activities or get lost to somewhere places. As usually I do when I go to travelling. Doing new activity and different style sometimes you will be think. Why I never do it before. Why I spend in cheaper places and dirty perhaps to get cheaper price only to shower and sleep, plus eat poor breakfast. If a few days you can enjoy your holiday like prince or princess. Which one you prepare?

Mostly all awesome to do. It’s depend on our budged of course and including what you expected to go holiday. Because mostly people go holiday only to show the pictures without know if they are lost single of minutes to relaxing and enjoying every time to go holiday. Holiday without do nothing with a lot of activities. It is sound silly in the first time I do it. Why I should go to so far away from my city to another island only to relaxing?

Then, I find the answer. Relaxing with none of people you know it and see the different places and enjoying some parts without make you are tired so silly with rush hours only to catch up some recommended places from an internet and there is place so many people and you also can not take beautiful pictures like what you expected from your mind. Before you arrived there.

So, keep visit my blog storycitra.com to find my different holiday and story will be update soon. Because I would love to shared my holiday activities with you all my friends and readers. I am nothing without you who love to visit my home.

Happy Story start from You

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