Black is not always Classic

StoryCitra-Long time ago, I do not like black color. Its like sadness around me. That is my opinion long time ago. Its one of reason why I love to choose bright soft color to my clothes. Suddenly, I find something about black is not for sadness  either classic only. But, black is sexy! Black is something so nature. Black is not always scary of the dark.

I am not fan of black coffee. But, when I get finish my hazelnut coffee. My friend just has black coffee only at home. I am so lazy to go supermarket to buy a coffee. So, I am trying to try this new one black coffee. Still product or brand from Malaysia. Its called “Kopi-O” Old Town -Black series-  coffee. As you know, I am lazy woman in kitchen so here is so practice. Do you wonder how its process to make black classic coffee with a strong aroma and of course delicious and make me wake up to writing my project novel “Single Mum”

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Ingredients: one Sachet of black coffee from Old Town
How to Prepare or cook: First put water inside of  water heater such as 250 ml. After boiling water. Then put a coffee filter bag into a cup, add hot water around 180 ml in the cup. If you want it so black, just put the coffee filter bag a little longer before serving it. Then, black coffee already to drink.

No worry for the bean of coffee that will not make the black coffee dirty because its already keep in bag. So making black coffee such as simple for lazy woman like me and you. About the aroma, honestly this coffee aroma so strong and the taste is little bitter if you do not like black coffee. As far as, this coffee nice for us who do not like black as me. Do not put the coffee filter bag to long in water and put a little sugar in a cup. That is so awesome to drink.

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I do talk about how to serve this coffee and I bet my readers who never drink this coffee wonder about this brand. No worry, as usually I will tell you about Old Town, black series kopi-o product or brand from Malaysia. The coffee beans are Arabica, Rabusta, and Laberica. They are roasted with caramel to yield a well blend flavor with a rich after taste. So, ingredients this coffee are coffee mixture (sugar, coffee bean, margarine and salt). One sachet this black coffee the net weight is 10 gram.
Nutritional Data behind the sachet of super coffee hazelnut:
Per Serving (10g)
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Trans fat
Dietary Fibre
Old Town - Black Series – Kopi O 18 sachets  
Price: RM 8

If you do not like black coffee you can try this Old Town Black series Kopi-O because many series of this coffee. Why I suggestion to try, first you do not need to mess the bean inside glass. The second you con control how much bitter of coffee do you want it and then sugar in your hand for the taste of coffee. Pro and cont for this old town coffee –Black series – Kopi-O emmm.... I am not find that. Because its make me like black coffee now. How about you? Next time, do not forget me while has extra money to treat me delicious coffee in your country.

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