Keep Strong to Be Happy body wants to be happy but sometimes happiness is not come into your life and making you get worse day by day. What should I say real life is hard then dreaming life. But, being sadness is not the solution to make you strong to see the world with different option.

It’s o.k if you want to cry and maybe when you are crying. You can be better. Because we never know about the future. When you make something amazing dream. Suddenly, real action make them break! It’s like you get nightmare and you can not get out from them! Its like you get lost in the darkness of nightmare. But, you still breath to tell you. You are still alive but your body is like death. You have no power to awake and to do activity. You just think about the death. Its so make you frustration. Its normal!

But, you should make yourself so strong. I can not help you, your best friend, or your parents. Because only you who have power to make yourself strong! Is it easy? No! I never said that is easy to do but that is worth it to DO. How to make you keep strong? As my experience I never been strong enough because I always down and down, sometimes in the same holes. Even I do try to refuse it but destiny never allow me to get me pass to the same problems roll over and roll over time by time.

Making me to get pass from the sadness is trying to take it with positive mind. Even that is not easy. I do pass day by day with crying and it make me feel better. I am trying to meditation to make me get refuse that sadness feeling but honestly it just work for short time. Inside heart still get pain. So, it will make day so worse again! What should I do? I just let them out from my mind, cry anytime when they need to cry out. Even in silent and in the worse place. I let them free and finally, I can make it better. Even still not strong enough to refuse bad memories. At least I am trying to keep strong.

So, today I want to make poem/poetry about that and I hope it will make you and I feel strong and trying to find happiness in alive. Because life is hard but hard people always being the winner to get strong.


Do you think you are freedom?
But you feel sadness inside you
You can not making them go
Sadness around you and make you BAD

It’s O.K getting bad day in alive
That is o.k if you want to cry out
No one can stop you to cry
Cry will make you feel better

Do it! Cry out them out then keep it
Because if you keep it, it will kill you
Kill in the silent life day by day
It will never you feel freedom

Because bad days same like bad life
No one can reject it but you can refuse it
With one condition to keep strong
Try to make out from sadness

It’s not easy but should to do
Lets making your life freedom
Freedom with the bad feeling
Because you are strong enough

To see the world from your angle life
You are strong enough to say I am strong
Because strong mind, body and soul
Only You can created it in your life

Bintan Island, July 9 2017

I wish the poetry/poem I made it to you! Will making you feel better. Because the strong feeling only you who can created it. Let’s make be someone who never get sadness stay longer in your life. Because life so awesome to make you give up! You still make some dreams come true. Do not make one tiny problem make you mess your amazing life to catch wonderful moment in alive.

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Blessing and health to kind people and you too

Happy Story start from You

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