Open Mind to Find Happiness life is not only dream but real. Sometimes we never realise what we have until that's gone. We just see what we want to see in our life but that is not rules of our life.
Open eyes and mind then we will know about the truth meaning of life in the world. Today, Citra wants to tell you story about find your happiness. Every body wants to be happy, including me and you! Am I right? Rise your hands...

#Open Eyes

Sometimes we do not want to open eyes and see all activities in around us. Because we are busy and do not have time to notice it. But when we open our eyes and see what happened in around us. We will find something to make us say my life is better then them.

#Money is not Number One
Every body needs money in our life but that's not mean we should spend a lot time to catch money without thinking what's in our priority of life. Sometimes we forget money can't buy happiness but happineses can come to you even you are not rich.

#Travel is not always Go Away

As a human, You and I need travel or holiday to make life more fun and fantastic. But travel is not always go away if you have not money to travel. You can make travel around your city or island. When you try to discovery your city. You will find something you never notice or know before it.

#Your Happiness is in Your Mind

You can control your feeling and your mind. When negative come to you. Try to kick them off. Do not get them inside your feeling. So, you will be o.k. Because your happiness in your mind. If your mind get trouble sadness then your feeling will be blue but if your mind positive, the sadness will never destroy your happiness.

O.K I wish this article will make you keep happy, because everybody wants to be happy.

Happy Story start from You

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