Your Happiness in Your Hands

StoryCitra-Never put your happiness in people or stuff. It will make you feel depression and stressful when it never work well as what you expected. Life is colorful with many color around your life and day. Even it’s look so fantastic but rainbow never appear every day. Sometimes strom and dark sky around you to make your happiness gone!

Hi, how are you my friends? Long time Citra never write about quotes on this blog right! I bet, all of you miss positive words to make your life more beautiful when you feel so lonely or sadness. Let’s Citra shared what I am thinking about happiness in simple way as I am the simple woman here.

Sometimes people put their happiness when they get perfect match in their life, beautiful bags or jewelry. But when they gone, it will so stressful and sadness. It’s like the world is not fair with your life and days. They suddenly make the darkness in your beautiful life. Then you blame the world and all around you! Actually, you should never ever put your happiness in your couple or lover, your career or anything stuff for your collection. Because happiness in your hands!

The day never been same
People always come and gone
But it never make you bad
Because happiness in your day

You see the tears in their eyes
You feel sorry to lose them
You get the sadness into your life
Then you realise it just temporary
Because you know you can build happiness

Happiness is easy to get when you know
How to make your happiness as your life
You do not need people to make you happy
But you need them to fill your perfect day

Only you who can control your feeling
When you get sad, you will cry for moment
Then you stop it by your ice cream in hands
You won’t make mess day to be sadness people

That is just simple words I can created today to cheers up your days. Every body deserve to be happy. Happiness is in your hands. Because your life is awesome to get mess without any permission from you. That is why you need to control your smile even around you are getting storm to make your life messy. But you know what you should do to protect your happiness world in your mind, soul and body. Have a good time and be happy as the way you are. See you on next month!

Note: Sometimes my happiness come when I am getting adventure in Yogyakarta.

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