Sign He/She Does not Love You Anymore

Attention Little Sign He/She is not love You Have you wondered to yourself like this: "Does he still love me?";  If my boy friend stopped reply my funny text message, did he not love me anymore? "If my boy friend want freedom, Does he wants to break up with me?" There may be different feelings about your boy friend  who suddenly change 100 percent and makes you wonder about it.
No worry, you're on the right blog. Because this day, I will tell you story about the signs that he does not love you anymore. It is pain, of course, but definitely more painful if your relationship never happy ending. It depend on you, do you want open your mind and see the signs he does not love you anymore or you just pretend nothing happened. All in your hands baby.

  #1SIGN He Start Comparing You with Another Girl

You should know if  a man should never say anything to a woman who made her feel insecure,  less confidence, less pretty and less talented. Well, if your boyfriend begin to compare yourself with other women this is a warning sign. Because, if he has started to compare you with other women. It means he has started does not love you anymore. For example, he compares you with other women through the way they dress. Well, if you do the same thing, compare him with another man, but he ignored it. Meaning he had not love you. 

#2SIGN He Stop Reply Your Text Message

A sign that could recognize whether  he loves you or not by this simple way. If he takes long time  to reply your message. Even more extreme, he stopped to replying your text. It is a sign that he had lost the feeling with you. Especially when he's with his buddy, and when his cell phone rang and saw a message from you and his face was not happy. Well, it means he is not in love anymore.

#3SIGN He is More Selfish
 Are your boy friend attitudes changing? For example he only cares about his work or other his activities. Well, when the man began to lose interest in relationship. Temperament tend to be very selfish in interaction with you. Here are the signs that warrant concern, you should know well: He only cares about his studies, his friends and activities; He stopped asking your opinion  when you go dating; He did not even acknowledge if his attitude is very selfish, even though you had already indicated his behavior has changed.

 #4SIGN He Stop Say “I Love You”

Typically, people who fall in love would say this word often  "I love you." Although, you had a long dating for more then a year, but it reveals the word love should still said it. Although not every day, but at least there at certain times boy friend said  "I Love You dear," but if he starts rare and even reluctant to say this words. That said,  he does not love you anymore.

#5SIGN He Won’t Cheers You Up when You Sad

When a man fall in love, I bet he always take care of you and always know what happened with you. He knows when a lover  feel sad or depressed. He will try to do anything to her Looking back her  smile. That certainly applies, if he loves you. Even though you're arguing or disagree, he must strive to entertain and will not let you down. The  simple way he show he love you with give you hug and said something nice to make you cheers up. As the instincts of a boyfriend, if he is no longer doing all that. Certainly  he no longer loves you.
It was just a few signs that could I tell you this time. Actually there are many signs and I bet  You know it. So, do not cover yourself with the signs when he does not love you.  It depend on you, once again. Because if someone who does not love you anymore, why you should survive and make you feel pain and sad all time.

Happy Story start from You

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