Mangrove Market in Kampung Terih Batam Getting lost in the old village sometimes it will be the best experience. I know it well because I have been get that experience. I get lost in one of old village in Batam city, Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. That is call Kampung (village) Terih, Batam city. This location so wonderful to catch sunset. I know myself as well, I love to get sunset during short get away and I get wonderful sunset in Kampung Terih, Batam.

Today, Citra wants to tell you story about one events will be exist in Kampung Terih Batam on December 10, 2017 with the topic Mangrove Market in Kampung Terih Batam. This exactly the location in Nongsa and You should careful to read sign Kampung Terih in the left and This location in the left side. Then You just need follow the small road till you find the gate with the write welcome to Kampung Terih. I am so sad, I can’t attend that event tomorrow but I would let you know the information about the reason You should not miss this first event in Kampung Terih Batam.

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Mangrove Bridge

You will love to discovery mangrove bridge which it already claim mangrove bridge in Kampung Terih is the most long bridge in Batam, especially to mangrove bridge. The Mangrove bridge in Kampung Terih is 200 meters. Wow, You can explore your time to see mangrove in the bridge. The longest bridge in Kampung Terih.

Traditional Dance

It is not perfect to making event if no performance traditonal dance. So, the management already make best event at all in this weekend. You will see the performance of traditional dance in Kampung Terih.  Note the time to see the performance of traditional dance on 01.00 pm in Kampung Terih.

Traditional Games

Gasing is one of the traditional games in Malay, Indonesia. If You never been watching or playing gasing. This is your time to see and play it in Kampung Terih. Because one of activities in Kampung Terih in event Mangrove Market, You will see and join the team to play gasing. It is so awesome to learn how to play gasing, perhaps You will fall in love. I also fall in love with this games even I never get perfect to playing this hahaha. Oops, o.k secret don’t tell any body.

Traditional Food

I love to eating and most perfect when I can eat traditional food because in this time, traditional food is difficult to find it in central mall or shop. It’s easy to get pub or cafe then local or traditional food especially Malay food. Don’t you want to miss this moment to try to eat traditional food such as laksamana mengamuk ice and many things so tasty and awesome to try and making you do not realize your body get little extra kilos hahaha. O.k it is not me. When holiday never notice my weight when finishing holiday. I do realize my dress is not fix anymore, oops.

The best part in Kampung Terih is You will get the best sunset with the background of Singapore and Batam City. It’s so cool during the sky become orange and then the other side has a lot of lights. Wonderful in that time for me. It is like we are in different place but actually we still in same island just opposite from the city.


This time I just shared about the event tomorrow but other day I will tell you story about how I love to spend time in this place when I get gate a way to Batam. You should just check my blog regulary to find nice article of course. See you there and have fun time with Mangrove Event in Kampung Terih Batam. 

Credit Photos: Mr Baimz

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